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Telus Reviews
Average Rating by Users:

2 stars of 5 based on 212 reviews

John Werry 9/11/2013
No more Verizon threat = 50 cents per minute. Virgin. Even if it is more costly!

PJW 8/26/2013
Telus is now the worst at 50 cents per minute up from 30 cents. I abandoned them!!!

Al 5/3/2013
My wife and I switched to a prepaid plan because of a few huge bills! However the cellphone coverage for prepaid phones is very poor, for example I cannot use my phone inside of Canadian tire but if I go outside it works and if I switch SIM cards to a plan account and go back inside it works great. That's enough to make me switch to bell! See ya Telus

billm 8/25/2012
We were with telus payandtalk for years. Had the automatic $10 a month topup. The minutes are supposed to accrue, right? Wrong. We would not use the phone for months because we live in a remote area with no coverage. We would go to use our phone thinking we had all kinds of time saved up and guess what? Only a few bucks worth of minutes. Apparently, unused minutes reset at 100 dollars so you are back to 0. Had an argument with the neighbour about this. Has anyone else experienced this? I cannot access the fine print again because we switched to SpeakOut. BTW, SpeakOut is excellent.

Rachel 8/8/2012
I paid a $50.00 pay and talk and now the thing to set it up has changed and I can't find the $45.00 bundle...

Lisa 5/18/2012
The only problem I have now is that I can't get a real person to talk to, I work over nights and sleep during the day so trying to talk to someone in person is nearly impossible. I did have a problem when I first went with Telus with my money disappearing and found out it was from my phone trying to connect to internet with no data plan, the woman I spoke with blocked my data for me and credited my account.

Chris 4/12/2012
I was informed by Telus that they were doing maintenance for a few days and they said to call their #123 to apply addons that were going to auto renew during that period, so I added the $15 unlimited text messaging on April 5 just before their April 6-8 maintenance and it said it would expire May 5. On April 11 it said that I didn't have enough money for auto renew of the text messaging and to disregard the warning if I had already done it. I found out now that they chewed through all the extra money on my account that I use for calls and emergencies and the text messaging I paid for is gone.

Rippoff 2/27/2012
10$ CAD Every Month = 120
25$ CAD Every Month = 300$
50$ CAD Every Month = 600$
100$ CAD Every Month = 1200$

Deborah 2/26/2012
First I get charged with data usage and I don't even have a data plan, now it appears as though Telus is charging me for text messages that I didn't send. Has anyone else had this problem? I paid $5 for 250 texts (supposedly unlimited incoming), but I have been tracking my usage and Telus seems to be adding texts on a daily basis. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Robert Adam 2/11/2012
My partner had a prepaid TELUS account and she was told she would have a $60 refund sent to her ( unused balance)when she closed her account. Telus did not send a refund and refuses to do so. How is this good business practice? Zero stars

Cameron 1/17/2012
im getting adds sent to my phone and i never once gave my number out to anyone but family. So i have this one 7 dollar a month 1 number unlimited calling and its to a dollar. so the next 5 adds turns the service off till the next card which i might not buy because of this ripoff. charging for incoming texts is company terrorism. What a dream to charge for it plus send all the messages too. I think we need real phone competition in Canada its sad we have be stuck with the same couple of companies.

Judy 1/7/2012
I am saddened that no one is reading these reviews from telus as there is bad language in some of the comments. So far I have found Telus very good but I do go to the store on Marr Road, Quispamsis where I have had excellent service and the young fellow there answered all of my questions - I had problems too at the McAllister Store with not enough information and feeling rushed. I am a senior and I like the rep. to listen to me and give me information that I need with patience - being kind would help.

ceejay 1/5/2012
I just got a samsung evergreen from walmart. It came with a 20 dollar card. So I regestered the phone got the phone number blah blah blah si now its activated, I went to Youtube and checked out 5 youtube videos on the starting of the 6th video I lost service. I checked My account it said Data Usage 6245 Kilobytes $18.30 these prices are outrageous.

Charles Chucks 1/5/2012
There's a landmine field of prepaid options out there. I've just checked everything from Telus/Koodo, Bell/Solo, Rogers/Fido,Petro-Canada Mobile, 7-11 SpeakOut, President's Choice Mobile, Virgin Mobile. I've been with Telus for quite awhile and I'm deciding to still stay with Telus. That could change if/when I see a better deal or somebody starts paying my cell bill ;)

Why? We're on prepaid to save money right? Based on monthly or daily add-on features, there's actually some pretty handy features that are hard to ignore. If you think you're going to 'send' less than ~ 9 text messages per day [free to receive], then Telus is hard to beat for the add-on price of $5/month = 250 messages/month. This also lowers your local air time rate to $0.20/minute. If you're a texting tommy, then you can move up the ladder, which will be the exact same add-on price as the competition...10 bucks = 2500 messages / month [sent / free to receive].
Outside of an monthly add-on, Telus will be a very bad choice though, $0.20 send & receive = you'll be broke in no time.
Now, if your phone is mostly used for local phone calls, then stay away from Telus @ 0.30/min and go to 7-11 Speakout @ 0.20/minute, or even President's Choice Mobile @ 0.20/minute, depending on whether you prefer Rogers [7-11], or Bell [Pres.Choice Mobile].Even though 7-11 Speakout has the lowest texting rates of $0.10/sent [free to receive], that can quickly add-up. Let's run some numbers.
5 messages / day X $0.10 / message sent = $0.50 / day.
$0.50 / day x 30 days = $15.00 / month.For a measly 5 messages sent / day? Ouch; as you can see, sending messages daily outside of a plan [add-on] could be dangerously expensive.
They do have $10/month = 2500 messages, which is the exact same as Telus. Yet, in my case spending 10 bucks purely for texting is overkill. I'd like to talk on the phone once in awhile lol.Long-distance rates are cheaper as well with 7-11 Speakout or Pres.Choice Mobile, currently $0.25/minute + airtime = $0.45/minute. Versus Telus without any add-on, 0.30 + 0.40 = $0.70/minute. Grab a monthly add-on and you drop to $0.60/minute.
So, I'm losing $0.15/minute per long-distance phone call, but gaining a sufficient [for me anyway] bit of texting add-on.So, in summary. Telus for a reasonable lower cost texting add-on, or 7-11 Speakout for lower calling rates and very occasional texting since it's free to receive, even without adding an 'add-on'. If you don't text at all, by all means, just head straight to your nearest 7-11 or Loblaws - PC Mobile. They are flat out hard to beat for basic phone calls, local or long-distance.
It's going to depend entirely on your needs.
I would advise everyone to consider a long-distance calling card [one with a 1-800 Toll Free number], and use that on your cell phone. You'll still be charged local air time rates per minute, but will be getting a much lower long-distance rate. As far as I know, any long-distance calling card should work, just get the one with the lowest rate. CiCi cards are good, yet I'm sure there are many others.One last reason I stayed with Telus is because I'd like the option of trying out their 'Data' $10/month plan. That would allow me to check some email and a few webpages per day. You can deactivate that add-on during months you won't use it.If you're a very occasional user of cell [smart] phones, texting less than 50 messages / month [$0.10 x 50 messages = $5.00] go for 7-11 Speakout. The biggest plus is, any of their denominations last for 365 days. No other carrier offers that, unless you top up with the $100 top-ups.

