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Fido Reviews
Average Rating by Users:

2 stars of 5 based on 106 reviews

Leo 7/13/2012
Is there a lower rating than 1 that I can give Fido? I guess not. I wish they had a 0 rating on this site. Fido = Fraud They steal peoples money.On my prepaid service they claimed my credit card declined and I called the credit card company and no such event had ever took place. Yet Fido claims that my card was declined and they originally stole more than $290 from my prepaid account. However they did give me back $175 after a long battle with them on the phone. Never do business with Fido, their credit card acceptance systems have too many flaws which you the customer will pay for out of your pocket. Keep away from Fido if you want to save money and your sanity.

Nicky 6/1/2012
I totally agree with Jiddlez the website is a joke I can't count how many times I go on there to upload my credit and there is a message popping up saying they have technical difficulties. Why don't they do something about it then?????? I went on there to change my number and two days been getting a error message which makes no sense to me at all!!! Once I go back into the website after closing it off it then denies me access saying their website if having technical difficulties!! I refuse to give customer service a call as I know how lame the service already is and why waste my time????? I just joined Wind and might as well cancel my business with Fido once and for all.

Nicky 6/1/2012
Fed up with Fido

This is a small transcript of how straighttalk treats a customer that was complaining about the poor service and unlimited internet lies from straighttalk...BTW, these are paid employees talking to a customer...(notice how they 'like' their own negative comments to boost their ratings!) Cordishly: Straight Talk
StraightTalk is garbage. Dont waste your time or money! Constant dropped calls, clicks on the line like someone is listening in, constant no network coverage messages and constant turning off your internet access with lying unlimited plan and no one in customer care speaks English. Its all junk here. Try Boost Mobile where at least they are honest, unlimited internet means that and they have customer support that can you can understand. Im sure this will be gone soon enough, hopefully I warned some people. Their service has gone to hell in the last 4-6 months. Its not worth it anymore, try any other service but this one. Dont trust my word, google reviews for this sham company and see for yourself!!!
May 24 at 11:29pm · Richard Avila Blancas: Jen this is a pre-paid company!!! Key word!!!! Pre-Paid meaning you gotta know how to use your data plan....this is not like verizon where you can use up all your data when ever you want! unlimited with pre-paid is different from what a person contract has.
May 24 at 11:54pm · 1 LikeTony Reeder: I see also she is whining because she got TOS slapped. Very typical lazy non-reading whiner.
May 24 at 11:58pm · 2 LikesEdward DuRose Jr: She don't have to believe. I can't make her drink the Kool-aid either!
May 25 at 12:02am · 2 LikeAaron Rankin: Paid employees against a customer. Looks like great service.
May 25 at 12:17am 0 LikeEdward DuRose Jr Ok, somebody did drink the Kool-aid! Lol -:)
May 25 at 12:22am · 1 LikeHeather Olson ROFL!!
May 25 at 12:22am · 2 LikesDebbie Whetstone Leprowse: Omg jennifer is a moron and needs to put on meication for her bipolar
May 25 at 1:15am · 2 LikesBecky Bezio: If you are having service issues then YOU probably bought a phone that doesn't work in your area. That would be your fault, not ST.
May 25 at 4:12am · 1 LikeBecky Bezio: Holy crap, you need help lady... Just give up the last month and leave already.
May 25 at 6:18am · 2 LikesBecky Bezio: Why would people with no issues come here and post, or go to a review page and post? They're not... They're just going to enjoy their service and go on with life. I however will go to all the sites you posted and leave my positive reviews.
May 25 at 6:29am · 1 LikeRichard Smith Mork calling Orson.... Mork calling Orson nah noo nah noo......
May 25 at 6:30am · 2 LikesMelissa Fyfe-Mac sad, this company has an opportunity to make a customer feel valued and resolve issues but instead critics the customer, bad pr peeps......what ever happened to good business sense
May 25 at 7:00am · 0 LikesRichard Smith: Melissa you are the weakest link... GOOD BYE. Learn to read before you open your trap... Save yourself from embarrassment.
May 25 at 7:32am · 2 LikesMelissa Fyfe-Mac: Richard, you have been blocked and reported, I do not allow people to talk down to me. Have a nice weekend.
May 25 at 8:12amAlso, see below the 5 star reviews from Ed and Becca that prepaidreviews leaves up knowing they are shills working for the company. They remove the real negative comments and leave up the fake positive ones. Very poor character for a supposed 'review' site.They also listed this womans home and work number and told everyone to spread it around and call her job and say she was unstable. That is disgusting for a company to do that and be allowed to get away with it. When I saw this and called straighttalk and asked to speak with a manager, the manager had the audacity to say 'sometimes we allow the release of personal information on our site' unreal. totally unreal. I also see that they at some point deleted those posts as I believe what they did to be not only unethical, immoral it was probably illegal as well so they removed it. This is how bad they treat their customers AFTER they sign up. Dont waste your time or money with straightlies. And watch, this will be removed shortly as well, as prepaidreviews is protecting straighttalk for some insane reason, probably because they get a piece of the action on the straightlies cell phones they sell at the top careful whatever you read on this site now, i see they keep pulling bad reviews and leaving the fake lie 5 star ones up. Dirty prepaidcellreviews. Dont believe anything you read on this site, they are shills to sell phones it is now very obvious and they dont care about straighttalks real reviews. But you can believe this, all you get with straighttalk is unlimited lies, bs and bad treatment! Go anywhere else and dont buy anything off this crummy site either!

Jiddlez 4/22/2012
Fido is worthless. The website NEVER works, might as well not exist - and despite having two or three different ways to access Customer Service, you rarely ever can. And when you can, every option takes you to the same place, and none of them do anything. Half the time your call gets dropped or that gimp Andrea transfers you. Watch your minutes, they like to randomly charge you as well - Rogers style.

edl. 3/15/2012
Fido prepaid - appalling service. My $20 credit only lasts for 30 days which is a ripoff, and with 7 days to go I started receiving multiple texts telling me my credit was about to expire - every time I made a call I got this message begging more money. 0 stars.

joe 11/9/2011
i have a fido prepaid and it comes with free voicemail right well i had a balance of 10 cents on it and my voicemail doesn't work so i called them and explained the situation and they told me that you need a min of 40 cents in the account to keep all features working like wtf what a rip off i had been with all diffrent cell phone company's and that never happended too me people word of advice stay away from fido.

