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Petro-Canada Reviews
Average Rating by Users:

3 stars of 5 based on 55 reviews

CP 6/20/2013
I just lost $58.00 from my phone which expired on June 13th. I called to ask for them to reinstate this amount and I would add more money to the balance but was denied. I am an older person, with a low income and only uses my phone for emergencies (hence the pay as you go) This is the first time I have had a pay as you go, so I thought that they would send an e-mail reminder.. I am sad that I had to lose that money...petro is a huge company, $58.00 is a lot to me, I wish they were a little more compassionate to the older folks! Thanks!

kerry 9/17/2012
if you're the kind of person who like to validate the balance and call history, go for another provider. The only reason I have PCM if for the longer expiry date.

Bunga Mawas 5/2/2012
Never in all my years of dealing with bureaucratic stupidity have I had to put up with such absurd bungling as these folks.
I bought a new cell phone from Petro Canada then paid money to activate it so that Petro Canada Mobility could import my old cell phone number. First, it took about 2 weeks to get the number changed over, then it took more days to get the the $$ I had paid for my monthly plan transferred to the new number. Eventually this was done but my auto-top up feature was not transferred so after a few more days, the phone went dead due to my prepaid time running out while they dallied.
If this had not been annoying enough, the real hassles were about to start for real. I went online to get my phone up & running - as per the directions on the website. Petro Canada mobility was suppose to send a text message of a code to my cell phone so that I could then add $$ to my phone. However they won’t send the text message because the phone has no time on it (catch 22) ! I was instructed to call web support but no one was answering the phone so I have to leave my name & number. After 3 days of calling & getting this same routine, someone calls me back to tell me I have to go to the gas station to buy time to put on my phone (in this day & age, I have to go to the gas station & not the internet to buy phone time)! Ok, so off I go...the plan I want is $12/month and the minimum purchase I can make at the gas station is $15, but thats ok. I add the $15 to my phone then I have to call Petro Canada Mobility back again to have them transfer this $$ to my monthly plan (note, their phone line is equipped with a estimated wait time message that is always wrong with the real wait time at least 10 times longer than stated). The guy on the other end of the phone tells me he can’t help me unless I pay another $15.00, that’s a total of $30 in order to make a $12.00 purchase; it seems they will not give me the monthly service unless I pay $2 more (or $14 total; and just where does this additional $2.00 go to) and $1.25 has already been removed to cover 911 so I’m 25 cents short of the $14 for my $12 plan (what the ???? since when did a stated $12 plan cost $14) and the the only way of paying the 25 cents is by going on line and paying the minimum available online payment choice of yet another $15.
If you really want to test your heart by seeing how high you can get your blood pressure go with Petro Canada Mobility, all other would-be purchasers STAY AWAY.

Ricky 5/2/2012
I've just spent about $150 on the phone plus trying to get air time but I'm already so sick of Petro Canada Mobility that I'm throwing it all away so I can GO WITH ANY OTHER SERVICE PROVIDER.

Lib 4/13/2012
I bought a Petro Canada pay as you go phone for my mother. She is somewhat intimidated by technology, but since she travels alone on occasion I wanted her to have the security of a cell phone. She has bought prepaid time twice since she got it and the first time, the clerk entered the code for her at the store because she didn't understand what needed to be done. The second time she bought it, the clerk was as technology-challenged as my mother and not only did she not know how to enter the code, she didn't know that she had to give my mother the slip with the pin code. She only gave her the purchase receipt. My mother just discovered this when she tried to use her phone this week for the first time in several months and was unable to because the prepaid plan had expired. She uses it rarely therefore she had accumulated a $230. credit, or so she thought. The store refused to replace the prepaid pin code and when I called PetroCanada mobility they refused to help because they have nothing to do with the stores that sell their airtime. They were completely unsympathetic to my mother's dilema and even refused to reinstate the $130 credit she had before the plan expired because it's "against their policy".Their business ethics not only lack scruples, they're downright cruel. These low-tech phones are primarily used by people like my 78 year old mother and to victimize her in this way is reprehensible.

jim 1/5/2012
where to see my call history and statement? My account balance was $25 yesterday, I did not get a chance to turn on my phone yet, but for no reason, it became $24 today. is there a secret in my call history or statement?