Charles Chucks 1/5/2012
Hi Ceejay.I want to answer your question.Don't ever use your 'smartphone' to browse the internet, check your email or instant message before purchasing a 'DATA' add-on. The charges are outrageous if you haven't purchased that feature. Please don't confuse this with 'text messaging' as they are 2 separate features/costs.Also, be sure to turn 'Data Enabled', 'Background data' & 'AutoSync' OFF if you haven't bought a DATA add-on. These should be in your phone Settings under Wireless & Networks - Mobile Networks. As well as Accounts & Sync.If you don't do this, you will mysteriously see your account balance drop to zero, even without browsing or emailing. Don't be afraid to go online and check the balance. Also, don't be afraid to call Telus and explain the situation. Customer retention is what it's all about.In my case, I can see every single usage, including phone numbers, text messages sent/received, data usage in kilobytes including time of day I think.Hopefully that helps. By the way, if your smartphone has it: use WiFI connection. There is absolutely no charge since you're using someone else's internet connection, not Telus network. Browse/email etc. as much as you want with WiFI. If you're on the road and away from WiFi, don't even think about using your DATA connection, unless you've paid for it. Like you said, your account balance will plummet within minutes.
Sorry to hear about your experience. Call up Telus and complain, I'm sure they want to keep you as customer, now that you're informed about how to avoid that in the future.

je50 1/3/2012
i have an older pay n talk cell phone went to upgrade but the new phone only allows for 7 rings and auto disconnect not good have older parents and need the longer rings plus no more purchasing airtime from CIBC bank machines

Desmond Milner 12/31/2011
I have over $9.00 left on my prepaid account. I cannot make any calls, local or long distance to Canada, on my cell phone when I am in Phoenix AZ. -- why??
My ph. nbr. is 587-783-1472

Gary - Telus: LG Optimus One 12/29/2011
Hello folks, 'smartphones' as they are called today can be very confusing for new users. I bought my first smartphone (LG Optimus One), through Telus about 5 weeks ago. I immediately did the following: (1) Turn off 'Data Enabled' & 'Data Roaming'. (2) Turn off 'Background Sync' & 'AutoSync'.
The names may differ on your telephone, yet you'll find those options through your Settings.
The reason I did this is to avoid obscure data charges from the phone connecting to the 3G network. Secondly, I monitor charges via Telus website on the internet about once/week to ensure I'm being fairly charged. You'll find an entire breakdown of your usage. If something is off kilter, don't be afraid to call them. I.E. wonky text message charges.I top up with the bare minimum and use my phone for occasional short calls or once in awhile, will send/receive a text message.
When I'm at home, or in a Free Wi-Fi access area (hotels, McDonalds, Starbucks, whatever), I'll turn on the Wi-Fi and browse the internet or send emails to my hearts content. No charge at all, as there shouldn't be.I am tempted by the Data add-on $10 = 100mb / month, yet not not sure if it's entirely necessary for my needs. Telus has a Data Calculator to approximate your usage, which should help. It would be handy to take a peak at the weather or send a few emails/text messages, while on the road, outside of a free Wi-Fi access point.
I suppose I could try out the feature for one month, track my usage and decide whether it's sufficient, or not worth it, or worst case - too expensive with overusage charges.
Data Access is a bugger to track on your own, so for sure pay attention to your Telus account on the internet.I do like the pay-per-day features and use them from time to time. Especially on weekends if I want to chat for awhile on the phone.On the whole, I'm quite satisfied and have had good experience with customer service.

Gary - Telus: LG Optimus One 12/29/2011
Hi Barbara, I meant to answer your question in my post above. I'll try now:(1) The phone you purchased may have outdated firmware. I used to have a simple cell phone through Telus that would be very wonky, such that sometimes a text message would be an entire day delayed. Or, the voicemail message icon wouldn't appear if I received a voice message.
Since then, I upgraded my phone to an LG Optimus One through Telus, while forwarding my unused 'prepaid' balance to the new phone. I have had this phone for 5 weeks and haven't experienced any delays or voicemail issues. You may wish to inquire about a firmware update by visiting the website of your cell phone manufacturer.
A pain in the arse I know, but an option. (2) I'm not sure how you obtained a 30-day $10 unlimited browsing feature. If you did, great. You may be referring to Data 10 add-on, which gives you 100mb/30-days usage, including web browsing/instant msgs/emails/streaming etc. That does not mean unlimited by any means. Refer to this tool to help you work out your own typical usage: features do drop your local rates to $0.20/minute. Yet, bear in mind you just lost 10 bucks a month off your prepaid balance to get that.
It's b.s. what that Telus rep. told you. You can add or remove features as you please. I would talk to his 'manager' or just another rep.

celine 12/26/2011
not happy

barbara 12/26/2011
Review and Question
Had phone for approx 6 months, have to call around 3 times a month and on phone for average of 10 minutes to get something fixed because this "telecommunications Giant" can't communicate. texts don't come in at all or a day late same with voice mail.
I had two occasions waiting for important message and rec'd it next day. Called customer service and they knew my history as they keep a log, they told me this is a free feature with the pay as you go so not their problem. I said it is a feature that buyers look for and make a decision with which carrier to go with so it is there for a reason not out of the kindness of Telus heart. I asked her
so because you claim the feature is "free" it is ok for us to be under the impression we are receiving call when we might not be. That doesn't make it a free feature it makes it a useless feature and misrepresentation.
Horrible customer service
My Question. I have a unlimited browse feature $10 per month they say it is one of there 30 day add on features and if you have a feature it reduces your local calling charge to .20. fine, but sometimes I don't want the feature and knowing ho I will use the phone that month, it is ok to have the cost of .30 rather than waste 10.00 on browsing which i know I won't use, BUT may want to use it another time and get it again, they say no, once it expires i can't get it again
HAS this happened to anyone else, comments please

tsupport 12/1/2011
I have 2 pay&talk $10/mnth phones with them for 5+ years. It's been okayWhat can I do with accumulated unused minutes?

Dan 11/30/2011
Telus about how much money have you ripped people off today, that is the real question, I have had a Prepaid Telus for 4 months now, every 2 weeks I have to call in and they say I sent a Photo, well I dont even use the camera or email setup, and never textand they refund my account, they are always taking $2, $5 or 15$ and i catch that right away and call them, so far they have tried every 2 weeks and they just say sorry it is the system that is doing that, So on November 5th I again topped up my account and hat $14.68 on the 28th and on the November 29 is show $0.00 balance next to that says Expiration of Balance, Now they tried to say my balance expired and they take it, good thing I did not have 100$ in there or they would have taken that also, but since I called it in they without question refunded the $14.68, I asked them why did they put it back and she would not answer and then finaly they said it was a system glitch. Now I always get back what they steal from me, but HOW MANY PEOPLE DO NOT NOTICE THIS and DOnt call In to complain, I bet they are stealing millions per month of people that just keep adding to the credit card. This needs to be EXPOSED BIG TIME

Not a cell phone junkie 11/20/2011
I just purchased a pay as you go for emergencies. It came with a $20 credit, but 3 weeks into it I ran out of minutes with actually only using the phones for 5 minutes or less. I checked my account and I have been charged .02 cents everyday all day at various intervals. No wonder I ran out of time, but does anyone know what this charge is? I assume it is some sort of data update or connect on Telus' side, but the cost is absorbed by the user...typical. Does anyone know if it could also be de-activated?

