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Rogers Wireless Reviews
Average Rating by Users:

2 stars of 5 based on 113 reviews

Moara 9/1/2012
I got pay-as-you-go three months ago. Was lied to by the rep I bought my sim card from: told that top ups would be good till the end of the next month. i.e. top up on the 15th, good till the 31st of the next month. Instead, it will expire on the 15th, which means that unless you top up that exact day, you get less than a full month from your top up.Plus, I've had the phone for 3 months, which means 3 top ups. 2 of those 3 top ups the system was down, so I couldn't top up online, I had to get a ride to a store, buy a physical card, then call customer service (on hold for 50 minutes) so they could enter my prepaid card pin manually.Also, if you get the text bundle (20 texts for $3) there us literally no way to tell how many texts you have left. Not online, not from your phone, so you have to pay their rediculous .40c per text to figure out that you've used up your texts.A friend paid for the sim card, but since I've lost $20 so far on expiring credits, I think it's not worth it, and am going to switch to another service.

Adam 7/6/2012
They have OK pre-paid plans, the only thing I hate is that the Canada Wide MY5 isn't offered on pay as you go, there is actually no long distance options for a pay as you go phone. They also often mess up their billing and it takes about a week to get the money back they've taken off your account for their own system errors. The customer service is horrible and most reps are rude, and wait times are insane.

Gil 6/22/2012
I have used my Rogers pay as you go phone for several years.
I mainly travel in an area that has good signal coverage.
I always buy $100. dollar cards that last a year, which is about $8./ month.
That is the best price, and you will not need to remember to top up every month.
My balance keeps increasing to over $200, because I do not use as much as $8 / month.
I use the 1 cent/minute evenings and weekends option, which does not cost extra to register.
I get extensive use in evenings and weekends, which does not add up to very much.
Weekday minutes are 40 cents/minute.
Call display is free, so during the weekday daytime, I use it as a pager.
If someone calls me, I just call back from a pay phone or when I get home.
I only use the phone for emergencies during expensive calling time.
It has been very useful for 911 emergencies, when I have seen accidents happen while on the road.
For me, it is the ideal emergency phone, and I get extensive weekend use.
This Rogers Pay Go is NOT NOT NOT for everyone.
It is not good for some outlying areas as service is very poor.
As for me, I am seldom in outlying areas.
I do not send many text.
If you need to make more then 2 minutes of daytime calling average per weekday, or want a text package,
then check out some other phone plans.
Inside some steel and concrete buildings, the signal is not strong enough to get through the walls.
I can live with that OK, as I do not work in one of those.
If you need it often inside one of these buildings, check a different provider.

Guest 2/20/2012
I was a good customer for over 7 years. Then when circumstances changed and I needed to get a landline, I decided to switch to pay-as-you-go. I had been off contract for 2 years. So, I had freedom to choose. So, I thought I would stick with Rogers, even though their plans weren't as good. They decided to charge me $50 for the pleasure of remaining their customer (something they don't charge new customers...) I got no real answer why -I already had a pay-as-you-go phone from them and a new sim card. I'm with another carrier now. Rogers sucks.

Guest 2/9/2012
I give rogers a star only because there isn't a rating of "Absolute crap" (which is an understatement) I am only with them because I have no choice. If you are a person considering them, DON"T!!!! They are terrible in service, websites, support and just in general. I hate rogers.

April 1/30/2012
need too hook up my rodgers ceil phone

angela 1/22/2012
i have a pay as u go acount and even if i dont text and call my account only has $24 (it should be $100)

john doe 1/10/2012
I've had a pre-paid phone and a contract with rogers and I've never had a problem. There customer service reps are always fair and straight forward and fix what I need. There pre-paid rates are a bit pricey but the quality of there network makes it worth it I think. No dropped calls, fast internet, good phones. I recently got the new HTC EVO 3d it has a dual core processor, its a 4G data connection, takes 3d photos and video and plays 3d movies with no need for glasses. As for my monthly plan I got a great deal. Unlimited text (text,picture,video), My 10 Canada wide unlimited call and text, unlimited weekday evenings (6pm-7am) and all day weekends (6am Friday-7am Monday), 200 day time minutes, 1gb data, call waiting, call forward 2500 minutes, conference calling, voicemail, call display, name display, 1 ringback all for $83.27 a month. That's the total all fees and taxes. I've checked and on a per item basis on other carriers for all that stuff I'm getting a good deal on Canada's fastest and most reliable network. Thanks Rogers

Joan Hazelwood 12/8/2011
I was fraudulently charged $2.50 by Rogers for a 411 call that I did not make. After calling a service representative, I was told that there was no way that I didn't make the call (even though I'm 100% certain that I didn't), and that Rogers would not reverse the charges. Rogers is doing this fraudulently! I wonder how many other people they are silently robbing each month in this disgusting way. No way will I be renewing my contract with this deceitful company. Spread the message - Rogers are thieves!

ANN 11/19/2011

Barry Lam 10/17/2011
I am with Rogers Wireless (Rogers Cantel) since the day 1 when they began using the Big Motorola Cellular Phone until design smaller and smaller like PCS,GSM now HSPA..
I am with Rogers Wireless for over 20 years with their wireless service until present and I am on PostPaid account. One day I purchased a Prepaid phone with Rogers store and have a monthly prepaid Plan $30 dollars a month for incase I need to make calls when my other postpaid account not available. Guess what? I called the Rogers Wireless customer service over the phone, and ask Questions about changing prepaid Plan to a data plan for my son. Ohh unbelieveable,after the Rogers Wireless customer service heard about i am on prepaid phone, their attitude are very sucks, look like you are speaking to a invisable customer service in blank until I told him/her i also have a account with Rogers cable, high speed internet and postpaid account all in one bill, and they start treats me very nice, so means whoever using prepaid service are low life to them....You tell me? what kinda service is that?