Chelsea 11/1/2011
If i could rate 0 stars i would!!
(Hours and hours of wasted time!*)My friend gave me a phone that only takes a fido Sim Card. All i want to do is activate my Sim Card so my phone can be up and running again. Its been two whole days and their system has been shut down! This is totally unacceptable! on top of that, they told me that I would be able to activate the cell from home over the phone, or online. Neither of these options are possible!! The computer says:
"Sorry! Your request cannot be completed at this time due to a technical issue. We are currently working on a resolution and appreciate your patience. Please try again later."
And, over the Phone it says:
"Please call back tomorrow, our hours of operation are from 8a.m to 9 p.m."When i was with virgin mobile they offered 24 hour service for their clients over the phone and internet. Mostly all phone companies offer 24 hour service for clients.
I have never went through so much trouble with a phone company. From their unacceptable customer service, terrible hours of operation, and a bad system that is always not working and "shut down"
In Store, They had only one person working! They need more people working so they can assist customers. The guy working spent A Whole Hour with ONE customer. Everybody else who attended fido for help was told to "come back tomorrow"!
...So far, Fido has caused me nothing but problems!! This is a terrible first experience with fido!!
If I didnt get my phone given free to me by a friend, and already purchased minutes, then i would be asking Fido for a refund and Never deal with their horrible company ever again!!!
After reading the reviews there is nothing positive written about Fido. Their company seems to be terrible. If you are someone thinking about switching companies, Do it. Their are much better companies out there who will not waste your time... I have many more negative things to say about Fido. They should start making changes to their system because i will keep complaining and writing bad reviews, and so should you!!

Krista 9/28/2011
Do not get a Fido phone unless you want to spend endless hours on the phone trying to contact their customer service department or waste your time at their stores and outlets. Having used other cell phone providers in our family, it is clear that Fido is the worst for customer service. I just completed a three year contract with Fido and wanted to go onto a pay as you go plan. I couldn't speak to a real person at customer service ever, so I went to their corporate store. The line ups were huge on both occasions and they told me what I wanted could only be purchased on the phone. I went to another outlet and was told the product I wanted wasn't available at all. I wrote to their customer service department. They told me to call the stores to find one that sold the product. Guess what? The stores don't answer the phone. The stores don't return messages. And - when I finally got through to one store, I was told the product wasn't available yet. Hours and hours of wasted time with Fido.

Dogbite 9/26/2011
I urge everyone to file a written complaint with the CRTC and send a letter outlining how you have been ripped off by Fido to your Member of Parliament in Ottawa. The service is not just bad, Fido routinely violates contract law and in my case they committed credit card fraud. It is a national disgrace that a company should be allowed to run amok like this.

Tim 8/22/2011
can i asking where is activation free..i live in Kitchener-On i can not activate online i make have some wrong all time

deric stead 8/1/2011
service in applying money to your pay as you go account stinks. AND YOU NEVER GET TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON ONLY TO A MACHINE

alex 6/21/2011
I just got the 10 dollar prepaid plan yesterday sent a bunch of texts an now it says i cant send or receive any, but the guy who sold it to me said i had 2500 texts a month? Can anyone explain that ? Not very happy

Two Ten 5/13/2011
This company is a bunch of bald faced liars and criminals. There will have to come a day when the crimes that they commit are made illegal. I was 3 days late on a payment and they cut me off. I tried numerous times to inform them that I had had enough and they ignored me. Instead they charged me for every month of my contract while providing NO SERVICE, then put a collection agency on me. They are a bunch of total psychopaths who feel justified in stealing from you! Stay away if you value your sanity!

robin 5/4/2011
I loved their 5 cents a minute evening and weekend plan, and their 15 cent text messages. Now that those are gone, I'm leaving Fido behind. Their new monthly prepaid plans are a HUGE rip off that are not explained clearly on their site, their customer service is awful, I get errors all the time when I try to pay online, I can never access my account after midnight... I'd switch over to a monthly plan to keep my phone, but I am way to disappointed in their service and how they communicate with their customers.

x fido customer 4/26/2011
Was completely loyal to them, had to be I was locked in a contract (the worst mistake ever). Tried to get out cause the plan wasn't the best but couldn't cause the charge was EXTREME! The customer service has to be the worst I have ever experienced, and the phones don't even last two years. Then when the contract FINALLY ended, I phoned in and spoke to them SPECIFICALLY about cancelling and they told me "I could np". But then I got a $32.00 cancellation fee after the fact. So I phoned in and no one wanted to talk to me, NOT EEN A MANAGER, and then, when one did, they told me that I signed the contract and that I was no longer a customer so I had to pay it! I guess that's what I get for leaving them, they take it hard. Fido you got a lot in common with those dogs on your wesbite!Never trust a company that licks it's own ass!

fionna 4/18/2011
I'm so confused. According to the website, it says that the incoming texts are free...but someone said that there's now a 20 cent fee to incoming texts?

Reynaldo de Asis 4/16/2011
I just discovered that FIDO is subsidiary of ROGERS.Thank you just the same.It will be very embarrassing for Rogers if I divulge reason for wanting to transfer.Suffice it to say,'I extremely dislike their 'system'! TYVM

mike 4/1/2011
We all need to cancel this fido joke and go with the mobilicity!!!
I'm canceling mine in 2 days, tired of bullshit. I can get everything unlimited, EVERYTHING!!! talk, text, internet...voicemail... canada vide talk, international text... All for 45 dollars!
i have stupid package with fido, that cost 65 dollara, and i never paid less than 90, how, why... no idea...
no way to get detailed listing, just to trust IDIOTS from customer service...???NO MORE>>> BYE>>>

mike 4/1/2011
their website is the most stupid place on the internet!!!
nothing is working, never...
just a bunch of bull...t!!!