Rickdeis 10/21/2011
Telus lies!
Just talked with a telus rep who told me that I had to top up my prepaid account the day before the expiry day or I might loose my balance. So effectively a 30 day top up is really a 28 day top-up.
My account expiration was Oct 22 therefore I had to top up today Oct 21 which results in a new Nov 19 "balance expiry" date which means I have to top up on the 18th which is the day the new "30 days" starts. Oct 21-Nov 17 = 28daysFalse advertising?

Joy Kirkness 10/4/2011
I purchased the wrong cards for my phone. I purchased long distance cards and scratched them not knowing what they were. I wanted cards for prepaid minutes.Can I have them changed over.I will never use the long distance cards. Please can you help me.

Sheri Kranjec 9/1/2011
I cannot remeber my pass word to add minuets please help me

rapman 8/26/2011
Telus Unlimited City has unlimited text and talk goodif you life in the gta and i never had any porblems wife telus i been with than 8 years yes the phone will not work when you go outside canada bescuse its cdma but there new phones will beceuse there sim phones

puto 8/21/2011
all i can say is you can send text all over the world and it works as long as you stay in canada,cheap and reliable on low bit texting for sure

Guest 8/17/2011

Desherity 7/21/2011
Bought a 50$ prepaid just 3 week ago. It's already at zero. Checked My account on their site and it's not a dropped balance or anything. Just that that their rates are very expensive. Seriously consider a monthly plan if you're planning on calling more than 10 min.

R.T. 5/20/2011
DO NOT use Telus prepaid phones if you travel outside of Alberta east. You will have no service outside of Winnipeg in manitiba and outside of Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewn.They have no agreements with MTS and SaskTel for prepaid customers.They don't even sell prepaid phones in those provinces any more.I found out the hard way.

crafty company 4/25/2011
You wait. They will get your money in an illegall manor. Your bill will change. Then you try and call customer service and they will have you on hold for a good 30 min...and why do I pay for answering service that holds only 3 messages???
Rogers or bell is way better. I warn you, do not sign up with telus

Raymond 4/24/2011
Telus Great 3G phone Both Monthly and Prepaid great Service.The North America $45 is great but is use Local Airtime during the day.
Prepaid give a option to choose only to add a $1 Early night and Weekends for one day. Flexible let you choose. let say is the weekend you are not expected phone calls this day by day feature come handy. Skype is available on the 3G phone just add Data Messaging "LG optimums one". other provider Rogers, Bell and Fido tie you up on Prepaid unless you "add Minute option to change plan and features".

2nd time round 4/15/2011
My wife and I got prepaid Telus phones last September. It took a couple of phone calls to customer service to adjust our add ons to what we wanted. I found the persons very efficient and helpful suggesting ways to get what we want for the best price. To date the experience has been a pleasant one. No scams, good area coverage, no extra charges, only charged for what we use, no rude customer service people, no lost money, no dropped calls, no slow text etc. My only disappointment to date is that the phone I chose (Samsung flip phone) is already toast. Not Telus's problem. Off to get another phone today. Will activate it myself on the website which is not difficult to use, if you know how to turn on your pc. This saves me an activation fee. Don't know the answers to everyone's problems with Telus prepay out there but maybe you should take a closer look at what you have and what you expect and learn to use their website. I'm leaving my comment at 3 stars because it's only been 6 months. I don't give out stars lightly. They , like my comments have to be earned. Time will tell. Oh yea, if your calling customer service why don't all you whiners out there start with a friendly approach instead of ripping someone's ears off.

Diane 4/5/2011
I bought a $10 prepaid card..I was offered "pay a dollar a day" and I would have early evenings and weekends. Unfortunately it worked the Sunday. When I used my phone 2 nights after that. after 9pm. I might add..I ended up having less than $1 balance...and don't have any information on a number to call to inquire about this problem. I feel scammed by Telus. What's up with that?

Diane 4/5/2011
I forgot to remove the stars from the above comment. How come you don't have an option for 0 stars because at this point, that is what my rating would be

Jimmy 3/26/2011
Totally overpriced. I hardly ever used my phone and had a good sized balance. There was nothing in my contract about balances expiring after a certain time, yet telus still ripped off my balance without even informing me. One star is too much for those fools.

kyle 3/21/2011
ive been with bell ever sence i got my first phone but 2 weeks ago i switched to telus. telus is really good and has good coverage in my area their prepaid addons/plans are really good too like the 250mb data + unlimited text , picture and video messaging for 20$/month

Stan 3/20/2011
I called long distance from Banff to my home phone in Edmonton and it was considerably more than 30 cents per minute. It was more like 80 or 90 cents per minute. I only keep Telus prepaid because of its coverage in more remote areas. The whole industry needs greater regulation.

Budd 3/14/2011
I've been with Roger's, Bell, AT&T and T-mobile. I am with Telus right now and I am very happy with them. There has not been any problems with customer service, no disappearing minutes and no connection problems. If your wondering where your money has gone, all you have to do is sign-up for My Account (free)and it will show you where every penny has gone, how many phone calls you made and to who you made them, how many texts you wrote and to who you wrote them to and how much data you used. The problem isn't with Telus, the problem is that you didn't know about My Account or that you just like to complain.

Jim 3/3/2011
Customer service Sucks the people need to be more friendly to paying customers

Nicole 2/12/2011
Awful. The only good thing is customer service, people treat you well but their service is awful! Network sucks, Plans suck, they steal your money. Telus is just awful.

Anthony 1/26/2011
Very very good service!

Edna 1/25/2011
Iam upset with this rip off with this company..I normaly put 50 on it and got the unlimited 45..and 5 days later I make 1 fone call and I have no more minutes..can't text or nothing..where did my 50 bucks go?all I do is text more than anything...TELUS SUKS>>they are a big ripoff...

John 1/25/2011
I went to telus the other day in Saint John N.B I was buying a pay as you go card I always every month pay 56.50 and I have free incoming and free unlimited text. every time before this the staff is very nice and they reset my account for me I don't have to do a thing. This time the girl didn't have anytime for me she charged me 56.50 and told me I should learn to activate my card on my own I told her this is my tenth pay as you go card that I have purchased and never once have I had to do it myself I questioned her if this was the perk 45 that gives me unlimited text an free incoming she replied that she had no idea theres hundreds of different plans.Anyway 3 days later my phone says my phone is inactive. I guess this unfriendly employee cost me 56.50. Maybe someone knows the employee She is at the MacAllister Place Store in Saint John N.B. She is in her 30's and short dark hair and her whole visable skin is covered in tatoos. If You go to the store you should avoid her she will waste your hard earned money!!!

sherry 1/11/2011
I live in nanaimo.52yrs. been wanting a cell for emerg. when i'm on my scooter but all I've heard is bad news phones that are bought at lon. drugs. are defaulted.friends paying arm. leg for little serv. and do not want to fix the problum. even the store clerks are saying they have had way to many people complaning about the samsung slider and that was the cell I was!!!! going to get. maybe if telus corrects the problums I might still buy one as it stands now. not a chanch. telus do your serves and fix these phones

sherry 1/11/2011
made mistake on rating

Telus 1/10/2011

Guest 1/1/2011
if im at rogers can switch to telus for the data plan?

J Casey 12/28/2010
Rec'd preapy phone for Christmas. Can't get it activated. Can't use it.
Can't get through on the lines.
If you can't support it, don't sell it.