Julie Katz 10/17/2011
Beware: Am Call Wireless, Authorized Agent of Rogers Wireless, they stole credit card Information and personal Information from you and use it for whatever their purposes later until you find out yourself being hacked my others. This Place is called AM Call Paging and Wireless, loctaed at 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough, Ontario in the Woodside Square shopping Mall. The section Booth sit in the middle of the centre across fromShopper druigs Mart. Carefull present your credit information to them.And check your credit center right away incase you get your credit info stolen.

Julie Katz 10/17/2011
After the investigation from my creit Central, it founded a sales Rep name"Natilla" (Asian) female who activated my Rogers Wireless Phone over the counter.I got the information from my investation trough the fraud department from my localpolice.And they also found this female sales rep"Natilla" was commited a fraud scam in another location of Telus Mobility before, so beware you get scam by her, I dont understand why Am call still keeping her??

Unhappy Customer 10/17/2011
Where do I begin?
I have decided to activate an old phone that I used to have when I had a postpaid account w/ Rogers for my nephew.
First: during the first two hours of my evening from the time that I phoned and told them that I wanted to activate a new activation for prepaid till 2 hrs later, "activation issues-where Rogers Network was having a so-called back-log on their activation dept and was told to turn off and on the phone every 20-30 minutes." Did that and DONE THAT EVERY STEP of the way....
Second: phoned a couple of more times to get the phone working and AFTER being bounced around like a ping-pong ball from one end to another, I was only told that the top up cards that I paid WAS NOT refundable. Network issues=NO SERVICE..., OF COURSE they (Rogers) blamed the fault at my device that was originally came from them???
The device is LESS than 2 years old N NEVER BEEN DROPPED ...
Third: into the third and fourth hour of my so-called prepaid service experience w/ Rogers... The "ping-pong ball bouncing game" began once again, and I finally said that I have been digusted at the fact that NETWORK ISSUES, HMMMMMM AND MY PHONE IS AT FAULT.... OOKAY, ALRIGHT..., at the END OF THE DAY:

Moron 10/14/2011
wow.. out of 100%, 80% of the response is purely negative about rogers, to those who complained for the past years.. any suggestions in mind for other consumers like me?

Betty 10/11/2011
this has happen to me before, I have the socialite plan and if I put say $20 a few days before the due date comes, they take my money and then a few days after they change my plan to pay as your text without my permission. they rob your blind.

Steve 8/30/2011
They are great in Canada but God forbid don't bring your phone outside North America or you will end up with a $1200 bill for three calls and 5 texts. Other than that had everything off except for 15 mins at the airport. Used wifi at hotspots only... International Robbery

FU ROGERS 7/5/2011
Unfortunately I cannot give a rating less than 1 star, but I would if I could. Rogers is a scam company, PERIOD I have no idea how they could scam everybody but STILL not go out of business. Why is it that scam artists can go to jail for lifetime but ROGERS can remain at large? People should boycott all the phone services except say 7-11 or Koodo, who at least offer good plans WITHOUT scams, until ROGERS stops SCAMMING US VICTiMS!!!!!

Karin Koch 6/30/2011
Got my cellphone working today. Again, staff is extremely nice (Greg in Ottawa). Why did someone not help me earlier, as Greg did today. Still 4 stars for staff, 0 stars for not solving my problem earlier.

Karin Koch 6/27/2011
Where is the button for 0 stars???
Will give the staff at Rogers a 4 star for effort. Bought a DORO phone, DOA , returned it, cancelled the whole thing. My pay-as-you-go phone , was switched to the DORO plan (which I cancelled), now I have NOT been able to use my PAYG cell phone for ONE month. I get the runaround, about the reinstatement from the monthly plan, THAT I NEVER DID USE. Get your act together ROGERS!!!!!!!!!!!! the HOURS I have spent on the landline phone , being transferrred from one department to another is simply DISGUSTING.
This Granny (ME) will switch to any new cheaper competion company as soon as one arrives, trust me, they will arrive in Canada, can't be fast enough though. CIAO ROGERS , RIP.

Reb 6/26/2011
I'm on a Pay as you go socialite 20.
1. Rogers alerted me to top up a day before to top up. With that I lose 1 day.
2. I had 15 dollars in credit. I added 2 dollars. My balance showed 35 and the next day, back to 15. Guess what? The 20 dollars went towards the "monthly fee" - 20 DOLLARS FOR MONTHLY FEE! It's absurd. I thought when I topped it up, it went towards my air time, and I could actually use those 20 dollars. Is that how all companies operate?

Sun 6/17/2011
This is the worst phone company and the worst service I have ever encountered. Everywhere in the world where I have been, none offered such horrendous service. Twice the customer service made a mistake with my text bundle plan and although my credit was returned to me the first time, for their second mistake, I had to bear half of the cost. It's ridiculous. I cannot imagine how a rich country like Canada can tolerate such malfunctioned phone companies.

cindy 5/31/2011
rogers is a biggest scam ever. I'm their loayal custer (as they claimed) because i've been with them more than 10 years and they couldn't get me the plan as Bell does. So i called canceled Rogers, then they offered me same deal with Bell approximate $50/month before tax. After i signed a contract my first bill is horrible.... they charged me so much as like 75/month. i called complained and the customer service said that's the lowest plan they can give me and if i dont pay they will put me on collection. This is b**shit. Every months afer that they over charged me with all kinda a crabs and every month i have to called complains. All they said was " sorry mam, if you don't pay, we will put u on collection" So annyoing!!!