Cat Scratch Fido 3/31/2011
Well.... now that the lovely NEW 20 cents per INCOMING Fido text fee is in place, my family now enjoys LESS comunication than ever for EXPONENTIALLY MORE MONEY than ever before in our loyally long term Fido usage. We now pay an average example of 80 cents for our _say_ 4 texts sent/received some day's use that USED to cost 30 cents before. Thats a 166% increase!! THANK YOU FIDO for punishing your light use customers while discounting high users! Just another stereotypical example of the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer......remind anyone of BANKING PRACTICES??WARNING to smartphone data 'plan' prepaid customers...just discovered any browser usage outside of fido pages COSTS 5 cents per kb (up from 3 cents by the way) .......WITHOUT the expected 'buy data pass' page coming up first to stop you! Cost friend $2.65 to load FOUR lousy pages!!

Ihateliars 3/29/2011
My problem is with their false advertising. I signed up for their 10cent talk and text plan for $10/month. Guess what!? It does not cost $10/month. There is an additional $10 fee. See if you can find that info anywhere on their website or their promotional material. That info is harder to find than Osama Bin Laden. To screw you over even more, this fee applies every time you run out of minutes! AND they don’t tell you when you are low on minutes!!! Don’t get me started on their customer service either. What everybody is saying on this forum is what I am experiencing too.

Cat Scratch Fido 3/14/2011
This 13 year customer is conflicted as h_ll with Fido....Remember the days of 10 cent texts, 15 cents to the US, and 60-90 day prepaid expiration dates and per second billing on PREPAID??
Not to mention FREE activation of any account or upgrade and actually FREE phones on NO contracts offered at all.....AND 30 days to back out, with NO penalties etc etc.....Sure have come a long way down since the good ole' days! You new users don't KNOW what you missed! It was like a badge of honour to be a FIDO user, bucking the practices and costs of the BIG 3. Now this formerly proudly INDEPENDENT little company has gone as 'corporate' as the REST of them.....Now i'm happy as h_ll to have $5 250-texts-per-month cheapness But NOW as of March 16th, my mom will have to pay 20 cents for each formerly FREE text she receives because she's too light of a user to even benefit from THAT add-on!NOW i recently found out my nicely accumulated Fido dollars EXPIRE after 6 years AND i cant use them for anything more than a 'COUPON' off the cost, ....POST $25 UPGRADE fee..., of an undesireable cheap phone. NO MORE OPTION of spending them on accessories or services anymore.....not that i'd WANT to DOWNGRADE from my high-end Sony Ericssons ....bought privately unlocked....any day soon.I thought we left all these OLD charges for incoming texts and charging calls by the minute and administrative fees back in the stone age of wireless but NOOOOO.... they're BACK... DESPITE more competition.Thank G__ i can still get away with only having to spend $10 p/mo! Fido is still BARELY being the best place to spent the $10 p/mo im willing to spend on a cellphone at ALL!

Red 3/10/2011
My problem with FIDO is simple. They charge a $2.00 plus tax fee on your bill to receive a paper invoice. If you don't want to pay this fee you have to go paperless, which means viewing your bill online. So you have to have the internet to receive your bill if you don't want to be charged for a paper bill.My problem? First they switched me to paperless without my permission. Then when I tried to get it switched back I was informed the fee would now apply. Then when they messed up and reset my online password, I DIDN'T GET THE NEW PASSWORD. Some technical problem their IT department needs to correct. So now I can't view my bill online till they correct the problem and my only other option is to go back to a paper bill to know what I owe.Now here's the fun part concerning that $2 fee, FIDO donates all those collected fees, IN THEIR NAME to a green, replant the trees charity. We are forced to pay to receive our bills, then FIDO donates this money to a charity to receive a tax write off. I don't know of any other company that charges you a fee to recieve your bill just so you can pay them. Nice little scam or what?I am thinking that I might have to start filing legal complaints to force this problem to be fixed as FIDO doesn't seem to what to correct it themselves.

Robert 3/7/2011
This is the website location of the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission: www.crtc.gc.caI suggest you write a letter (or email) to the commissioner of this agency lambasting his regulatory performance of this telecommunications company(s). You should also copy this letter to your member of parliament ( only have you been rip-offed of phone services but also of government regulatory services ... banksters ... phonesters ... yucksters ... they'll take your money if you let them do it freely

Wilbert 3/3/2011
Canada sucks. Everything is so expensive and limited. No wonder we're getting ripped off bell, rogers, telus, fido, etc.

uchu 2/25/2011
Agree with posters, Fido is just plain garbage. The 10.75/mo plan is hwy robbery, plain and simple. You pay the fee just for nothing, zero min included and then wipe out your balance...$30 gone up in smoke and good luck trying to get help. Fido, YOU SUCK!!!

AJLS 2/17/2011
Both Rogers and Fido constantly overbill. I cancelled my Rogers service and signed up with Fido ... on the very first bill they took the money I paid to start up my service with Fido and paid it in to my Rogers account, never to be seen again. They tried doing the same thing months later, but I caught them and the charge mysteriously disappeared. Now they don't know anything about it ... easy because you talk to a different (clueless) customer service rep every time.

Ajls 2/17/2011
Whoops ... wrong rating: Both Rogers and Fido constantly overbill. I cancelled my Rogers service and signed up with Fido ... on the very first bill they took the money I paid to start up my service with Fido and paid it in to my Rogers account, never to be seen again. They tried doing the same thing months later, but I caught them and the charge mysteriously disappeared. Now they don't know anything about it ... easy because you talk to a different (clueless) customer service rep every time.

Fido Sucks 2/7/2011
worst service, they had the audacity tell me to get a unlocked phone overseas and stick their sim cards to make phone calls. Anyway, any of you know what I can do with my account balance of $150 that I've accumulated over $10 monthly auto refill over 3 years.

