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Cityfone Reviews
Average Rating by Users:

2 stars of 5 based on 9 reviews

This is a small transcript of how straighttalk treats a customer that was complaining about the poor service and unlimited internet lies from straighttalk...BTW, these are paid employees talking to a customer...(notice how they 'like' their own negative comments to boost their ratings!) Cordishly: Straight Talk
StraightTalk is garbage. Dont waste your time or money! Constant dropped calls, clicks on the line like someone is listening in, constant no network coverage messages and constant turning off your internet access with lying unlimited plan and no one in customer care speaks English. Its all junk here. Try Boost Mobile where at least they are honest, unlimited internet means that and they have customer support that can you can understand. Im sure this will be gone soon enough, hopefully I warned some people. Their service has gone to hell in the last 4-6 months. Its not worth it anymore, try any other service but this one. Dont trust my word, google reviews for this sham company and see for yourself!!!
May 24 at 11:29pm · Richard Avila Blancas: Jen this is a pre-paid company!!! Key word!!!! Pre-Paid meaning you gotta know how to use your data plan....this is not like verizon where you can use up all your data when ever you want! unlimited with pre-paid is different from what a person contract has.
May 24 at 11:54pm · 1 LikeTony Reeder: I see also she is whining because she got TOS slapped. Very typical lazy non-reading whiner.
May 24 at 11:58pm · 2 LikesEdward DuRose Jr: She don't have to believe. I can't make her drink the Kool-aid either!
May 25 at 12:02am · 2 LikeAaron Rankin: Paid employees against a customer. Looks like great service.
May 25 at 12:17am 0 LikeEdward DuRose Jr Ok, somebody did drink the Kool-aid! Lol -:)
May 25 at 12:22am · 1 LikeHeather Olson ROFL!!
May 25 at 12:22am · 2 LikesDebbie Whetstone Leprowse: Omg jennifer is a moron and needs to put on meication for her bipolar
May 25 at 1:15am · 2 LikesBecky Bezio: If you are having service issues then YOU probably bought a phone that doesn't work in your area. That would be your fault, not ST.
May 25 at 4:12am · 1 LikeBecky Bezio: Holy crap, you need help lady... Just give up the last month and leave already.
May 25 at 6:18am · 2 LikesBecky Bezio: Why would people with no issues come here and post, or go to a review page and post? They're not... They're just going to enjoy their service and go on with life. I however will go to all the sites you posted and leave my positive reviews.
May 25 at 6:29am · 1 LikeRichard Smith Mork calling Orson.... Mork calling Orson nah noo nah noo......
May 25 at 6:30am · 2 LikesMelissa Fyfe-Mac sad, this company has an opportunity to make a customer feel valued and resolve issues but instead critics the customer, bad pr peeps......what ever happened to good business sense
May 25 at 7:00am · 0 LikesRichard Smith: Melissa you are the weakest link... GOOD BYE. Learn to read before you open your trap... Save yourself from embarrassment.
May 25 at 7:32am · 2 LikesMelissa Fyfe-Mac: Richard, you have been blocked and reported, I do not allow people to talk down to me. Have a nice weekend.
May 25 at 8:12amAlso, see below the 5 star reviews from Ed and Becca that prepaidreviews leaves up knowing they are shills working for the company. They remove the real negative comments and leave up the fake positive ones. Very poor character for a supposed 'review' site.They also listed this womans home and work number and told everyone to spread it around and call her job and say she was unstable. That is disgusting for a company to do that and be allowed to get away with it. When I saw this and called straighttalk and asked to speak with a manager, the manager had the audacity to say 'sometimes we allow the release of personal information on our site' unreal. totally unreal. I also see that they at some point deleted those posts as I believe what they did to be not only unethical, immoral it was probably illegal as well so they removed it. This is how bad they treat their customers AFTER they sign up. Dont waste your time or money with straightlies. And watch, this will be removed shortly as well, as prepaidreviews is protecting straighttalk for some insane reason, probably because they get a piece of the action on the straightlies cell phones they sell at the top careful whatever you read on this site now, i see they keep pulling bad reviews and leaving the fake lie 5 star ones up. Dirty prepaidcellreviews. Dont believe anything you read on this site, they are shills to sell phones it is now very obvious and they dont care about straighttalks real reviews. But you can believe this, all you get with straighttalk is unlimited lies, bs and bad treatment! Go anywhere else and dont buy anything off this crummy site either!

young 2/20/2012
I have a bad experience with cityfone too. I sent few text messages overseas 2 weeks ago and they never arrived. I called the customer service and they said it was not their problem, they suggested me to call the receiver to check with their wireless carrier if the citifone has contract with them overseas. I was charged fully for those messages that never been received. At the very beginning they tried to blame the receivers overseas had problems with their network. But when I told him that I use the cell phone from rogers, bell, even koodoo to send the same messages to the same numbers overseas and all the messages were received with no problem, the agent started to argue that it was not their problem. I am wondering if this is a cheating since they promise the world call. I am unhappy with citifone. If anyone want to start with them, I suggest you consider carefully. Choose them unless you have no other choice, and prepare to face all kinds of awful experince in the future.

terrible 1/7/2011
customer service is horrible. They might be nice, but screwing you. spent over 4000 with them, and tried to work with them, but they only look at your $$$, not you as a customer, too bad. dont trust them. go to a store instead of dealing with them. agents only care about their call times. If you want service, get it in person with another company, 100% dont use cityfone, unless they open some stores(not going to happen!)

Harry Coleman 12/19/2010
Subscribed to a Samsung Corby Pro but the manual did not even mention the GPS feature and Samsung has no tutorials. Cancelled but they still charged me $26 for 545 KB used when their technicians tried to walk me through the GPS feature. It seems their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is a sham

s.w 11/14/2008
i had averry bad experience with cityfone ,they ccharge penelties even your contract is over with the argument that you did not advise them even tho the company that your number was transfered to them took the responsability to call them for the transfer i have to say they will came wthi all the argument just to take your money!!!