jimmy Dean 5/14/2011
since you have changed the automated add on it takes 4 times longer 2 add time . You have actually made it worse . I was originally on a contract & got screwed. Decided 2 go 2 pay as u go. I honestly want 2 go 2 another company now because of this service . I have been with you at least 10 years , yet i have no way of getting hold of a customer representative when i need one . Thank You . Jimmy Dean . 613 483 3919 . pin 1003

Michelle 5/5/2011
So today i had only .50 cents left on my phone before I topped up. I got a phone call from a friend, I answered and the conversation only lasted 32 seconds, and the phone cut out on me saying i was out of money. I wasn't upset because it cut out on me, its because that my last minute only was 32 seconds. So if I am paying .40 cents a minute, should i not being getting a whole minute and not half of one? This may sound a little confusing, but i don't think this is fair. I phoned customer service, 2 guys passed me off to the next. I asked him if i am paying .40 cents a min, should i not at least get a full min. He agreed, but said 'what do you want me to do about it?' I told him i felt this was ripping off his customers by only getting half of your moneys worth. He said 'This is the way it is, this the way Rogers deals, and there is nothing you can do about it'... SO I thinking this not okay. I guess just suck it up, and get ripped off. Thanks Rogers. So as you can see I dislike this service.

Al 4/25/2011
Coverage in Saskatchewan is pathetic. You only get reception in major cities and on main highways, do not wander to far from the main path or you won't be able to make a call.
Fees keep going up, they keep adding charges.
I can not ever turn my phone off or I get charged two bucks everytime I turn it back on!!!
Looking for new provider... Should have done it years ago!

Raymond 4/24/2011
Rogers good reception wall to wall Coverage. Neglected 1900 Mhz band or the Old Fido Cell sites signals. If you own a 2G Phone 95 % of the time you are service by GSM 850 Mhz.3G From time to time you might get drop call cause of the lack of 1900Mhz signal. 70 % of the time you are in 850 Mhz band. other 30% your phone hop between the 2 bands. Rogers Neglected 2G service 1900 Mhz in 2007. in late 2008 1900 Mhz was fully Upgrade to 3G HSPA as well as 850 Mhz Band.Rogers sell cheap Prepaid phones. as suggestion / recommendation purchase a 3G phone from Telus or Bell Unlock it to Rogers you will be a happy camper.$10 Unlimited on device work only on Rogers phones will not work even if is a fido unlocked Phone. Suggestion: For Unlimited prepaid Web Bell or Telus . Pro with Rogers you can renew your old voice plan Forever.Line 1 $ 68 + Tax$ 35 200 Mins Daytime evening and weekend
$ 20 Enhance Value Pack
$ 8 + 5 Enhanced VoiceMail + Who called I Modify to Permanent
$ 0 Unlimited Local calling Bonus "No Expiry date"
$ 0 Unlimited Data Bonus "No Expiry date". By default was 3 months BonusLine 2$ 30 100 + 50 MY5 Canada Wide evening and weekend
$ 5 Call Controlled
$ 12 Voice Mail + Caller ID
$ 15 Text MSG
$ 0 Unlimited Local calling Bonus "No Expiry date"
$ 0 Unlimited Data Bonus "No Expiry date". Too Bad I had it only for a year and a half Best plan ever. 10 GB usage per month both lines.

pat 4/8/2011
How about we all class a. Action law suit against rogers pay as you go. I'm in.Let your government know it's time to make changes for the better. Lost over $105 dollars. Over the years. Due to them expiring my air time. Before they were expired. Looking for a new cell phone company.

Lynne Hurlburt 4/7/2011
I have been a Roger's customer for years. I bought a new phone in 2009 and was talked into getting a $100 card so I didn't have to renew every month. I only used $30 of it as my phone is only for emergency. Time was up this year and for the first three months I updated when I was reminded by Rogers that my time was up. I was waiting for them to remind me this month ( I had already purchased a $10 activiation so I was ready. It never came and when I checked yesterday my time had expired. What a rip off. Why wasn't a reminder left this time. This isn't the first time I have lost time with them either. Not a happy camper. This is probably just a waste of my time complaining.

Al 3/11/2011
Talk of full coverage is B*LL SH*T!
Almost all of northern BC is NOT covered. City of Prince Rupert- no coverage. No Yukon! Absolutly crap service.
I was a three year subscriber. NEVER MORE.

edmont 2/22/2011
Beware: Rogers steal your airtime. Rogers prepaid used to be accurate, but it has been at least 3 or 4 years, they began to steal more and more your airtime. For example, the call last 2'53", but they charge your 4 minutes.It is stupid action, as most cellphone now has the registry to review each of your call time.

Tea 2/18/2011
Don't bother going to a storefront for anything.SIM card: Store may demand $20-45, but rogers web site will mail you one for $10.Phone service: Inferior to Telus, but acceptable.Customer service: Excellent. Able to explain and fix things when necessary.Web site: Abysmal. Order your SIM card online -- that worked for me -- but do everything else by phone. On a good day the web site will at least show a pretense of being able to accomplish stuff for you, but in truth all it can do is waste your time until you give up and phone the call centre.Policies / prices: Canadian standard, but at least they're up front about them. For example, don't call long distance, or travel with your phone turned on, until you research the rates and plan add-ons.Data: Currently available for $2/1day/20MB or $7/7day/125MB which at $56/GB is on the verge of approaching "reasonable". And data just stops when you run out, instead of using up your balance instantaneously.Compare AT&T PAYG $20/100MB/30days ... and $10/MB if you use up your feature pack without renewing. Seriously. $10,000/GB. You're better off going back to 1989, hooking up your 9600 baud modem, and making a long distance call to a BBS! It's nice to know there's somewhere that costs more than Canada, I suppose.