T 1/20/2011
Fido is garbage. I received phantom billings when I had automatic top ups on a pre-paid. At one point, I lost over $30.00 and my account was wiped out back to $0 with no explanation or reimbursement! Their site is always down so you cannot check your transaction history or cancel your account! AVOID!!

Richard 1/18/2011
The Fido $10.75/month prepaid plan is a scam, basically a service charge and no included minutes. If you call for 100 minutes, you pay $20.75 not $10.75, 200 minutes $30.75. Compare the minute rate with any REAL plan.

kat 1/15/2011
To fed up in qc:Yes you should be able to call international no problem - it will be your per minute rate + long distance charge...
Try looking on the website under 'addons'& then international rates? input the country to get the rate.Although another page also had package rates that gives discounts for a lot of international calls...but then I guess you'd have to be able to call them to sign up...

fed-up in qc 1/15/2011
One hour going through the options - cant find a real person to ask - does anyone know if i can call international using my $160 balance on prepaid ??

kathryn 11/16/2010
FIDO is the WORST! i am on prepaid and they keep charging me for internet when the mobile data is turned off and the internet is not working! how can they charge me for something I cannot use. The customer service rep kept telling me it was my phone's fault when I never had that problem for a year and a half.. he also told me that if I know the problem maybe i should jsut solve it myself and then why am I calling him for. He was VERY RUDE AND VERY UNHELPFUL! every time you call they talk down to you and act like a smart ass... and we are talking about people from foreign countries that cannot even speak proper English.

Christine 10/1/2010
AGAIN, and thanks to Fido, I've just received ANOTHER spam, in the form of another text message! How do you stop it? By avoiding Fido! After a 30-minute wait, Fido's "no service" customer service says they can't, won't and will not ever block spam that annoys me and all of their customers. This is the second reason to avoid Fido! Now I'm trying to block it manually, through Fido's web site, but my effort is of no use. This is reason number 3 as to why you should avoid Fido! It's shortly after 5 p.m. in Toronto, and Fido's site is down AGAIN! I cannot log in to my account! All in all, three (3) additional reasons as to why you should avoid Fido!

Dan G 9/17/2010
Rogers is the biggest scam.. they bring up hidden charges.. one month your bill is this price next month its higher without any warning.. if you actually phone them and argue with them they will refund you.. also with pay as you go you get charged for 1 minute even if you dont answer the phone!!! I recommend Koodo for economic reasons and Telus for quality reasons. Never buy Rogers or Fido.

Andrew 9/4/2010
Adam is correct, and I fully support Adam's position. In other words, don't be like the typical Canadian who never fights back. Go to your nearest Police Station and file a Police Report for Theft. If 1,000 people did that tonight, Fido would be in deep doodoo. Or, alternatively, bring a suit against Fido in your nearest Small Claims Court. If 1,000 people did that Monday or ASAP, then Fido would be in deep doodoo. There is no such thing as "the province of BC protects" them. Surely anyone and any Criminal can can sell you anything, but it's just a question of time, and the same Criminal person or organization will suffer the consequences of their action. Provided you and 1,000 others file Police Reports. Provided you and 1,000 others also initiate legal action against Fido. Don't be like the typical Canadian who never fights back.

Bullshitx2 9/4/2010
Report them to authorities? The province of BC protects these damn corporations. Walmart can sell defunct electronics and offer no refunds, futureshop warranties can be voided, there are numerous loopholes to which corporations can steal from the consumer. But I am holding true on discounting service with these monsters. There is an obvious reason as to why Rogers (Fido), Bell, and telus offer no prepaid usage record or writeup. They funnel money into their pockets. As in every case, the customer service lacks. It's all fine and easy when you fact, you can do every necessary step in person. Once you need support, you have the option of emailing them and waiting 2 weeks for a response or TRY LIKE MAD TO CALL THEM. In either case, you're boned. They may seem nice and helpful at first,perhaps offer a start up credit along with a waived activation fee but you'll lose money in the long run. Avoid at all costs...

Deepak 9/3/2010
You can't trust Fido. Fido has no credibility. says, "To contact Fido while you are travelling outside Canada, call +1-514-933-3436 (from U.S.).... Our business hours are weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.....(Eastern Time)."But you can't trust Fido. When, before midnight tonight, I called Fido from the US, it became the worst call of the world, because Fido wasted 4 (four) minutes of my time, and also made me press 21 numbers, before, finally, a pre-recorded outgoing message announced that Fido was already closed for the day. But, hey, wait a second! I DID CALL BEFORE 12:00 A.M.!What's the lesson here? You can't trust Fido! You can't trust Fido! You can't trust Fido! You can't trust Fido! You can't trust Fido!

bullshitx2 9/3/2010
September Fido Promotion. Redeem $10 fido dollars to receive $10 of prepaid time.Sounds good. So I went through and did it. The funds did not get put into my phone. Lost $11.20 in fido dollars and the fido rep wouldn't acknowledge that. This is thievery, plain and simple. The big 3 have a strangehold in Canada, thus why they do not feel obligated to provide support or resolve any issues.

Adam 9/3/2010
@bullshitx2, If you believe Fido has their hand in the till, then you owe it to yourself and your community to REPORT them to the authorities. Because reporting them is the only legal way a criminal can be apprehended. Furthermore, if you believe Fido no longer gives support, and/or no longer resolves issues, then, effective immediately, you owe it to yourself and your community to STOP! -- STOP forking over your money to Fido!@All Others Who Are Considering Fido,AVOID Fido! Because Fido is a DISASTER waiting to happen! AVOID Fido! Because your peace of mind is more important! Because if Fido is your wireless provider, then, thanks to Fido, there is something new and horrible every DAY! Today, for example, after Fido's no-service customer service closed at 9 p.m., Fido managed to deduct $5.00 from my account with little or no explanation. Why? Because they have a hand in the till. Because they routinely take your private property. Because they CAN and WILL confiscate part of your prepaid money, even when no money is due. Therefore, AVOID Fido! FYI, I didn't make any phone calls. And didn't buy anything. Yet, thanks to the fact that they have a hand in the till, there is money missing from my account. And tonight I cannot even call their no-service customer service! And trying to recover my property will be even harder tomorrow! Therefore, learn from my experience, and AVOID Fido! AVOID them for good! The problem is, FIDO IS NOT APPROACHABLE! And based on my previous experience with them, in the next couple of days, when I must call them, it will very likely be an ordeal again, to try to talk to their no-service customer service!As to the rating: I would've chosen ZERO, if there was a zero (0) rating.

