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MTS Evolve Reviews
Average Rating by Users:

2 stars of 5 based on 34 reviews

Violet Raw 10/28/2013
mts evolve sucks. my husband and I both have a prepaid phone.We don't call that much,but the money keeps building up.Is there any one that knows how to get out of this.they keep adding $15.00 every month, well we are up to $300.00 dollars and going higher., now that's crasy. they should put a limit on it. if you don't put $15.00 in by the end of the month,you lose it all.they should just shut your phone off when the moneys gone, until you put more money in. I have it coming off my bank acc. so I don't forget to put the money in and lose it all. I've lost alot of money before I started doing that That money is better in my pocket dos'e any one know how to get out of this stupid plan its better In my pocket then on the phone. please Help

Darlene 5/5/2013
evolve plan sucks - I too have lot over 100 dollars on this plan and am about to shut it down completely. Put 15.00 on cell on Mar 30 and money was all gone used it once and the money is gone. MTS does nothing but steal money from customers who use this plan. Reception also sucks the big one up here in northern Manitoba.

Bergey 11/8/2012
Internet in country is same price BUT half speed -- Long distance is 5 times or more than YAK --- I had to activate a free phone from my buddy for $27 and I kept paying for minutes I didn't use !!!
Why would anyone want to use MTS ???

Stashu 4/12/2011
Had My Cell From MTS For 12 Years But Last 3 Months 6+1+0 Minutes Paying MTS $45 A Month Just Need A Emergency Phone Plz Give Me A Alternative TYVM

Rod 3/26/2011
I am planning in buying a prepaid phone from MTS but I got scared of this service already just by reading the reviews. 24 bad ones! 3 good!

E 3/24/2011
MTS in general sux but...for us here in the sticks...MTS is the only game in town and they have no plans to improve services to us well, because of the limited service provide to us in central rural Manitoba, we aren't entitled to their "bundles"...yet, we pay in disgusting amount just for the "privilege" of having a phone and dial-up service

i hate mts 3/14/2011
Can't get reception anywhere except in the middle of major cities, and even then sometimes I can't.
EVERY SINGLE CALL is long distance. I can call a building I'm standing inside of and it'song distance. I have NEVER made a call on an mts cell that didn't get the recorded message telling me it's long distance.

chris t. 3/3/2011 all the way. pain the arse to load gets all buggered up and you cant switch sim cards to keep up with life. why you might ask? cause they dont have sim cards....when you go to a store for help they just try and charge you for all this mumbo jumbo...i hate, Hate, HATE MTS!!!! F***ING THIEVES!!!!!

Guest 1/7/2011
how do you get out of contract with mts cell phone.
no longer need due to stay at home healyh problems

Julie 11/19/2010
these phones are great they are not meant for a person who uses it frequently they are for someone to use as an emergency so they have some form of communication all this info was there when you purchase it so for the negative people read before buying it is awesome for me cause my phone was free and all i payed is for the minutes wich could help me ...I think it is a really nice phone for free even has a camera and every pay as you go you loose your mins if you dont buy more usually get a contract if you want better I love the phone its cool and has many different things on it ITS FREE!!!!!

Philip 10/27/2010
I hate it because Mts. steals your minutes if you are a day late phoneing in to update. I lost over a hundred dollars in unused air time being one day late. That really sucks. Sask. prepaid doesn't do that. It only expires after the minutes have been used up, not at the end of every 30 days.

Guest 7/28/2010
this plan sucks

stacey 7/7/2010
im okay with mts evolve. i like it but the only thing i would prefer if there was texting prices. and yeah its okay anyways

zabrina 6/8/2010
hey mst evolve sucks u cant do any thing from it every feature u have to buy the thing sucks i had my phone about a month now every thing just sucks cant even down load things my minutes go fast just going to take my phone back thats how much it sucks every one switch from mst they r rip offs and say they good not not f****in cheap phone

Nikky 5/28/2010
I've had my phone for about a month now. When I first got it, everything worked fine, but now my phone randomly won't send text messages even though I have the text bundle with over 2000 left. Also in a course of 2 days my airtime changed from $11 to $0 and my phone was off the whole time, which makes NO SENSE. Plus it won't let me text. And my airtime hasn't run out. WHAT THE HECK