Glenn 2/1/2011
You candians are gettin ripped off. I have a plan in australia, you can leave the plan any time, no fee. It costs $20 per month, i get msgs, calls and data to the value of $300. Ive never gone over. I feel sorry for you guys.

emily 1/31/2011
i hate how they always take your money away from you. apparently making a 32 second call which should cost only 39 cents ends up costing double that. and most calls between 30-59 seconds is equivalent to the cost of a 2 minute call. I thought it was billing by the minute but apparently 1 minute is not equal to 60 seconds ????

jon 1/9/2011
put 50$ on to travel threw bc to the states..made about 10 or so short calls (10 mins)..long distance and time was gone..without a doubt the most expensive cell phone system on the planet..and the cheapest POS phone ive ever had...

Shannon! 1/6/2011

Guest 12/23/2010
Cannot activate sim card without taking out a plan. Why?? Since I already prepaid for the bloody thing. I can't activate it at a service centre. They told me to do it on line.
Boy. Big help. All I want is 100 minutes to my sim card and to add minutes when I need them NOT take out a plan every time I need to reload (have never had a cell phone. Somehow its probably simple, but I hate guessing games. Returning my cell phone today. Its way too frustrating!!

Dana 11/17/2010
I have been Rogers customer for many years, lots of bad experience, over charge (by mistake), poor customer service, bad designed on line bill payment (wasted me lots of time),..., and the customer service even getting worse recently, I was waiting on the phone being forced to listen to Rogers commercials, announcements for over one hour, this happened twice in Sept. and Oct. Now I have determined to leave Rogers, I canceled Roger TV 2 weeks ago, and I am going to cancel the Internet, and Mobile service as well soon, even paying the penalty I save money and have peace of mind with other service providers

catherine 11/5/2010
I am on my 11 year of being a roger customer. They have been soooo good to me time and time again. I always seem to find someone in customer service who is willing to help me out to no end. I have been sick and they were fantastic. I have no complaints with them at all........happy happy customer here and I share my happiness with others when they are looking to get a carrier. Thank you Rogers for many years of excellent have always been there when I needed you :)

So Tired!!! I wish Rogers would just FAIL!!! 9/10/2010
Why is it that Rogers charges for the airtime that it takes your
system to locate a handset and the 'ringing' time while there is
no wireless handset ever made to this date that can keep a log of
this method of billing? If I show a 35 second call on my wireless handset's call log display
then why do I sometimes get billed for a 2 minute call? If the call on my wireless handset's call log display is between
50 to 59 seconds long then it is always a 2 minute call. When Rogers
offered per second billing how come that was actual usage and not
search and ring time plus connected time? I have used cellular phones in the U.K., the U.S., Japan and Chile
and the airtime that I'm billed for reflects the actual wireless
handset's usage logs. This is not the case when using Rogers and
it makes it very difficult to understand where the usage has occurred.
Why is it that Rogers is the only company that charges for the search
and ringing time instead of just the actual connection call time? It seems to me that your networks' 'problems' occur when your technicians
do system upgrades to generate more cashflow. My account billing was working
then was not. It was fixed and then it revert back, fixed again and then
reverted back. Why is it that regular non pay as you go accounts Rogers offers charge
a system access fee? The government stop charging that in the late '90's
and yet Rogers keeps charging it albeit under a slightly different name.
In fact Rogers even charges this 'fee' to its home phone customers. Are you aware that back in the early '90's when I was a customer of
Cantel that your network coverage was spotty in the greater Vancouver
area? I clearly remember this and I'm having these dejavu moments all
over again as I hear people talking about the newly launched Wind Mobile. I am sure that just like Cantel, Wind Mobile will add more towers and
align their network to get better coverage. One thing very noticeable
about how Wind Mobile bill their customers is that the following is
missing from their fees: NO activation fee
NO system access fee
NO 911 fee
NO incoming text charges Roaming on Rogers' network is only 25 cents per minute. Roaming on T-Mobile in the U.S. is also only 25 cents per minute
while Rogers charges its customers $1.45 per minute. Is Wind Mobile a Super Hero with super powers? How can they
charge those rates? How about the other up and comer Mobilicity,
they also don't charge these 'Rogers' fees. I am very sure that is only a matter of time until their
service areas improve and while Rogers seems to be charging
for every single possible thing it can, is it not aware that
it is driving away business by doing so?

sara 9/10/2010
I need help I am in the us and I need a a voucher or a way to put a lousy 10 bucks on my phone.

Karmaveda 9/1/2010
I agreee, Rogers has put countless false charges on my account. Countless!!
They treated me like a liar, not a loyal customer, despite my patient manner. False incoming minutes, etc etc. I want to move back to Australia where you pay $79 a month and get everything!!!

Will 8/27/2010
Deceiving advertising, $20/month turn to $40 very quick, they even charged me for the time they had me on hold when calling their (866) "Customer Service" number... a $13dlls call. Pay-as-u-go customer service takes hrs to pick up..I'll never be back to Rogers!

GM 8/8/2010
Is it possible to use a mobile phone from Europe with Rogers SIM card in it (without buying phone from Rogers)?

MBoo 7/29/2010
I just want to say that I DO NOT WORK FOR ROGERS. I know that is said all the time and I do not believe that when I read.. but you are going to believe what you want to believe anyway. I have been a rogers customer for 9 years now... and yes.. at times they messed up my billing... mostly overcharged.. but when i have always called them.. they fixed it no problems and then that is when they undercharged my bill.... they are still helpful and for the last year I have have no problems what so ever with anything.... just wanted to share that... my contract has expired.. but still with Rogers.. as I can not find a better deal out there... 600 day time mintues, 5pm evenings, voice, call dispaly, 125 texting, two lines for a total of 63 bucks... can't complain there......