FidoSucks 8/29/2010
CORRECTION: 8/24/2010, not 6/24/2010.

William 8/29/2010
Dealing with Fido's no-service customer service is like pulling teeth. It makes no difference if you're calling from a landline or from your mobile phone. It makes no difference either if you're an existing customer or a prospective customer. Dealing with Fido's customer service is always like pulling teeth, and every time you call!Whoever designed Fido's customer service, they're designed it to be as unfriendly as possible. Because Fido's primary goal is to tax your time and to tax your patience, without giving you anything in return. This way Fido discourage you so much, that you will never ever call Fido's customer service again!Out of 168 hours per week, Fido is NOT open most of the time. Of the 69 hours per week they're open, 50+ hours are wasted, because the wait is extremely long and extremely annoying.When you call, a robot -- by the name Andrea -- answers it, and she always hangs up on you, unless you press up to 10 numbers, in the right sequence, and only when and whenever you're prompted by her. Otherwise she routinely and ruthlessly hangs up on you. Because Fido is afraid you will tie up the line, on purpose, as a revenge. I'm not saying you should take a revenge on Fido. But if you do, and if many do the same, you might tie up many Fido phone lines, and you can effectively disable many-many Fido/Rogers towers! But even if you do take revenge on Fido, you must realize again and again that you're wasting your own time as well! Because there will go another 30 minutes of your life! And you've received absolutely nothing from Fido, in return. Even if you're a legitimate user with a legitimate problem that Fido is responsible for!Count on it! You will waste 30 minutes of your life, every time you call Fido!
Even if you're a legitimate user with a legitimate problem that Fido is responsible for!

FidoSucks 8/29/2010
Voice mail? What voice mail?At around 6/24/2010 all or most of Fido's "voice messaging" service has stopped working. This means you get an important call, and the caller can no longer leave a message for you. And it will be YOUR loss, not Fido's.YOU LOSE, but Fido will continue to make more money, because your handset is tied to Fido, and you've got no choice in providers, but Fido or Fido.In spite of no voice mail, Fido continues to advertise falsely that voice mail is going to be provided for you, if you buy the Fido mobile phone and if you also prepay for Fido wireless.Therefore, you spend and prepay up to $120 (for a Fido handset and a Fido prepaid monthly fee). And then you realize:
A) Fido is not providing the voice messaging service, and
B) Fido is supposedly working on it. However, in my opinion, don't expect service soon, because... 1) We already know that Fido is a bunch of incompetents,
2) We already know that Fido is a bunch of monumental foot draggers, and
3) We already know that Fido prefers to give lip service and lip service only.Aren't you glad you chose Fido?

FidoSucks 8/28/2010
Trudy was right on when she wrote, "The worst customer service I have ever received..."
Yes, it is! I've had the same experience!"I think Fido outsourced their customer service..."
Yes, I know they did because a sales rep admitted it."and they don't give a sh^t..."
Yes, they don't! I've had the same experience."They advertise plans that they don't honor..."
Yes, I've had the same experience. This also means Fido keeps committing the crime of false advertising!"I have had an unresolved issue for 3 weeks...still waiting for the call to actually get the right plan that I paid for...."
My experience is exactly the same. I'm also waiting to get the included services that I signed up for, paying for. However, what am I waiting for? Fido's no-service customer service? Because I do know from my personal experience that Fido's customer service is grossly incompetent! Besides being grossly incompetent, they're also a bunch of monumental foot draggers!

FidoUser 8/28/2010
Karen is correct when two days ago she wrote, "Fido consistently does NOT work properly and it appears that their representatives have received training in how to avoid being of any help..." Yes, that's correct. And to that I would add... 1) And they do that as incompetently as possible. Because they use up your time. Because they tax your patience. Because they speak little or no English. Because they pretend they helped, when they know they didn't. 2) They go out of their way to avoid handling legitimate complaints from Fido customers. 3) Fido probably made it more profitable for them to cheat and lie and make false promises than it is to actually provide even the most basic level of acceptable customer service.

FidoUser 8/28/2010
I tend to favour the customer over the vendor. Because if both parties are acting in good faith, then Fido is "the professional". You walk into a Fido store and say "I don't know your services; YOU know your services. Tell me which of your services gives me the following..." and you spell out what you want, and they're supposed to determine the best fit for you and quote you the price, then set you up CORRECTLY in THEIR computer system.When they're acting in BAD faith, they make YOU responsible for not being able to understand their technical mumbo-jumbo. Or they make YOU responsible for setting you up INCORRECTLY in THEIR computer system in such a way as to *trick* you into incurring charges you did not want to incur, or not receiving services you know you should receive.My personal opinion is that the major telcos in Canada act intentionally in BAD FAITH. Intentionally. Their entire computer programming, marketing and invoicing infrastructure is DESIGNED to be confusing, so users will not know the true cost of something up front, or erroneously incur extremely high charges, or erroneously not receive services they were promised to receive. It's a way for the Telcos to sell you something at an unethically high profit. So, I'd say what you keep running into is a combination of poorly-trained staff (who don't fear management reprisals for being rude to customers) and the de rigeur "bad faith" inherent in the industry. So, if you move to Fido, don't expect "fresh air" in terms of business practices... just slightly lower prices for slightly worse coverage and a *LOT* worse customer service. You get what you pay for, but all the telcos are scoundrels, and I know from experience that Fido is no exception. Example 1: Fido's computers are down between 9 pm and 12 am, so you cannot change your rate plan before midnight.
Just a coincidence? I don't think so.Example 2: Fido deducts money from your account, even when money is not due. Just a coincidence? I don't think so.Example 3: Fido voice mail gets disabled to make you to answer your incoming calls. Just a coincidence? I don't think so.