BRIAN5427 8/19/2011
THE PETRO CANADA PHONE I HAVE IS ONLY SET UP TO RECIEVE TEXT .PETRO CANADA says send phone to TORONTO to set up to send text,should take about a week..why do they not have a local service center that can set the phone up...i have tried to go to other service providers and ask them if they can set up text service and they tried and say the cannot..but i still love my PETRO CANADA PHONE..

gidget16 7/14/2011
well if you wanna try a very affordable and cheapest rates calling to different countries,try g3 hassle on dialing,its easier for you to use.

sezy2824 7/14/2011
if you guys really want to have a prepaid plan that does not expire and gives low rates try using g3 telecom even if you lost your sim cards just call the customer service and tell them to change the phone number that was registered..

Guest 6/11/2011
Petro Canada's cell phone service is a bad joke.

lindabythesea 12/15/2010
The 7-Eleven SpeakOut deal is much better. Until Dec 31 you can get a free Nokia phone when you buy $100 airtime. Per minute rates are way cheaper than PCM and are good for 1 year. The phone is unlocked, so it's good when you travel and want to pick up a 'local' SIM card.

Monika 11/26/2010
I'm not really ready to rate since I have yet to use the service! I purchased my phone Model 2630 about two years ago! I misplaced it after topping it up. By the time I found it again, the time had expired and the phone did not work. I was told that I would need a new Sim card. I was told one would be sent to me. It didn't happen. I was frustrated after several phone calls back and forth to Petrocan and Nokia. I threw it in the drawer and ignored it for a long while. Now I'm giving it another try. Petrocan has sent me a new sim card free of charge after another phone call. Now where the heck is the charger for this phone?? I called a Petro station to replace the one I had (probably lost in moving) - was told they had three. I got there and they had none. The second Petro station doesn't have any phones etc. Now I'm really feeling crazy! I have to wait until tomorrow for normal office hours to get this damn phone connected, I think. I've just bought a $25. amount of time. I'm still going a little crazy! Will I ever get this thing working?? Maybe I should have settled for a contract!!!!!!!

Shannon 11/19/2010
I bought this phone for my daughter a week ago. We were never able to hook it up because of sim card problems. I have spent an obscene amount of time on the phone, and they just keep giveing diffrent answers. I have just under 100 dollars invested in this phone that they are not willing to deal with. This was the worst sevice I have ever recived it seems the moment they found out the phone was for a 16 year old that it didnt matter. I would never recomend this company for anyone you just donate to the company, and get no service , and in our case a pricey paper weight good for nothing.

ShockedNoOneCaughtThis 11/17/2010
I was about to sign up for Petro Canada Mobility after researching cell phone prepaid plans for days. It seemed to be the cheapest for anyone who only occasionally uses a cell phone. But then I found out the big "AH-HA!!!!!"... And I can't believe no one has complained about this... Unlike the vast majority of cell phone providers, with Petro Can Mobility, if you have a phone in City A and travel to City B, when you are calling a local number in City B, PCM considers this to be LONG DISTANCE! Yes, the other side of this is that you can still call home (City A) and not have to pay long distance, but this is a BIG difference between the Petro Canada Mobility (or 7-11 SpeakOut) and the rest of the cell phone providers. Cell Phone companies are all big-time scammers. They make plans so complicated, you need to go on a 1-week course to understand each one of them there are sooo many little 'buts' that will get you... I ended up going with Virgin Mobile prepaid by the minute, it's simplest most straight forward..

Rein Reio 11/16/2010
I have two PetroCan mobile in area 416 and one in area code 905...they work great and I am happy with their servvice.
The problem is Petro Points...signed up at a gas station...gave a card but forgot to send in the registration.
Could not register my account on the internet. Called their customer service...the lady that answered could barely speak English and was hard to understand. She supposedlly signed me up...went on the internet to open my account and did so but was given a different account number. Called Customer Service again and after a long wait got a rude lady that said the numbers were different and | had signed up for two cards...said she could not merge the two said I should have read the instructions (?)...basically called me stupid and when I asked for a supervisor she said none was available and hung up.
At this point I feel like cancelling the phones and then telling Petro Canada to stuff their PetroPoints and their gasoline.
The number I got originally was 7069 22363 2449 011 and the new one is 7069
21063 8938 011.