Martin Hogan 7/26/2010
The policy on expiry of your account balance after 30 days - no matter the amount - is incredible. With a balance of several hundred dollars, your only options are (1) keep topping up at least $10/month, (2) letting them deduct $100 to keep your account alive or (3) forfeiting your entire money if you don't do either.On top of that, service is slow and frequently unfriendly.

Luis A. Diaz 7/21/2010
I am going to travel to Toronto during the month of August from Spain. I have a phone LG900 works GSM 900/1800. This Works mobile buying a prepaid card in Canada? Where there are shops of Rogers in Toronto? Thank you

Melissa 7/19/2010
Can anyone recommend a good cellphone provider for me i'm scared to go with ROGERS planed....

Serene 7/15/2010
Why don't they have unlimited texting? Rogers sucks SHIT. I couldn't even activate my phone for days because of the shit service and I don't know how to add the fucking plans onto my phone. what a waste of money. Fuck you Rogers. you suck!

RP 6/29/2010
Good bye Rogers. After 4.5 years of suffering from the coercing contract, bad customer service, long waiting (*611) which is also the only way to get to them once becoming the rogers customer, expensive bills...good bye. I am switching to somewhere else. I feel emotionally depressed and coerced by Rogers. I no longer enjoying using my phone. I rather feel I have to use it because I am paying so much for it every single month. Just because you are a big oligopoly in Canada, you don't have to offer a customer service that is this bad. This is below a reasonable standard of care to the loyal customers.

Ron Maclean 6/27/2010
I have been a rogers customer for 30 years, at one time having 2 cell phones.My sevice was terminated for refusing to pay the $50.00 plan transfer fee.I changed many times in the past

Doug 6/24/2010
I hate ROGERS with a passion. They're prepaid plans are ridiculous. Yesterday we activated my friends phone on the 'cheapest plan' and its costing her 40 cents a minute and the minutes expire after 30 days. No word whether they roll over but I doubt it.
In Hawaii, I bought a great 'pay as you go' Tracphone at 7-11 for all of TEN dollars. Yes, a brand new phone for TEN dollars. My minutes cost me SEVEN cents each and thats whether Im calling next door or LONG DISTANCE. PLUS, they give you a Canadian phone number to add to your phone so your friends back home can call a local number and dont have to pay long distance. Freakin' awesome! AND every time I buy a top up card the expiration date on my minutes gets extended. So right now, even though I havent used it in months, the minutes still have a year til they expire. I can leave the phone there, and just pick it up and use it next time I visit. And all my unused minutes roll over.
ROGERS, YOU SUCK!!! I HATE your company with a passion and your ripoff rates. You gouge and screw as best you can. The only way you give somewhat reasonable deals is if I bitch and moan and threaten to cancel my service: THEN I finally get offered something thats halfways reasonable, but you're still ripping off Canadians left right and center. Even though Ive had a monthly plan with you for almost TEN years and NEVER missed a payment, you used to get your little peons to phone me TWO DAYS after my bill was due to ask why it wasnt paid. And you didnt call once. NO you called multiple times a day, plus sent annoying text messages. You REALLY know how to piss off your customers.
I wish you'd go under and leave room on the spectrum for other providers who will give better service for a reasonable price.

Jeri 5/22/2010
Their staff harasses me a lot asking for my mom when it isn't even her phone they are calling. (I've told them to stop- they still call me 6+ times a day, sometimes after 9 pm at night, or 9 am in the morning.)
Bad people, don't listen, don't help, and are fairly expensive.
I only use them because I HAVE to, my town gets service from no other carriers.

Jeri 5/22/2010
My phone I purchased through Rogers broke. (the internal computer glitched and tried to re-send the exact same text message over 700 times.)
This resulted in Rogers charging me for EVERY SINGLE TEXT ATTEMPT- my account was charged over 400$ and I was forced to pay.

Rodney 5/7/2010
they suck I been taken to fraud department and he wont let me have a pay go phone or monthly cause of the way my info is they miss put my info on and they cut my pay go off as well. same for Fido they always send me mail saying they want me back pffft yeha right no thanks I have met MR Rogers Ted before he died i was really mad he passed away.

Bill 5/7/2010
My rogers service completely goed down every 6 weeks or so. You can only call cell to cell. Al landline communications are gone. Rogers always tells me its the phone company. Funny I know all the techs there and they laugh. Rogers always fixes the problem after I lose 5000.00 every couple of months. To make up for it they usually credit me 100.00 or so. What a joke.

Yousaf M. Shaikh 5/3/2010
To further my list of complaint(s) with Rogers, their website supposedly allows you to check your list of transactions (I.E: whenever you place a call, whether or not you've been charged for that call, and if much) however EVERYTIME I access this feature I'm greeted with an error message advising me that my account cannot be accessed. This feature can NEVER be accessed everytime I've tried it. As for voicemail? They actually charge you airtime for messages deposited. No kidding!!!! So if somebody leaves you a 2 minute message, your account is charged 2 minutes worth of airtime. I'm not talking about if you retrieve your messages from your cell phone. I'm talking about if somebody simply leaves you a message on your voice mail. Then if you check the message from your cell phone, you get charged AGAIN!!!! I've contacted Rogers to see if they can transfer the existing credit/funds to another Rogers product I have, but they refuse to. I honestly can't wait for these funds to run out so I can port my number to Fido.