FidoUser 8/28/2010
Never had any problems with FIDO, everything works for me?
Have been with Fido for 12 years and have had no problems?
Have been with them for last 6 years. Never had any problems?
Can't find anything bad to say about them at all?To all that crap I say,
If you guys work for Fido,
Or are paid to post this crap,
Or if you guys have low-low standards,
Then and only then I understand.
Otherwise it's hard to believe.The truth is, Fido is absolute crap.
You get charged an obscene rate,
If you pay $10.75 every 30 days, plus
Fido's is so incompetent that they're totally unacceptable.Today I spent two hours on the phone,
Listening to Fido's weird commercials.
The wait was more than 20 minutes per call.
I made three calls to three different customer service representatives,
Talked with them, asked them for help,
And all three of them were monumental foot draggers,
Who were also grossly incompetent.My _____ service is out of order!
My _______service is still out of order!

Ridhya 8/25/2010
Rogers charges for literally everything and will overcharge you just to see if you're paying attention. Thank god for capitalism.To quote the Simpsons, they wouldnt give me my money back! They said THEY wanted it!

fidofunny 8/17/2010
lol best thing about fido is if u complain n say u wanna switch to a different company they will try to give u a better deal .. i get unlimited text, 250 min ev/wk 5-8 free for 15$/m

karen 8/15/2010
Fido consistently does NOT work properly and it appears that their representatives have received training in how to avoid being of any help and to do this as rudely as possible. How is it good for any company to go out of its' way to avoid handling legitimate complaints from its' customers. It must be more profitable to sink their money into lying about their great service than it is to actually provide even the most basic level of acceptable service.

Trudy 7/27/2010
The worst customer service I have ever received....I think Fido outsourced their customer service and they don't give a shit! They advertise plans that they don't honor...I have had an unresolved issue for 3 weeks...still waiting for the call to actually get the right plan that I paid for.

Brandy 7/15/2010
The most ATROCIOUS customer service ever > where to start > they've alREADY taken up so much of my time over the years { they WERE good, I'll give them THAT, beFORE the $40.00 "unlimited Fido" years ago..... beFORE they were bought out; NOW they're not the same COMPANY.... in "name ONLY", absolute OPPOSITE, pre-paids CHEAPER, you're NOT handing them the "blank cheque" of "I'll TAKE whatever MIS-charges; BILLING errors/CHANGED rates; ROAMING charges" etc..... Had "UnLIMITED" monthly calling for $45.00 + fees....paid $35.00 to change OVER to it.... First bill on only 200-300 minutes was $250.00...... "ROAMING charges > on a LOCAL CALL !!!" .50 cents a minute -even- on PRE paid would've been CHEAPER > & a TIP off that I was being billed exTREMELY high... the NEXT month TOO; an ADDITIONAL $250.00, took an ADDITIONAL $35.00 to switch BACK to prepaid...... MUCH much MUCH cheaper.... HELL.... on PREPAID the SAME calls would've been 1/5th-1/6th-1/7th the rates even at the HIGHEST pre-paid per minute rates POSSIBLE !!!!! ....oh... and AFTER paying in full ( day AFTER recieving my bill > my credit rating/score is 812+, so NEEDLESS to say I DON'T ever risk "Blowing my score", "paying LATE" etc.... I got a bill NEXT month; "LATE charges" Called; straightened it out > it WASN'T my fault; they agreed; "it's fixed, Sorry" they said..... the NEXT month I got a "Bill for the BILL of the INTEREST on the non existent "Late Fees" that never were...... AGAIN it was "reSOLVED" ( never should've BEEN there they agreed ) "it's FIXED" they said.... "SORRY" they said..... month after THAT... I get a bill for 1-3 cents.... "It's going to be sent to a COLLECTION agency if it's not paid they said > after putting a 20x STAMP on the damn thing "Interest on the INTEREST on the INTEREST of the non-existent bill that ( late charges ) that never exISTED in the FIRST place...... ...Oh.... in the HOSPITAL once.... missed the REFILL date by mere HOURS ( had $2-$300.00 airtime prepaid ) oh... we'll give you 1/2 credit "but put a note on your file that it can never happen AGAIN" ( I said > had said I have a letter from my DOCTOR even.. I forGOT > by ONLY 2-3 HOURS, I was in the HOSPITAL for chri*akes & it was in my beLONGINGS, it was an ACCIDENT ( for chris*akes ), but STILL..... still..... they're pathetic; I recommend "WIND" ( wind MOBILE ). If I COULD give a "-1" rating I WOULD

FidoIsTheBest 6/11/2010
I've been with them for last 6 years. Never had any problems.

Fido Sux Big Time 5/29/2010
Hey folks do you like fido reps constantly calling you trying to get you to give them your credit card information at 3am in the morning? Then this company is for you, I've gotten calls 2 or 3 times in the same day offering me all kinda of sweet deals like free upgraded phones, free months worth of calling just as long as I stop being a pay-per use customer and give them my credit card! I'm considering sending them a free cheque as a bribe to stop calling me, do you think they can work that into a system access fee? I would glady pay an extra 10 dollars a month to use my pay as you go phone in PEACE.

Fred 5/14/2010
Just recently switched to the Fido City plan for $29/mth includes 100 day time mins and 1,000 evening/weekend. Now you use to be able to see usage and call duration on the website but now they have removed effectively their is no way to know when you are about to exceed your mins. Its a cash grab IMHO from Fido/ the rep who i called said that billing was by the second yet various sources on the web say by the minute....that makes a huge diff....i know one thing either way I'll get screwed over for more $....change my's the perception of savings nothing more.....can't wait till other mobile operators open up in London...