Teressa 11/9/2010
Incoming text are free, calls are not. Even though I have 2 of these phones, mine and my daughters, I will never get another petro canada mobility phone. You can not send multi media text messages even when signed up for the talk text and browse plan. I was told by petro mobility that you could with that plan. You can not download pictures you take to your computer unless (from what I was told) you get a blue tooth. Next time, I will definately go for another carrier. The internet option is for the most part useless in my opinion. Not worth the extra money at all.

Jak 10/30/2010
Hello, I'm new in Canada. Is the incoming local call free?

Guest 9/26/2010
Not used their phone for a year - they deactivated it and now I have to buy a new one. No way to activate existing one. And you can't use it with other wireless providers! Never again. This sucks!

Gueren Chen 7/7/2010
The customer service is the worst. There's no notification of the credit expiration. You can't return the point card even they cancelled your service.

Brooks 6/21/2010
People complaining about price and expiry changes should keep in mind that it's still cheaper. I am going to get the $100 for 365 days plan (440 minutes total) and top it off when I need to. If I don't use it very often, 100 dollars for a whole year sounds pretty good to me.

Guest 5/7/2010
I always liked Telus Mobility but funny how they now want 800 deposit and a few months ago it was a thousand dollar and a while ago I got cut off from pay go from them I have not had a monthly billing from them since 1990s and still wont let me a monthly phone and cuts my pay go off now i had virgin mobile as well I so so liked them and also had solo as well. and bell and rogers Rogers cut me off as well on pay go.

dwightdstjohn 3/1/2010
new phone; battery discharges in less than ten hours without using the phone; will use for resume responses only!

Assunta 2/25/2010
I got a Nokia 2680 phone with Petro Canada a month ago. So far the service is good, and the phone itself was a good deal ($60.00 with 50 airtime purchase-6 month expiration). BUT one problem is their website claims the 2680 has VOICE COMMAND DIALING. IT DOES NOT. Nokia's own website verifies it does not, and my playing around with the phone for hours confirmed there is no such function. I notified Petro Canada of this factual error in their website 2 weeks ago. They replied and said the web department was aware of the problem. 2 weeks later the error is still there. I mean long does it take to delete 2 lines of text in your website? Should not take more than a few minutes to delete the text, and reupload the updated file. DUH.

Leo 2/23/2010
First, it is 0.25 $ a minute for local calls. no other fees, all else is included (voicemail, call id, etc.)And every time I called their customer service, it was great. Guess I was lucky 5 times in a row !I have it for emergencies, and it never costs me more than 8$ a month ! Ask other companies for such a deal...

Guest 2/22/2010
It is okay IF you don't need to all customer support. Calling a customer support is nightmare. First, their phone has VERY poor quality - low volume and breaking up sounds. I have to call 4 times and all of time had same problem. Actual problem with buying air time online and they don't how to handle and keep sending me back and forth and in the middle of forwarding or conversation. I think that is related to poor phone quality and that is why I had to call 4 times.

Speakout 7-11 very good 1/6/2010
All airtime expiry is 365 days. Rate is 20c/min. Use their phone or your unlocked GSM phone. Downside is no data service, no roaming, costly long distance.

Thomas Panicker 9/20/2009
Is there anyway I can get my Call history or statements which I have called. I am told that to go to call history from Cellphone. But when click for Callhistory it suddently disappears. Why my callhistory want to keep it as a secret? I am legally entitiled to view my statements.Please send my statements to my email address.

Tony P. 5/14/2009
You have to spend $100. with petro to get 365 days before the airtime expires...with 711 ALL their airtime lasts 365 days.I use the 711-Speakout prepaid service when in the US,and the cost is .15 cents per minute that covers all of the US,and .39 per minute to Canada..We are being ripped off here!!

speakout 5/8/2009
Better to use speakout wireless from 7-11 their rates and expiry times are better than petro-canada mobility.