Yousaf M. Shaikh 4/19/2010
"Crap" is the word I'd use to describe Rogers PrePaid cellular service. The only reason I have them is because my mother thinks it's next to impossible to reach me at my home, so believe it or not she went out and bought a SIM card and had an extra GSM phone (a nice one too! Nokia E71) and begged me to carry this thing around. I'm still working out the kinks on how to use this sweet PDA, but Rogers "Pay As You Go" plans suck the big one! No kidding. I'm reluctant to give my number out to anybody else because I can foresee myself going to Telus or any other company for prepaid service(s). Oh well, I'll use the $100 worth of service she already wasted and then I'll switch. Rogers is notorious for lousy customer service (at best) and then compliment that with horrible plans? GOOD LUCK.

Guest 4/13/2010
this phone company sucks on prepaid and customer service sucks to. like how do you charge people for voice mall and incoming text messages. plus ontop of that it takes away from your mins. then you gotta buy a text bundale just so your mins dont get wasted. and tha bundales aint cheap. and i find them to be a rip off.

Isaac 4/6/2010
No rating yet; I am used to prepay and will try Roger's prepay system, which is probably similar to Virgin, or TELUS, or PC, and others. The roger's plan could be good for a delinquent monthly contract holder like me, but I hate cell phones, though I am still going to use mine, because these are too easy to lose.

Aja 2/20/2010
Rogers sucks. I on pay as you go plan... ordered day pass 3G Internet that gives 24hrs access and 20 mb download at 2.99+. But for me it worked only for two hours and the message of reactivation popped up. I did not even down load any thing.... I called the CS and they say I downloaded 20mb but nowhere online shows that information. Rogers is big scam... they are cheats.... I travelled to south-east Asia and those counties are much more advanced compared to Canada and cost is 1/4... thanks to company like rogers.

Ola 2/10/2010
Even though Rogers are up to date with the quality,the pricing is ridiculos.
This past week,they have called me over 25 times asking for this month,do i need that many calls?
I have a Blackberry Data plan and had to get the $15 Value pack because of text but every month my bill still amounts to $100 and more.
Seriouly contract pricing sucks,in high school i used a pay as you go and incoming calls you pay for but in Europe and many countries,you do not.
I wanted to cancel my phone but somehow it will cost me $750 so i'm stuck with them for another year.

ROM 12/9/2009
Rogers milks their costumers with R O M ING, look at your bills and you see how much Rogers is changing for ROM on your local area, they say unlimited local calls from 5.00 pm to 8:00 am and there is $18.20 from Pickering to Vaughan for ROM, what a scam, this is pure highway robbery

sean 12/9/2009
Could anybody pls e-mail me or explain to me how come Rogers allows to robbs us like that with ROM-ming in our cell phone bills?

sean 12/7/2009
LOOK at your Rogers's phone bill CLOSLEY, they charge you for toll free number. look at the roaming charges under unlimited incoming calls.
Guys Rogers is ripping people off every single day legally.
remember there is unlimited local calls and unlimited outgoing is availbe in canada. search the net, or e-mail me, i will give the company name

Sweet deal 12/6/2009
Go to 7-11 and buy their $100 SpeakOut deal now with free phone before the promotion ends and get 25% bonus. Piggybacks off the Rogers network but lot cheaper. 25 cents a minute, cheapest top up is $25 and good for 365 days. Can't get better than that.

Telcom h8r 12/2/2009
Canada is the worst place to own a mobile.All the companys suck and with Rogers monopoly on the market, there is no competition.Charging people to receive calls is extortionate! And all the companies do it. Beinng with Rogers prepaid for 3 months has cost me $300+ dollars, whereas every other country i have lived and had prepaid has cost $50/ month max.Its ridiculous. Glad to be getting out of here shortly.

Spriggers 11/22/2009
I hear a lot of complaining here. I'm just getting into wireless, so can some of you please say which carriers offer an amount that doesn't expire after 1-2 months that is better? I also need one that will work rurally in Manitoba, so Rogers signing on with MTS to share networks would be good for me. These reviews are offsetting for me now though. LOL. Thoughts on what's better?

Reality 11/15/2009
First off why do people always bitch about Rogers, Telus and BEll? If the customer educated themselves before getting into a contract they would be further ahead. How many of you even realize that when you sign on 3 YEAR TERM WITH A VERY DISCOUNTED HANDSET, YOU ARE SIGNING TO KEEP THAT SAME PHONE FOR 3 YEARS??? Carriers that provide upgrades before term ends are giving you a perk, it's not a requirement and if you treat your phone like shit and expect to get a new one I would laugh in your face as well. That's like me leasing a car, driving the shit out of it on purpose, fucking it up and demanding they let me upgrade to a newer car before finishing the terms of my lease. EDUCATION can be your best freind you morons...

sean 11/13/2009
Our family faced with Rogers Communication Scam with our cellular phone.
We had family plane signed on March 2007, 500 mins day time unlimited incoming calls, unlimited incoming/ outgoing calls after 5:00 pm to 8:00 am, and in weekdays and weekends
We were paying almost $100 a month for two phones. My wife called in June/09 to see if we could pay less than the above monthly payment, Rogers communication has changed the plane to 600 mins ----> No free incoming calls,----> no weekdays or weekend ----> No free calls between two phones. -------- > With same price <-------------. So our monthly payment for August/09 was --->$637, September/09 ---> $559 and this month --->$540.
I demanded of cancellation of our contract. their management office rejected it, I asked to return to the original plane (2007), they rejected again.
We can not cancel, nor we can not get back to our contract, we left in Rogers communication's scam.