R. Stubinski 12/27/2010
i purchased a telus phone and prepaid. i was not told that the 30cent local charge and the 40cent long distance charge would be added together on a long distance call. if i knew that i would not have purchased it. i think that is bad practice from your representitive. i am very upset.

Guest 12/27/2010
where the fucking god damn hell is the fucking damn wep page to acctivate my fucking telus cell phone??????

Subhash 12/21/2010
I want to start with a 10$ card what do i get with it? In terms of texting and calling plz reply ty:)

marcel 12/15/2010
Not too many 5 star ratings but a several 1 star

Ann 12/15/2010
I have had Telus pr-paid for 5 years, I think they are an excellent provider. Like the lady said, if your not happy with the rep ask for a different on. Twice, I lost the unlimited $45 plan and it was credited to my phone with no problem. Other than that we love Telus.

Chris 12/9/2010
I am very frustrated that when I have been busy or away from a town or city and can not add money on my phone . I end up losing my minutes that I have already purchased. I think it is not a good policy to take away things from people that they have already purchased . I have had my cell on pay as you go for 4-5 years .

Guest 12/5/2010
how come telus only offers cheap phones for pay and talk? they arent going to get my business anymore when I look for a new phone

car 12/4/2010
Makes me mad! Had problems activating online so had customer service do it. My balance kept draining really quickly as my incoming calls were being charged as long distance even though I was in my local area. I called Telus about the charges but all they said was my 1 number was out of area (although it was supposed to be in local area) MOnth later, I'm to the point to getting rid of my prepaid, but decided to check out my phone #, turns out, customer service gave me a # not in my local area (alma instead of quebec city). Jerks screwed me from day 1!

Al 11/19/2010
I purchased a ZTE phone several years ago from Telus. One of the reasons was they offered a GPS service with the phone. It had all the features that I wanted. (camera, speaker phone, GPS and voice mail included). I have been with TELUS for many years and will be changing to Rogers because they eliminated the GPS capability and they do not offer an opportunity to use accumulated dollars to stop paying any more until your balance is decreased. I will be going to ROGERS because they permit this latter option once you have built up a sufficient credit.

Ales 11/13/2010
i personally dont like telus, i wanted to buy a ring tone. and baught one and they charged me for the internet! not only the ring tones cost 3.50 but they charge for internet usage to go buy the ring tone WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM. they also have bad wireless 3 g stick and yeah.

Lance 10/15/2010
been with telus on a contract/month to month for over 6 years and I was on a loyalty package. they failed to mention it was only for 1 year and I had no idea so my next bill after it was outrageous. I called and argued and the guy said we have no obligation to tell you when your contact ends. I told them you don't send a letter, email, text but have zero problem harassing me by all 3 to upgrade? I have an ebill where does it say when my plan ends? He said you have to click some pdf file at the bottom of the ebill that says nowhere that it hints thats what you need to click. I eventually got 15 bucks off the bill and canceled with them. pathetic. the guy was extremely rude. oh well. on preaid now but I have to wait 2 weeks for them to approve my credit card. yeesh telus sucks or what now. least I'm not going to get screwed with prepaid as much.

stahl 9/21/2010
dont ever buy their internet keys..them ripoffs keep moving up my monthly date so that i have to keep paying them a bunch of money,,telus is great i think but they have ppl that work for them that i believe are messing with ppls accounts ,,WITHOUT ASKING..

AM-EE 9/20/2010

Larry 9/18/2010
Telus has to be the most expensive and after offering a better rate as a "valued customer" they then either expire it or try to raise it each time the minutes run out. They automatically enable text and then try to charge 1.50 each for junk messages sent by spammers or advertisers. When contacted they try to tell you text cannot be turned off and it must be your fault you got a message. They also try to tell you all other carriers charge more than they do and that is not true. Even if you own the phone they refuse to provide unlock codes so you can use it on a different carrier. Is it possible to rate them at less than 1 ?

Larry 9/18/2010
On having a contract phone previously and using in Canada and USA - their biggest minute plan is far less minutes and much more expensive than any US carrier.Compare $300/1800 mins to $99/4000 mins. On having a flat rate plan - the billed amount is always higher than the price offered because they then add on extra "fees". Any minutes exceeding the plan are far more expensive and unused minutes from one month do not get credited to the next month. Again can one rate them at 0 or less? Not happy with their domestic or international rate plans at all. Coverage isn't so great either despite what they adverise.

Violet 9/14/2010
I would put 0 stars but it only goes to 1. My phone is not a pay as you go, it is a contract phone. If you plan to get this ! Don't! The phone works for about a year and a half. Then it starts dropping calls. I cannot even keep a conversation with anyone for sometimes a few seconds (meanwhile being charged by the recalling the # I am paying for the min. even if it has only been a few seconds). I tried to get them to fix this problem but they insist there is nothing they can do for me(except to buy another phone at full price!). I am paying for a 3 year contract so I think I am entitled to a phone that works for the WHOLE 3 years not just for 1 year.!!
I am not happy with the service

berqc 9/13/2010
my telus phone bug
it light whithout reason
someone-else have this control on my phone
can someone do help-me!!
for more i like the lg125 and the service the price to
that the new-way do not answer do not call do not open it and you don't empty your compt
it just the bug i get who bug me maybe someone can help me

funnystyles 9/8/2010
SuckME TELUS, there's no point coming here to complain to the perpetrator use other forums and websites to call Telus to action. It is only by public outcry and ridicule that you will get them to acknowledge that keeping money for vouchers that are not and cannot be validated is an unethical business practice.

SuckME TELUS 9/3/2010
Telus is shit! I bought a telus prepaid top up card by mistake and they won't refund the card. These companies are fraudulent why are they allowed to do this kind of thing?

Perry 9/1/2010
Telus does seem to have the best coverage, for me in Alberta, and the service is not TOO bad. Much better than Bell, who made me pay rent for a loaner when my phone had to for repairs. WHILE STILL UNDER WARRANTY!!! Be a cold day in hell before I use Bell again. My family likes Rogers, but I think Telus has the better system and coverage, and they seem a little bit cheaper too for my use. But again, they ALL have their issues.

Soon to be former Telus client 8/31/2010
All you people with Telus prepaid phones better check your transaction history on Telus website against your phone call log. I found a bunch of phoney calls I never placed or received but got charged by Telus. Some would call this a system error, I like to call it stealing.

Sonia 8/27/2010
Cellphone plans anywhere else in the world are dirt cheap. I was in South East Asia,the only things people pay for is:
-making a call
-making a call or text outside of their country**bonus: free bonus minutes after certain time or minutes used.
Payment: collected by a rep. at the end of the month.
All you have to do is buying the phones. -----Why do they rip us off here???????

Evelina 8/24/2010
Hey VenomGenocide...
Ive been having a similar problem but it seems that the person I try to text only does not receive my texts in the evenings!! I have no idea what is going on but this problem has only started recently...
hopefully it gets resolved soon!