Dennis 2/18/2010
RIP OFF!! im locked into a two year contract with MTS, and then moved to sask. My bills have been outrageous, and now you cant even transfer to Sasktel like you used to be able to. Got looking at buying out my contract, and then using my phone for Evolve. Horrible options, it's evident that MTS is out to pad their pockets, not give the common citizen decent options for a decent price. Like you guys said, no unlimited texting available. You want one thing, they force you to get another, so you end up paying 20 bucks for stuff you don't need just for one thing you do need, that should cost 2 bucks. You guys ever heard of Skype? i can call anywhere north america unlimited for 3 bucks a month. unlimited world calling is 12 bucks a month. And they have options that are actually decent. Only thing is, i realize it's not a cell phone, Skype means calling from your computer. But hey, for what i really need a cell phone, i'll gladly drag around my laptop and Sasktel internet data stick around in my car in case i need to make a call. Until cell phone companies can come up with decent options that aren't outrageous in price.

Vic 11/23/2009
I bought a phone for over $300.00 wanting a pay as you go plan. Wasn't bad until a competitor put in a new tower in our area. Now to reach the KMTS (part of MTS) tower it is a hit and miss situation. I keep getting the other tower. I was told they are looking into the problem. A year later the same problems exist. I was told If I took out a monthly plan it uses a different frequency and I wouldn't have the problem. Perhaps, but once burnt, twice shy and I already paid way to much for what I got. The staff were friendly but not totally honest and the service is terrible. I would never buy from them again. Zero rating in my books....

Jake 8/25/2009
awful. Mts all around is a joke, and i hav eno idea why there is no competitors for rural manitoba.
i have nothing at all good to say about the company in general.

Dizzy 8/4/2009
The low end phones are quite good, but the lack of an "unlimited text" option is a farce.Note that Evolve's rates have changed, WAP access is now $0.25 a day.

mike 4/23/2009
Cant get service in sioux lookout ontario. Customer service confuses the heck out of me with their bafflegab. Just tell me what I have to do already!Ended up switching phones with my wife. Hers works in Ontario????????

Lucy 1/26/2009
Service sucks. I've been unable to use the web service that purportedly is available with this phone. MTS Mobility says it's an MTS problem. MTS said four weeks ago that they would file a 'problem ticket' -- nothing further. Totally disgusting.

Peter 1/5/2009
It Sucks... Can't get unlimited texting on MTS Prepaid phones. That's the most terrible thing ever

bob 12/28/2008
terrible service, they are aware of problems with equipment and service but won't improve. would not resolve a problem I had with equipment.

Mickela 12/27/2008
This service is so great! I got my phone for x-mas and i already used up 1 hr worth of mins!It is the best thing ever! it has great service as well!

chels 10/3/2008
i definatly would have to say MTS Evolve sucks!! it costs so much in the end...i would recomend Virgin mobile its just like a contract without a credit check and a huge bill at the end of the month... $40 gets you unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 7 100 daytime minutes and for $10 extra you can chose unlimited texting or unlimited local incoming calling... $7 for unlimited web browsing and if you dont have the cash at the end of the month when they take it off your not stuck with bad credit because you couldnt afford the bill they simply just put you on the 30 cents a minute plan pretty much like mts. Service is good, there phones work in 10 provinces in canada i belive and you dont bounce off other towers when calling eg. a call from brandon to deloraine on a mts cell would be long distance even if you have a deloraine number it will pick up off other towers. The same call on a virgin mobile would not be any different then a local call. thats why i love it so much!!

angel 9/11/2008
How can i download songs onto this kind of a phone???

Pat 8/21/2008
I have evening and weekend plan. The evenings should start by 6p.m. It is ridiculous to start at 8p.m. I have found reception outside Manitoba poor.

Tim 7/30/2008
Sucks. Terrible service and hardware

Janice 7/6/2008
Generally Mts evolve provides decent service with mostly good reception. I think they should update their services to provide good text messaging packages perhaps similar to Virgin Mobile.