A Friend of Rogers Victims 11/11/2009
I myself have been absolutely outraged with the amount of pure bull@#$@ that Rogers has caused for my friends and family. They are nothing but an overpriced, overrated, credit destroying service that has done nothing but waist millions of peoples money. I was prepaid with Fido and although I got alot of complaints from friends when I forgot to put more money on it, the freedom of having the option to not pay was so satisfying, especially since I watched it seemed like everyone around me, literally getting raped for hundreds of dollars for a F@#$%$% CELL Phone!! It was no suprise to me when I heard they bought the Toronto Skydome, thats just their way of saying "thanks Canada, without all of your hard earned money, we wouldn't own this right now." The worst part is I work at a store that sells these blood sucking leeches, and trust me it aint easy to sell them. My sis "cancelled" her plan and they confirmed that it was indeed "cancelled"
So the months went bye she wasn't using her phone anymore and all seemed to be well, but alas she gets a kind letter in the mail stating that she owes over $1000!! Nice people eh!! 3 other friends of mine have had a similar experience, and have had there credit rating literally destroyed before it even started, all there hard earned money being sent straight to pay there hefty bills, and last but not least your left with a useless phone, and life many other expenses to worry about. A word of advice to the wise, they prey on the young, because when your young your vulnerable, I chose to wait, watch and listen, and the reality is Rogers are proffesional scam artists, just waiting for you to not pay attention to that next bill, or slip up ever so slightly and miss that payment bye one day then POOF!!! "You owe us $500!! Don't like it? Well get use to it!! because you signed on the dotted line your name in Blood! 4months down only 32 more to go!!!!!! Koodo=no contract=commonsense=they try to screw= me see ya!!!

jason mcneir 11/3/2009
Rogers is a complete and total rip off when it comes to txt message plans and unlimited browsing i went in today and bought the samsung a256 and they never told me that the 2500 txt messages i payed for weren't free when i came back to complain the said that it only lowers the cost and they never told me that, and then i got the unlimited web browsing on my phone and they said that its not unlimited and i said that what i payed for and i said i wanted to return it and they said no, does anyone have any advice mail my email
websd bbrowsing

Yogendran Naidu 10/21/2009
As a matter of fact. Ask any one who had been with Rogers. Once they are in rogers, they will never come back.Rogers offers expensive plans. They can say things to influence you and lock you in for the plans for 3 years. This is just one of the story I am giving. I changed my plan withing the contract and I was told that there will be no more extra charges which has been discussed except for gst. I got the bill and called rogers that why my amount is so higher than what actually we discussed would be? They told me system access fee. I told them but I was told there would be no hidden charges except for gst. The attendant told me that oh the guys must have forgot and that is normal sometimes. Rogers is probably the nicest in customer service, but only to lock you in. The real show begins when your are locked in their plans and later findout that all other companies are giving way much better rate than them. I would suggest to go on and get into Rogers and experiance yourself.

Yogendran 10/21/2009
This is to some people who missed something. As you just praised Rogers pay as you go. Did you looked in fido and telus plans that would save you a lot. This tip is just to help you save.In your benefit.

omnom 10/20/2009
Money drains from my balance even when I don't use it. They're not helping. Atleast with a plan you can force your way into a good deal (if you're good enough) but prepaids are horrible. I had to pay $60 to start everything up (even when I brought in my own unlocked phone -wtf) It's funny. First Bell had a monopoly then Rogers came in being this saviour, and then they started sucking, too.

Bryan 10/13/2009
I was with rogers for about 2 or 3 years, the service was very bad, the people that call your house complaining to you about your bill are rude, and i got a nice bill of $1400 for them not specifying stuff on their contract

gk george 9/20/2009
AWFUL. Rogers is the worst. Inept staff, always billing problems. I took them to court for one of there false advertising deals. Never got what they promised. As soon as they got the court papers they sent all my money back plus all the fees associated with going to court. The sucks wouldnt even go to court. EVERYONE should take them. They cave. Its just a lot of crap filing the papers is all.

Parts of the Rogers website are down, ONCE AGAIN! I haven't been able to register my prepaid phone for the past two day's. Nor have I been able to get in touch with a service rep , the lines either to busy or cuts me off. Rogers is also very expensive, and overall, a piece of CRAP! I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone. I wish one wasn't the lowest rating you could give this horrible serivice. }:(

Confused 8/12/2009
I Have an account through rogers and i cant use the net on my phone and i should be able to

angry! 8/7/2009
incoming texts ARE NO LONGER FREE! Rogers has joined ranks with Telus and Bell in charging its customers incoming text fees. The only way around it is by opting in to a text plan, or by cancelling incoming texts altogether!

lucy 8/5/2009
Does anyone know how much Rogers charge if you call one of their cell phones in canada from the uk? I cant find out anywhere?

heather 7/30/2009
rogers rips u off big freakin time..all pay as u go s**t does ..they tell u get so much texting but it ends wayyyyyy b4 its supposed to..and u cant even add a $10 b sure u always have $20 bucks..stupid s**t

poop 7/4/2009
i hate rogers, service sucks

cameron bowles 6/29/2009
Im on the all day plan of 25 cents a minure for the first minute. But my brother called me from 2 blocks away and it was 50 cents for 33 seconds omg i almost flipped next month im switching companies

jhon 6/21/2009
how long does it for ur prepaid number to expire ?