Ann 8/23/2010
I went on line to see if I could change my husbands phone to Pay and Talk and the Telus website was no help at all.

jessica 8/20/2010
i don't really like this plan because when i lose my money i can't text or talk and that sucks and no one can text or call me

VenomGenocide 8/8/2010
Telus Prepaid.
Ok first off im still giving 4 stars despite the issues im having and the such. As of lately i have had issues with texting into the USA, says sent, but they never receive, and they try texting me and it says failed, I called for support, the first woman was a canadian woman, very helpful in some info although problem didnt get resolved, but i had found out that my friend didnt actually block me by mistake since Samsung has built in block options.Four hours later i call back and get some foreign piece of shit and he tells me i should google all this stuff instead of calling, remaining friendly about it i just said thats all i need then and hung up. Problem still not resolved.Called in the evening and landed more helpful and nice workers, they helped me with the whole *22803 option since the foreign assholes google method only landed to me finding a *22899 to call. Going on from that we reset my phone on telus end, i also reset my phone through my settings back to default. Still yet the problem isnt resolved and its been around 40 hours now with no messages getting to this person. It sort of seemed that each company was playing the blame game though, i had my friend call their provider and they blamed telus, so as customers we dont really know where the fault is and we are just hoping it gets resolved. Moving on from the actual review just for a second but has anyone ever had this issue where you could text all friends except one?(Local or USA). Its not a block issue since i have already stated above its not that. Im seeing alot of people with texting issues, and they dont give alot of detail only that they cant text for a few days sometimes, so it leaves me curious if im the only one and that im having a rare issue.I have never been intentionally screwed by telus or ever lost money, and the one time i did was at my own fault for adding a card and assuming my feature was still being auto added every 30 days. I have never had a major issue with customer support.Anyways just keeping my head up and fingers crossed that my problem gets resolved and that the problem is only one similar to others not being able to text a few days.

Cathy 8/6/2010
After staying with World Edition Blackberry that didn't work that I was waiting to finish my contract so I can leave telus but then they lured me into this deal and PROMISED that Iphone 3GS is truly a world phone it will work in Asia. I explained to the telus rep. that I travel alot for my job that I must be contacted 24/7 from my sick mother and a 9yr old daughter. They said Iphone 3GS will so I signed up for another 3 years. Well it didn't work and they kept passing the bucket to Iphone. After few months and many visits to Iphone place later I found out it's the telus afiliated network system it's not working. Now I am stuck with phone another three years it doesn't work in Asia. The staff were soooo rude. I remember getting into asia with my coworkers, everyone puts Iphones on(all my coworkers got Iphones)and theirs worked... they are with Rogers and I am the only one with Telus didn't work. People out there who travels to world wide for work and need a world phone don't go with Telus !! I will never forget how they treated and they will get 3 year more out of me but they lost a loyal customer forever.

Linda 8/3/2010
I have been with Telus for several years. Now canceld all the services with Telus just because the price is too high compare with other providers. One thing is bad that when I asked to cancel my cell phone service the lady seems does not happy and not polite. I will never return to Telus and will not suggest my friends to go with Telus.

thomas vikander 7/30/2010
One star...or less for the fraud on my non existant internet service. but that's another story.
I don't have a cell phone and reading these comments drills it home to me why I should NOT have one.
Just returned from Sweden where I purchased a phone for about $50 that had about $20 airtime---no funny fees whatsoever. The cost to call is 7 cents a minute and no stupid roaming fees within the country. The number they gave me and the airtime is good until Dec. 2011. If I don't top it up by then, I lose my number.
No wonder they can use their phones to check schedules, reserve seats,buy plane,train, bus, streetcar, subway tickets and fares !

Andrew Cheng 7/26/2010
Been with Telus for 6-7 years. Though i am on plan, i think this can relate to prepaid if it happens. I got a Telus phone for a 3 year contract. Had to get it exchanged 2 times and went for repairs twice. Best part was, Telus wouldn't exchange my phone anymore because they said its passed my 30 day DOA. Funny part is it took them like 3 weeks to send me a new phone and that phone was even worse than my first phone. Had to argue for the next exchange but the phones that kept coming back to me were terrible. Then i had no option but to repair because the company wouldn't give me a new phone (new model or same model. Took 3 weeks to get my phone back (though i had a loaner phone), i had to return my phone the next day to go out for repairs again since not all fo the problems were fixed, probably going to have to wait another 3 -4weeks. Currently in the waiting process for repair 2. I think the client care team don't have a standard rule as people keep telling me different things and the latter person would always say the first person didn't know what they were talking about and then you get screwed over. Text message is horrible with Telus. A few times, you can send a text message to your friend, meet up with them 2 hrs later and hear them tell you, i JUST got your text!

Andrew Cheng 7/26/2010
I forgot to mention, when the people at the Telus corporate store starts giving you props because they've seen you soo much, you know there's something wrong with that scenario. In other words, its similar to living at the corporate store because your phone has too many problems.

Jon 7/20/2010
I'm on prepaid with telus with a 250 texting feature and one number unlimited. Both features suddenly disappeared from my account and I was billed about an extra $30 as a result. They would not refund and told me I should be monitoring the features on my phone at the end of every month. Not impressed.

Chantelle 7/14/2010
I just put 25$ on my pre paid phone, and i check on my online account and it says that i have $9.31 left and i have an unlimited txting feature however it wont let me send any txts and it was working fine in the morning.

Chantelle 7/14/2010
Sorry i ment to click 2 STARS

Devon 7/12/2010
I have been on Telus prepaid for about 2 years now. I am on my second phone with them. I have NEVER had any problem with them that could not be resolved. The only time i ever had a problem with them is when i tryed to buy a ringtone off of MUCH music. After i Accepted everything that nobody reads because its too long i noticed $10 credit was gone. I called Telus and with about 10min of my time they gave me back my $10 credit and said i had purchased a subscription. Personally i think if you have a problem with your phone take it to a Telus store not WALMART or something and your problem will be resulved.

Devon 7/12/2010
Q:I have a very stupid question. If I get a Pay as you go Phone with Telus....and then eventually decide to get a plan....can I still keep the same number?
A: Yes. at a cost of $10 i changed my phone with Telus and kept the same number. My father had a Fido number(on a plan), and when he bought a new prepaid phone from Fido they transfered the number the same day

Devon 7/12/2010
"i think telus is such a scam yesterday i had 4.00 on my account and today i was at o.oo like wtf i called them and they said it was because i went on web browsing and used facebook. I have never used web browsing on my phone and dont go on facebook"
I dont think telus has anything to do with your problem. i think your phone might have a facebook hotkey(mine does) and you might have opened facebook while the phone was in your pocket.

Shawntel 7/10/2010
i give telus 2 stars because i have a prepaid cell phone and my minutes run out real fast even when i am not using them and i can not get my phone unlimited texting which really sucks but other than those two things this has been great service.

satisfied 7/8/2010
I see that a lot of people are having problems with Telus but the reason why I decided to go with Telus prepaid is because it was the cheapest. Sure the phone selections totally suck but as long as you make sure your account balance stays above zero and check your bill regularly for mistakes, I think everything will be fine.

Michael 7/8/2010
I have been with Telus for 5 years now, they've pissed me off with their crap customer service who hardly know what they're doing and they're weird changes of service. I'm switching, I would recommend you do too.

joy 7/3/2010
i think telus is such a scam yesterday i had 4.00 on my account and today i was at o.oo like wtf i called them and they said it was because i went on web browsing and used facebook. I have never used web browsing on my phone and dont go on facebook but yet they would not refund my money and said oh well nothing we can do about it like really. then i have unlimited 45 and my txt messages dont send and when they do send it goes to my friends as some weird number come on telus you r a huge company fix it already im sick of paying and getting crappy service and i think u need to get people who can speak and understand english i hate explaining myself FIX IT NOW....