Richard 4/20/2010
I just switched my Fido SIM to a new smartphone. The phone works great but when I attempted to add a data service to my prepaid Fido plan, I was told that I would have to switch to a monthly contract. That sucks. Why should I pay exorbitant fees to subsidize their sale of cheap phones to other people? Why won't they offer a data service to prepaid customers? We need more competition in the GSM market in this country.

jj 3/29/2010
First off, I will say that their customer support automated system is a piece of crap. It takes forever to figure out how to gain access to talk to a service representative one-on-one. I've tried several times, and although it says they will redirect me, what they do is redirect me to a FRENCH guy's VOICE MAIL. I don't understand French, but I recognized something about "77" after calling for the 5th time, so I inputted it and EVENTUALLY got to a live CSR. There were no English instructions telling me to do so.Oh, but if you're thinking of being a future customer, they have people set up just for that. They have no access to current client information, but they can answer any questions you have if they can grab your money as a result. F**k you Fido.

I like Fido -- dead! 3/22/2010
I love everthing about Fido: their ads, their prices, their service, their reception, and their phones. Can't find anything bad to say about them at all. But hey, I'm from Mars!

Fido fone sucks 3/22/2010
Dar recepsion is next best to dog-doo-doo and dar fones suck the big one! Time to call in the SPCA and take Fido away!

jack 3/21/2010
Once Rogers took over Fido, it has begun to suck, Rogers are a bunch of idiots, sitting with their fat arses and not knowing how to manage the business, will change soon from Fido to something better

Yam Switching 3/18/2010
I have been on Fido for 6 years on prepaid. The pre-rogers rates were good and fair; the current rates suck. 10 months ago, I switched from prepaid to the $10 monthly plan, thinking I would have an easier time not having to fill up my phone on a regular basis.

It has not been easier or cheaper. They charged me $35 to switch from prepaid to monthly. Now that I want to go back to prepaid, they want to charge me again. Other crap is that to view your detailed charges you have to accept 3rd party cookies, but the mutty website does not tell you this and you end up wasting more of your time to go see what they charged you for.Downhill despite cute dogs in commercials. Time to say downboy.

Tyty 2/24/2010
Fido charges the airtime since the first ring started; it is not when someone answers the phone call.I called my husband and after 2 rings, he answered the phone. We hang up the phone at 52 seconds, but they charged me 62 seconds (2 minutes for $0.60). They are real big thief. I am going to change the other provider after I finish my airtimes

del 1/27/2010
looks like fido is ready to screw us again. Fidos prepaid rate is going up to .40 cents a minute for the first 5 mins of your call. thats 33% kick in the nuts. time to change providers. Fido and it's parent Rogers both belong in the dog house.

Sophia 1/20/2010
i have been with fido since the beginning of 2009 and it worked fine for the first couple months, but now it is horrible. Over the past 3 months, at times I have received text messages 1 1/2 hours later than when they were sent, and today 4 hours for one text. I called customer service and the menu was so confusing plus the man told me that he was sorry but the fido network just gets busy from time to time. but then other times my phone works just fine.

Adrienne Lawson 1/14/2010
Have been with FIDO for over 12 years & have had no problems.

fido sucks 1/5/2010

luis gomes 12/20/2009
If Fido is owned by Rogers look out for the biggest rip-offs in your life .Rogers has ripped off millions if not billions with their over billing and other lying ways. Every one needs to cut their cable like I have for 6 years now. If people did what I did Rogers would be dead like it should be. I always use pay as you go its much cheaper if you dont waste time on the phone like an idiot talking about nothing important.

OMG 12/11/2009
F*ing horrible customer service. They must be owned by Vonage. Vonage and fido are brutal to work with. Fido needs Rogers to step in and clear s*^t up. Doesnt Rogers own them now? I now know why they have a dog parading on their commercial. The service is dog s&*t. Good rates but terrible service and CSR suck. I could go to the moon and back before they pick up the damn phone to answer my concern. Microcell has very old technology as well. Very slow system on voice commands. That chick cannot understand a word I say and I speak English born in Canada. Do yourself a favor and unlock your phone so you can try another provider. FIDO is BOW WOW...

cons r us 11/14/2009
the name explains it all actually -10 stars 4 them bunch of rip offs. worsh phone company ever even worse than rogers

rjp 9/24/2009
FIDO GOES ON YOUR CREDIT HISTORY REPORT - DON'T SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BE WARNED, it is in the terms and conditions. It is one way they ensure you pay, or they will ruin your credit history.Don't know any other provider that does this! IT IS A STANDARD THING FOR EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP. WTF

John 9/23/2009
I like the prepaid service but where is the customer service? I ordered a new phone 3 weeks ago and I still waiting for it!I called them few times and nobody can tell me where is the phone or give a tracking number!!!

Julie 9/17/2009
I've never had any problems with FIDO, everything works for me.

Jim 9/16/2009
The worst with no question

disgruntleduser 9/6/2009
I ordered an Iphone online on Aug 4 and was guaranteed I will receive the unit on Aug 14 at the latest. My cc got charged on the Aug 5. The unit never arrived and when I called to cancel the order because I can easily get it from a local store, they said it would be impossible and that I would have to wait for the unit to arrive; they just can not now tell me when that is going to happen. What a big SCAM FIDO!!!!

APPLE 8/29/2009
worst CPR. at least, the system access fess are inclusive in plans unlike telus which charges extra. overall, a disappointment..

Barry 8/18/2009
Never really had a problem with them for 4 years. Not sure why most others running into problems, but I guess it's always easier to complain than to praise.
Called them (no trouble getting a rep) to change to a plan with no system access, and they added on voicemail, more minutes and fido-to-fido for free. Can't complain about that!