Bruce 6/10/2009
I got late on my payment, Rogers cancelled my account gave away my phone number added $400.00 to my account and sent me to collection to speak to confused minimum wage earners every morning. I called them, their guy yelled at me, and finally referred me to Ted. I was quite surprised.

gary 5/26/2009
rogers has the least competitive plans...
we use prepaid, and EVERY other service provider has better plans....
I took me 25 min to contact a rep and when I explained that i was looking for a beeter rate...i was basicly told too bad...
I guess its back to telus, customer service there is also poor, but the network works well and for half the price of rogers...
in closing rogers sucks!

gary 5/26/2009
the above was to read 1 star..becasue that is the lowest option

John 5/22/2009
Dont not use rogers, they are a terrible network. dont waste your time and money bottomline

DivaSweetie 5/21/2009
in all these reviews that I have read, you can tell the ones from people who work for the company. They are the ones who have nothing but praise for the company. These companies monitor these type of sites and when there are too complaints, they plump up the positive.

carlo 5/19/2009
rogers sucks. in fact canadian telecomms sucks. like the poster with knowledge of australia, in the uk i could pay £10 for 10p a minute with no expiry, so spam sms, no incoming charges and complete freedom to change my provider: perfect for a low usage user like me. no such equivalent exists in canada and this is reflected in the shockingly low mobile usage here. this issue materially affects canadas ability to compete. the cost to the economy is billions of dollars a year. it is simply not in the public/national interest for this to continue.service-wise, well the phone does appear to work. customer service sucks. the phone model sucks. the complex plans suck. the rapid expiry sucks.

sana 4/29/2009
i want to know about evining plan for internitional calling i called befor it cost $30 for 7 minutes why becouse my plan is evening time why cost more from me my sim is pay as you go.send my answer in my e mail plz

Erik 4/27/2009
I think Andy and Fran must work for Rogers to give such an uneducated comment. Anyone who knows anything about mobile service knows that in Canada, we are overcharged and underserviced. Bring in international competition!

Doug 3/2/2009
Rogers and Bell both have no respect whatsoever for their customers, if you do not watch your Rogers bill like a hawk they WILL scam you with false charges and make it extremely difficult to fix. I even had the customer service reps mocking and hanging up on me while trying to get a $100 charge they told me was removed - to actually be removed. I called 8x for this and every time I was told it has been fixed.. but it never actually was until I threatened to sue. (this was the ACCOUNTING department) Canada is the worst country in the world to own a cellphone. The companies all work together to rip us off. Go get a cellphone in Aus, $5 sim card and ur set, you can use it anywhere in the country call anywhere with no long distance, dont get charged for incoming calls and no cancellation fees.

MJ 1/6/2009
I'm on the Pay as you Go plan and only use the phone when I need to. They have several different PayGo plans, so pick the one that works for you. I always use a landline if a desk is nearby. So the cost is minimal - I put $100 on the phone 3 months ago and I still have $75 left. I got a Nokia 2680 when th old LG died.

Claire 12/27/2008
i have not yet activated the my new Nokia 2680 from rogers yet after reading all of these reviews i guess i should return it and get a bell or koodo or something...

Mina 12/14/2008
Not worth it. Just as money-milking and expensive and limited as Virgin Mobile. I don't think anybody [I know I couldn't] will get serious usage out of the phones nor the prepaid plans.I would recommend Petro-Canada and 7-Eleven's SpeakOut, instead. I wish they had TracPhone here in Canada, not just the USA.

Zain 11/25/2008
Very Expensive choice compare to other available in market. 40 Cents / Minute.
Minute starts when you call someone and it rings or someone call you and it rings, doesn't mater if you talked for 48 seconds but including ringing it will charge you for two minutes as Rogers system is set like that and because it is their extra income so they don't change it.
If anybody leave you a message then you will be charged 40 cents per minute and to retrive that message you will be charged another 40 cents to check those minute. Doesn't mater if you check from your cell phone or from Landline.
They charge you $50 starting including $10 credit and $40 for the sim card which you can buy from market for $10.
Trust me don't go with them otherwise you will be end up paying a lot of money for the prepaid plan that should be expensive than monthly plan or prepaid offered by others.

Rift-of 11/3/2008
rogers is the best wireless provider in canada know how to pick pocket their customers, first they program the internet short cut button right on front screen so if you touch it by accident you will be pay ing a big price! second when they over charge your bill and if you keep track then call them to correct they always pretend that a mistaken on billing...!!?? WHAT IF YOU DONT CHECK YOUR BILL!!!??? i work for FIDO and ROGERS so i felt bad for who ever use their network

John 10/14/2008
wireless plan in other countries are very inexpensive, Rogers and other are monoploizing the market in Canada. try $20 in America for unlimited calls.

fran 9/13/2008
wtf, stupid reviews from jason, charles, ken and chaps. were talking about the rogers prepaid service dumbasses. not the plans. what losers.

Chapsss 9/6/2008
I've delt with Rogers for over 5 years and it's been my experience that if they can squeeze a penny out of you, they will. If you complain enough they'll throw you a bone, a cheap cell, or waive a service charge, but Canada is the most expensive country in the world to have a cell phone, and Rogers the most expensive provider in Canada. We need an affordable alternative.

Ken 9/2/2008
Data Prices are too high. Bills are too complicated. Never take the free phone they offer you because it will cost you 175 bucks. If they offer you a better plan your next bill will be a doozy. There will be so many charges and credits it will be very confusing to understand and you may not be able to get your old plan back because they no longer offer that particular plan.

charles 8/25/2008
this is one of the most complicated web pages I have ever had the privilige to navigate through,does not even rate 1 star.Even google makes similiar comments.

jason 6/28/2008
This company will rape you with roaming charges. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE OUTSIDE OF CANADA. In fact do not get a phone from them period. They charged 1.50 a minute in US. For 250 minutes I got a nice bill of 450 dollars.

Jack 3/11/2008
The service this company provides leaves much to be desired. A very SLOWWWW... internet site and often on the blink when trying to top off Pay as You Go service.

Danny 3/6/2008
I have 4 phones from rogers only reaso i got them cause they were cheap,i returned 2 already worked for only a month passed me loaners cause they had to send them away i still have loaners cause they never fixed my phones been over a year now.I always have dropped calls always searching for a place so i can use the phones ,out local rogers store has maybe 12 phones to choose from, the guy at the counter mumbles and grumbles cannot get straight answers from him,hahaha,,but yes *611 gal is very helpfull