TROY 6/24/2010

Jon 6/22/2010
I have a very stupid question. If I get a Pay as you go Phone with Telus....and then eventually decide to get a plan....can I still keep the same number?

kate 6/20/2010
Telus is a scam and thier *** idiots

Oliver 6/19/2010
jusT hERE 2 GET MY PHONe ...acTivATed iT ...tKx...

Lee 5/30/2010
For those of you complaining about losing your minutes, it's simple, sign up for auto-top-up. I have had Telus Pay and Talk for ? 10 years now. Like many others, it is an emergency phone. If this was a regularly used phone, then $0.30 per minute would be high. But considering I rarely use it, it's a REALLY darned good deal. I have portability....when....if I need it for a small cost. For those who complain about those add-on services like voicemail, get a life. Other companies would gladly charge you for it. Telus...thank you for providing a great alternative to the other robbers out there. I have my emergency phone which is always with me when I go out, and I don't have to cramp my budget to have it.

Izzi 5/28/2010
i have had prepaid with them for at least 5 years now, never lost my money, always worked fine.
I read previous comment, you guys are such whiners! lol A rip off when they expire your minutes when unused? This is not a charity organization who will let you keep your 10$ balance for a year! You have to remember you are BUYING a service.TO all who are considering a prepaid, I would remind them it is a self managed account. You have to watch for your stuff, your expiry date and so on. If you do, all will be great :)

Melanie 5/9/2010
top up

Darleen 4/19/2010
Have been a prepaid customer for a few months now. One of the problems that I have is that I get text messages from people that I don't know, and I get voice mail and I haven't even signed up for it.So how can I prevent this from happening? I have checked the pay as you go web site and it has very little information. So where do you go to trouble shoot?

Guest 4/10/2010

Katherine 4/1/2010
i like this company except when they unexpectedly change my minutes rate

Pirjo 3/16/2010
While I like the convenience of a pre-paid card I am in total disagreement with the loss of minutes if the phone is not topped up in time. We have paid for those minutes and they should remain. Does anyone else feel they are being duped when they lose their minutes? They have to honour gift cards now, how are these different... they are paid for already. Telus you need to change your policy if you want to retain your customers.

Jill 3/15/2010
If you maintain a balance and don't have a 30 day feature does your rate still increase to 30 cents?

Beave 3/3/2010
They keep changing their rates. Any time they offer any kind of reasonably priced feature, they pull it or increase the price very soon afterward. They don't let you roam on prepaid. No service in the US or Mexico. If they did I'm sure the prices would be outrageous. Get with the program Telus! Look at what AT&T offers with their GO phone. 25 cents/min anywhere in the US to anywhere else in the US and even from Mexico when roaming!
We get sooo screwed in Canada...

Anthony probert 2/28/2010
Iv been with Telus for the past 3 Years, and have had no problems with it. I think they should bring back 10Dollar = Unlimited text though, becauase it makes it easier for people such as me that just want texting.

Joey 2/25/2010
Have had Telus pay-and-talk for five years know and have been very happy with the company (I don't text). However, since they've decided to up my rate to 30c a minute from 25c a minute if I don't buy a 30-day "feature", I am going to start shopping my business around.

Ken 2/21/2010
Any company that charges the customer for incoming texts should be avoided at all costs. You should NEVER be charged for something you have no control over.

Jason 2/17/2010
Telus home phone: Rip offTelus cell phone: Rip offTelus internet service: Rip offUnfortunately telus is the only one in our area that offers us the service that we require and until the government stops protecting these theives all we can do is pay and be RIPPED OFF........

DiamondMike 2/15/2010
I had built up over 200 dollars in my prepay account with Telus. I also have auto top up with credit card. My phone says I have 2 minutes left. Telus ripped my off of my built up minutes. They also delete the records except for recent ones. Big Scam!!

DJ 2/14/2010
When your on unlimited 45 does it cost when u get a text from a long distance number? why Am I getting charged .15 cents a text from a long distance number or is it only for local??? isn't text free with unlimited 45 no matter where the text you send or comes from??

reg 2/13/2010
their websites do not make it easier to handle my credit card information. im on a monthly automatic update i don't how that occurred but cannot seem to be able to stop that

Mike M 2/9/2010
I've had Telus pay and talk cell for about a year now, and it's great
no problems so far, but i don't talk on it much just use it for texting.
Average about $10-$15 bucks a month.Other friends of mine have Telus and they like it also.

Sharon 2/3/2010
Hi I have a telus pay as you go cell phone and haven't added minutes to it in a long time. Is it possible to add minutes to it still?

Pete 1/28/2010
You guys are much too generous. This losing credit got me a few times. I phoned and got it back but the original problem was I could not find a place to buy a top up. It's my money man. Taking it is stealing. Double dipping on long distance and other quarks with the billing. Just give us a single rate. This is what you pay. This latest mail just came in and it looks like it's going way up in price. Oh but they say it's good news. I beg to differ. You can tell there is no competition and the government is not looking at these contracts. It's looks like negative billing to me on many different levels and that is actually Illegal here. Probably the best deal of the abysmal phone market. Could it be better? Oh ya there is room for improvement here. You get one star for upping the price, canceling unused balance and double billing on some calls.

Daryl Jones 1/19/2010
Telus Pay & Talk rates are going up to 30 cents/minute sometime this March 2010. Unless you add one of their 30-day features, which gives you a new rate of 20 cents/minute. Yet,their 30 day features start @ $5.00/month and go up from there.
I'm a very casual user of my pay/talk Telus phone, so the $10.00/month top up @ my retained 25 cents/minute was sufficient. I think I'll just accept the new 30 cents per minute, rather than have 5 bucks knocked off the top, with some monthly feature I'll never use.
I should mention that I have neglected to top-up my monthly balance on one occasion, the balance zeroed out. I had a fair amount of $/time remaining so I called up Telus and they reinstated my balance for me. Also they have these Pay-Per-Day features you can add either via your phone or internet. At $1.00/day for unlimited evenings/weekends, that's not too shabby. When I know I'm going to be blathering on for awhile, I'll activate this feature and deactivate it the next day.Once I found out about Telus rates going up, I looked at Rogers,Bell,Fido,Virgin Mobile. Rogers has higher rates both for local/long-distance. Their monthly top-ups also start higher. Bell is just tricky dicky. They have this new $10.00/month @ 10 cents/minute plan. Sounds great? Not really. You have to top-up with a minimum of $15/month to acquire that 10 cents/minute. $10 is taken off the top-up, leaving you with 15-10 = 5 bucks left to get that 10 cent/minute rate. That's absurd and very deceiving as it originally looked like a sexy deal. Bell's long-distance rates are also higher.
Virgin Mobile wasn't promising either, same deal going on as Bell, not to mention pissy reviews from customers. Fido isn't up on my list either as the rates just don't compare.
So far it seems, Telus is the only one where I can top-up with the lowest amount of $10/month. I'm not familiar with 7-11 phones etc, but concerned about coverage.
If someone could point me in the right direction for the lowest rates, minimal top-up required, I'd appreciate it. I'm obviously overlooking some less well known carriers.

Wench Diva 1/13/2010
Meh, they are all the same! rogers sucks, telus sucks, bell sucks, fido sucks, koodo sucks....suck suck suck on this!! I have a rogers acccount for the past 20 years, since the good ol brick phone days lol now it seems Telus has better coverage? i had to get a pay n talk to be able to call home when I work out of town and of course NO ROGERS SERVICE! but this damn phone has sucked back 900 since Oct...its a bloody shame how they can break people piggy banks just because we need to make a call....ALL YOU cellular phone companies can suck it!! DISLIKE!!