Cara 7/22/2009
Pretty godd service I got a really good deal from a promo on my three year plan though so that my favourite part. I've never had a problem with their customer service either. The only problem I ever had was not getting a new phone because it was damaged because of water damage, but I think that Nokia, not Fido. Also, just so you guys know, if you just press zero and hold it down when your on their customer serivce menu, then you can speak toa representative. This is true with most menus of that sort.

Mail fraud 6/22/2009
Horrors. When I started their basic monthly plan 2 years ago they immediately charged me $60 for internet usage that wasn't used. So I paid, cancelled internet access and hoped for the best. Every month thereafter I was still charged $75-$660 and had to spend hours waiting for customer (dis)service to get them reversed. If I didn't they cut me off. When I finally threatened to contact the RCMP concerning mail fraud I eventually got a Fido executive begging to fix things, and didn't. In the end I just gave up and switched.

amanda 6/20/2009
good staff helpful just don't try to call at x-mas time. Getting a representative on prepaid usually after option no 5.

Vera 6/11/2009
I have no complaints,yet, about Fido EXCEPT...there seems to be a problem with their customer service line. There is NO way to get in touch with a human being for one thing and to find a category to get to that human does not exist. Is this their way of making sure no one can fix and concerns with them? On the rare occassion when I do find a human,I tell them how difficult that is. They all tell me they will pass that on to management but the same issue is still there.

josh 6/10/2009
i think that saktel phones dont have enough coverage with there phone s

Fiona 5/4/2009
Wow...even the automated voice is rude! Worst customer service ever.

kevin 4/29/2009
absolute crap, you get charged an obscene rate if you pay $10 a month and the customer service is horridI spent a whole hour look through their menu on 611 and after an hour I had to use an option that was totally unrelated to my issue to be able to talk to a real person

mona 4/23/2009
Never had any problems for 9 years. The best packages around. Roaming works, texts are fast, and good extra features for pre-paied.

ARGH?! 4/15/2009
WHERE THE FREAK IS THE CSR?! I called at around 6:44 tryin to know why my prepaid rate is messed up told me its closed since its already 9:44 i checked their website and it says (closes at 9pm local time) WTFREAK?!!? customer service had no energy or whatsoever, very very dull, i work as a csr and this one is just HORRIBLE!NOONE CAN CALL ME since I have to wait tom. to get this fixed! I wasted $40 for this?!

switchingfromFido 4/2/2009
I've been a prepaid Fido customer for 10 years. I had some charges that did not belong there but that I was charged for. They have no method for refunding their erroneous charges and were incredibly rude when informing me that I was screwed.
After too many problems that are occurring with greater frequency I'm switching from Fido.
Time to properly train your CSRs and put policies in place to actually help the customer when Fido screws up.

123FIDO 3/10/2009
The customer service is the WORST I have ever experienced. WORST! They are terrible at online billing and pretty much organizing/managing anything. Agreed that things took a horrible turn when Rogers took over.That being said, I think their plans are the cheapest and most flexible. I stay with FIDO only because I know that if I try to port my number I am SURE that the incompetent staff at all of the phone companies will screw it up and I will lose the phone number that I've have for years and use for my business.

shabana 2/6/2009
I dont like the services when ever I call the customer services I have to hold for about 20 minutes it is very irritating and in conveinence and the customer service rep is not atall friendly and helpful.

Eric 1/1/2009
Brutal customer service. Staff are poorly trained. Each time I had a problem, I would have to call customer service multiple times to have it rectify. Network is never available around major phone call days: New Years Eve, Halloween night, etc.

Sue Stark 12/19/2008
I have had a prepaid fido cell phone for several years now, is there any possibility of getting a new phone upgrade. Bell Mobility did this for my husbands phone.

Jill 12/13/2008
The two latest fido commercials in the dog house? The 1st with the lab is just fine but the second with the border collie is very disturbing. The dog looks miserable and the association with the "chained dog to the doghouse" is a horrible reality for lots of unfortnuate dogs therefore very disturbing to watch. We actually change the channel when that ad comes on.

Ms.baillie 10/20/2008
Disturbingly poor customer service - their system is chronically "down" or having problems - trying to force you into a monthly contract by making prepaid nearly impossible to use. Shame on them.

primal divine 9/11/2008
Rogers is real the culprit here. I quit Rogers due to constant overbilling disputes, and had to eventually buy out of my contract with them and switched to Fido. Fido went along very nicely until Rogers bought them out a year later. Now I have the same issues with Fido that I had with Rogers. They systematically overbill. If caught they will recredit teh account, but if youpay attention you will discover constant 'errors' in overbilling, always to the company's advantage. Someone ought to investigate them for this. I am sure they are acting illegally.

bestincanada 9/2/2008
considering the un-competitive Canadian telecommunications market, FIDO is the best and most flexible option in Canada.

dean 3/10/2008
Fido kept adding 'extra' charges, including 'late payment' fees of $30 even though I paid a full month ahead. Once they charged this fee twice in 3 days.
Customer service is useless. If you go with FIDO I hope you double the expected costs.

tes 2/21/2008
If there were a 0 star Fido would get it. Signed up for 36 months, pay an Extra $16/month for Unlimited text messaging.11 months into contract and a whopping $400 bill for text message overages I discover Fido's UNLIMITED text messaging is not UNLIMITED but now 2500/month. Misled and lied to. Customer service is aphalling - you need to spend hours on hold/neglect and still not get any resolution. I would never recommend FIDO to anyone

Call centre takes forever 2/19/2008
Their call centre is definitely understaffed. First call I had to hold for about 30 mins. Called again in a month, and this time I've been holding for 1 hr and 16 mins and still holding... this is just stupid...

NotWoofinHappy 12/6/2007
Fido has all these great commercials on television that tell me how good they are to their customers and how affordable they are. I have found this to be a lie. I have been charged long distance rates for local calls, I have been told that I will be credited. This didn't happen.I have had to wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to receive text messages on occasion.Fido did not always suck. Before they were bought by Rogers they actually were a great company, despite having a limited coverage area.The only thing they are good at these days is taking your money.