LeBlanc 4/22/2009
Bought a phone 5 mths ago ,,,great plan/6 mths before expiration.Just went to buy more minutes today .SURPRISE !
only 4 mths now before expiration date GUESS WHAT ? the price has gone up from $20. to $25.
So ,the deal was good at first but now !!!
Don't know !
This phone is only use for emergency in a building that is use 2 times a week .So we rarely use it .I wish we could have the 6 mths expiration date as before.

Callum 4/14/2009
Petro Canada was great for people who use their phones rarely, as you could just top up every 6 months. Now they have changed this, and they are no better than their competitors. I am very disappointed and will be ditching them when my service expires.

Guest 4/6/2009
Is there a way to use the sim card from my petro canada cell phone with a unlocked rogers phone??
But still play the same as the prepay petro canada plan.

Tony 3/31/2009
Good information Prav! I was looking for exactly that, thanks. Euro and Asian styles. No websurfing with Petro plans but at least we can get better phones than the old stuff Petro is offering.But $15 expires after 30 days unless one buys more time....booooo, it's always about coercing more money out of us.Peace!

Martin 3/8/2009
Forget about this company. They have just higher all their prices. For local calls; from 0.20 to 0.25 (35%). For long distance calls; from 0.30 to 0.45 (50%). They have also lowered days of service for many amount.

phone user 3/5/2009
I have this phone for six months now and it was great on price (I do not use it too often) and the (least expensive) Nokia phone is much better than other more expensive ones I have had.Having said that, the new price (25 cents/min) AND the shorter validity period (120 days for $25) narrows the competitive gap it had vs. Fido, for example. With these rules, I would not have switched from Fido, not much difference ($15 over 4 months, unless if Fido raised their prices lately).

Mug 3/5/2009
They just changed their rates effective March 3 2009 ! Now you pay 25 cents per minute local calls and 45 cents long distance !!! I'm thinking about getting rid of Petro-Canada !!!

ED 2/12/2009
If you want a basic "Throw-Away" ...
The Nokia 1112 and petro-canada are it !
Too bad...the old ones are hard to get.
Best battery life of any phone I had.
User friendly...text able...
great high visibility screen...
Nokia...ruined this phone with all...
the new "fancy-crap"... NOKIA 26xx...
[Except battery life...All are great !]

Ken 12/7/2008
Switched from Telu$ to Petrocan wireless, saving over $100 a month might not sound like much, but it adds up over a year! - and the service works fine. Phone itself kind of sucks, but I can get an unlocked or rogers phone on ebay or craigslist and plug in my sim card... I do miss roaming in the US, so I'll have to grab a cheap ToGo phone while I'm there next time, which won't even cost me 1 months of savings.

Guest 12/3/2008

Prav 11/22/2008
Almost any phone purchased from Rogers or Fido can be used with Petro Canada Mobility. Buy the cheapest PCM phone. Take out SIM card. Insert into Rogers / Fido phone of your liking.

SANDRA 11/10/2008

PeterM 11/8/2008
I switch my original telephone number from a "big" phone company to Petro-Canada. I have good service and good basic Nokia 2760 phone for the price I payed.

Paul 11/7/2008
It is made known on the terms and conditions that if the phone is defective or needs to be fixed you must contact the manufacturer.

John 10/20/2008
Great option
Easily the best price I could find. More than enough features. You can check you messages from a land phone too.

Avery 9/17/2008
Get your math right its 250 minutes for 50$

Alex 9/17/2008
1000 minutes for 50 $ is a good deal when you compare against other prepaid plan such as telus.

Janice 8/13/2008
Martin, According to another forum, yes you would get charged for checking your messages from your cell phone. However, if u turn the phone off and check messages from a land line there is no charge.

Martin 8/12/2008
Does anyone know if you get charged to check your voice mail?Is there a way to do it from a land-line?

Guest 8/11/2008
I bought a phone a month and half ago but stopped working. Petro-Canada does not care and told me to contact Nokia. It seems, for them, selling phone is just like selling gas. The worst part is the Nokia. They told me to send the phone at my expense. It is under warranty.

felix moulin 7/3/2008
I'd say Petro Canada gets the highest rating - their cards don't expire for at least 6 MONTHS. For those people who only rarely use their phones, 30-60 days is too short and a waste of $. If you use it more regularly, you're better off getting on a plan.