Danni 1/13/2010
Telus keeps charging me for online pages @ .10 a shot - when there has been no online activity - weird - customer service was non existent and left me more frustrated at the end of the call than is good for my blood pressure. The rep I was speaking to contradicted himself and basically called me an idiot for not agreeing that this was my fault. Where can I report this to? I know the rules and have read the fine print - but where does it say that money can disappear into thin air for no reason?

Ryan 1/4/2010
Could be way better if they would stop taking my money! I just be $50 on today an got unlimited 45 an it was working good until an hour ago they stole my 5 dollars I had left on it! I think they need to get there shit together!! And stop stealing peoples money and saying they went on face book when some people don't even have a facebook account! It's completely retarded I always end up having to waste $15 dollars the next day cause they steal my $5 dollars it's bullshit! get your f**king shit together people!!

George P 1/4/2010
Worst Phone company. Finished my 3 year contract and will never return with them again!

John Jackson 1/4/2010
Do not consider this phone company. They will tell you this and that and once you sign their contract all the hidden costs come out. I have so many friends who have advised me not to consider this plan.

Don 12/29/2009
The reality of the telecommunications game is that it is entirely stacked in favour of the corporation. The worst offender by far is Telus Communications.To describe Telus as hostile, parasitic, predatory, fraudulent, coersive and borderline criminal would be not only putting it mildly but a gross understatement.The system of payments as detailed through Telebanking and through payment at the financial institution you deal with is where the fraud begins, and when one examines the actions of Telus that is what they are doing, fraudulently billing amounts of money not owed and charging interest not only not owed but charging interest on monies not owed. Once your payment is made through telebanking or in person at the bank there is less than 48 hours elapsed before Telus receives its funds through the bank it deals with, the Royal Bank. At this point, once Telus has the funds the Royal bank sometimes takes 3 to 10 days additionally to apply the funds to your account. Any questions raised aboout the whereabouts of your money and Telus simply points its finger at your bank as the party responsible for the delay. Then,as a result you the customer is not given the benefit of interest paid and owed on your money in addition you are then charged interest and fees on your outstanding balance. The reality is that few people know about this manipulation and Telus has been running this policy for years. It has made Telus millions and millions of dollars, defrauded from its customers.More dangerously and to the detriment of its customers safety and financial security Telus has sold all your personal information to call centers in the Phillipines. Every time you call directory assistance or customer service with Telus you are directed, 97 percent of the times called, to a foreign call center where non- Canadians have access to all of your personal information including all your banking information and your address. In recent months and years since this outsourcing has taken place hundreds of Telus customers have had their bank accounts and credit cards looted by employees of these foreign call centers. This is done with virtual impunity as none of the Canadian laws regarding theft, fraud and the theft of personal information applies to foreign Telus workers. The senior corporate echelons of Telus are well aware of the criminal acts commited against its customers as a result of its outsourcing and negligence but have taken a "hush-hush" "don't ask don't tell" policy. The numbers reflect that thousands of Telus customers have been defrauded with no recourse against Telus.In short the service at Telus has gotten worse and worse. The Telus corporation has now embarked on one of the most grievious acts of censureship possible. When a website appears that is highly critical of the fraudulaent and negligent actions of Telus, the internet ip address of that website is placed on a "no show" list. This means that when you try to access it or do a Google search using Telus as your ISP the website will not be listed. This is Big Brother in action and is commonmplace at Telus daily.In short, your best interests are not served by Telus. They rountinely place your safety in danger by selling your personal information. Telus has covered up and continues to cover up the thousands of customers harmed by its negligence.Do not do business with Telus. It is something you will regret

William 12/25/2009
Considering activation fee, 911 fee, 40cents a minute if on $10 card, cannot use in USA, at least $10 top up a month,.... Telus prepaid is not cheap! Also "the people posting can't simply read the fine print that comes with Telus! " "Smart people read the fine prints" are just various ways to fool all!

ty 12/23/2009
this service does not exsist in Manitoba any longer

george 12/22/2009
Customer service is great. The only problem is that P&G is not available in US.

kathy 12/20/2009

JD 12/14/2009
im on the prepaid $50 plan.they said i had unlimited texting so i could text anytime of the day. it was my first day using the phone texing,, i had $49 on it when i started and i sent out 9 messages. now i have $40 left. geez. thanks alot telus!

CellyMan 12/13/2009
There's nothing wrong with Telus and the people posting are just noobs who can't simply read the fine print that comes with Telus! No duh, you lose your 25c/min rate if your balance is zero!Their rates are fine and the phones are gorgeous. Thanks Telus.

r0z3 11/30/2009
I have had my telus pay and talk for over two years. I have had some troubles with it but When I called customer service It was dealt with.I do not pay .25 a min. I only pay .20 a min. My phone has not reach zero in over two years.

lenny 10/29/2009
ya i get like that also . it does s--k . i left 10$ on there and go to check it. says i only have 51 cents on left on there.

PS 10/27/2009
Charging for incoming text is steeling. Outgoing texting is often not working special to phone of other provider.

K Hoover 10/24/2009
I agreed to an automatic top up service months ago and I was told that it would automatically top up whenever it was low. I carry the phone for emergencies. Today, I received a call saying that there was too little money in the account to receive the message. When I went on line to top it up, apparently I now have to pay $.40 per minute rather than the $.25 I have been paying for over three years. Once again, I wonder why in the world I am dealing with Telus when there are so many better deals elsewhere. What is going on? I wamt a response to this and I want the $.25 per minute reinstated.

Naidu 10/21/2009
Wondering who is this person from telus wrote this "bitching here." I would say users know more than what that employee knows. Telus is far better than rogers and some of the other companies as a matter of fact but again Mr/Mrs. Telus employee, you just put a bad name for telus. Hey readers read this thread on 2009/07/28 by Telus. Oh yeah dont forget your coffee to have before you start reading. Ha! Ha! Haa1

blair 10/16/2009
Telus stinks!!! I recommend speakout.7/elevan has a plan were you can buy your minutes and their good for one year at 25 cents.Hassle free.

julie 10/16/2009
okay i m pissed off. i have been a customer of telus for a while and they r f*****g dumb as a ton of bricks. in fact, the telecommunications industry for cell phones in canada is a ridiculous f*****g joke. rep from 'telus'. yes i am f*****g talking to u....coming under the guise of posting advice. i say baaaaa to you. First of so what you f*****g buy phones from manufacturers to make it easier for customers to have access to them. u f*****g dimwit, TELUS uses f*****g cdma technology making it harder for us telus customers to purchase phones online or abroad. s**t i can get better technical service and phone service from a so called developing country than this mess. I love canada but my gawd this country has the worst in cell phone service damn

tony 10/16/2009
@telus rep. you say call customer service instead of bitching.hahahahaha. have u heard what has been said on here dude

George 10/4/2009
I let my account reach zero and when i topped up with a 10 dollar card, the rate per minute is now 40 cents. I was wondering if i top up with a 50 dollar card to get 25 cents a minute, and top up with 10 or 25 dollar cards will the rate stay at 25 cents a minute? If anyone could answer my question it would be greatly apprectiated. Thanks

Eric 9/30/2009
I just got my cell phone a few days ago and all i can do is call people.I got the 20$ activation credit thing and got 25 prepaid thing (my phone is a pay as you go) i got like alot of minutes left but they are charging me for random stuff my phone is a LG 5500 and when i text some one i asked them if they got it and they said no, so i`m like what? and i got him to text me when he was standing right beside me and i still didn`t get his text message can some one tell me what is going on?!?!?!? Thanks.

Ben 9/10/2009
Numerous times they have taken the balance before the 30 days expires. I have brought this to their attention but they continue to do it. It has just happened again. If anyone else has had the same problem, it would be nice if we could get together with a class action and have them get a computor that can count to 30.

Edwin 9/4/2009
Not bad @ John to get back your 25c rate get a 50 $ Refill

John 8/26/2009
The rates are criminal. I neglected to recharge by one day. I lost about $20 and the rate went from .25/minute to .40/minute. I was led to understand that if I reloaded with at least $25, the rate would drop. I added $100 to get a year's use and the rate is still .40 per minute. I am not impressed. Another annoyance is the fact that I cannot use my cell when I travel south of the border. That was a surprise and is annoying and unnecessary. Telus had a monopoly too long and is still under the impression that it can get away with all sorts of nonsense.

nancy 8/22/2009
new to using cell phones and i have had nothing but disappointment , having telus land line issues and used the pay as you go phone, and lo and behold it used up my $50 card with me being stuck on hold for so long, i was told that when i call telus from a cell phone it does not use my minutes, how can i contact them about this if i dont have minutes left.
i am finding the rates are not competitive, and with all the problems i have had with all telus services as of late, i do not accept the message that they are switching over services, if that is the case then long term users should be getting credits and rebates for retaining the poor service.i am curious if anyone ever recieves a respons from telus with regard to the issues, because i keep getting the run around and the website does not take you to anywhere useful

Bryan 8/19/2009
I need to know, how I can change my voice mail, from 3 messages to more. it seems everytime I look, my voice mail is full, and wishing to get more than 3 voice mail.

JD 8/16/2009
i have a telus mobility cell phone and today i just all of a sudden could not send or receive a text. i have mins and money on my phone and also i have the unlimited messaging package as well it says my messages are being sent but the people are not receiving them why is this?

Sarah 8/15/2009
i have pay and talk with telus also and i dont like it either.they steal your i had the unlimited instant messaging feature..and every time id use would randomly take off money.and when i call client care..they tell me ive been going to sites such as facebook and music sites..which is a total lie since i never ever use the wireless browser. oh and they have bad reception also. i only chose telus cuz they had the lg dare, the phone i wanted. i shouldve just stayed with rogers, theyre way better, they dont steal your money and the reception is great.

dehonena 8/13/2009
the only problem i have with Telus is the person/operator that cannot speak english very well.that makes things more fustrating as it already is

harry brooks 8/6/2009
i like telus and would like to keep them as my provider,but some of the cheaper phones are not very good.but not so with virgin mobile,and also nothing but a headache with telus /e care

KB 8/3/2009
i think telus is great! i get good reseption at my house and everything,,
the only problem is,
i was wondering since i got a phone that is pay as you go,
if i could change it to a diffrent plan..

Telus 7/28/2009
I am a Telus Mobility Employee and wanted to mention that Telus is the same as any other wireless carrier in Canada (if you think Telus is bad, try Bell, I'd say they are the lesser of two evils, I've worked for both companies). If you have issues with your phone, CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE INSTEAD OF JUST B***ING ABOUT IT!!! Text Messaging issues unfortunately can crop up (on P&T accounts, once the balance reaches $0.00, the system automatically prevents texting; this MUST BE RESET BY CUSTOMER SERVICE - it cannot be done by the client), all it requires is reprovisioning and a switch refresh; simple solution BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL TO HAVE IT FIXED; WE ARE NOT MIND READERS. In addition, if you feel that the CSR is not knowledgeable enough, you always have the option of requesting a different rep OR calling Data Network Assistance team. Telus P&T cards can take up to 24 hours to be correctly applied onto the account. If you are finding that it is not displayed properly on the account after 24 hours, again, call customer service!!!The Telus website began upgrades in June, which is why clients were unable to access the site.For Pay & Talk accounts, web/text billing is displayed several days after the transaction. If you review your usage on your MyTelusMobility website, you will notice that there are DATES associated with the charges (including time used). Telus has also NEVER guaranteed Website blocking - (service is built into all cellular phones), any changes on the account (feature add/delete), switch refreshes, etc. will all bring back the feature. Lastly, please remember that wireless carriers are exactly that; just a service provider. We have NOTHING to do with the handsets themselves (manufacturing; replacing; warranty; etc.). All carriers heavily subsidize all handset costs (which is why we request a contract so we can recoup the cost of the handset we paid to the manufacturer). Handset RETAIL prices from the manufacturers are generally at least $150 more than the advertised MONTH TO MONTH (no contract) price. We (wireless carriers) all purchase the handset from the manufacturer to make it easier for the clients to obtain hardware and service in one location (TV Service for example => Shaw/Rogers etc., do not provide you with the TV, just the service. If you have hardware issues (regardless of who your carrier is), contact the actual maker (LG, Motorola, Samsung etc.) of the handset.Just thought these things should be mentioned; I'm not pro-Telus or anything of the like (I have two handsets, a data device through Telus and a regular PCS unti through Bell and I am satisfied with the service on both), just wanted to let people know our side (I'm a frontline rep; I'm one of the people you call and yell at - and I assure you, not all of us are idiots, some of us actually know what we are doing)...too bad there are more peole in Manila answering your calls than in Canada, which may be contributing to the problem). Cheers

annoyed 7/20/2009
Telus prepaid is HORRIBLE
I have had so many problems it doesnt even deserve 1 star
they charge me for things I have already paid for etc.

Ed 6/29/2009
Finally, done my contract with Telus. Never going back to them, they didn't even acknowledge I did not want to renew my contract until I had to phone them a 2nd time in a more firm tone of voice. Bye Telus. Hello VM!

Lois 6/23/2009
For cell phone useage in the USA buy one down there - way cheaper and good coverage. Walmart and dollar stores sell the phones and the cards too easy.
Telus for Canada - Tracphone for the US

Palindrome 6/21/2009
Not at all satisfied with Telus service. Website far too complicated and constantly "upgrading" meaning "unavailable option", even for paying. Service doesn't cover US, big con for most users. Rates are not that competitive, shop around for better bundles.

angryRT 6/6/2009
I just bought a pay and go samsung phone in sudbury 3 days ago, and you know what the text messaging is not working at all, I can`t receive and send text, there is no error but it just doesn`t work! I paid ~100$ for it and now I realize that the texting is not working. I sent text to many people including myself but they were never came! Not good at all!!!!!!! fix you texting Telus if not you loose many people.

steele 6/2/2009
i put 20$ on my phone and i check it a few seconds later to add unlimited texting and it said i had 6 cents. telus is a rip off.

leonard 6/1/2009
Secial Note: watch your pay and talk account as I have hundereds of dollars in refund due to computor erior

eartha 5/30/2009
ok, i likke the plan and everything, but i have a problem because, i always lose the cards, but i have the password. CAn somEONE help me? i have the passwor or key code but don't have the number to call to top up th account!

Chelsey 5/29/2009
Hi everyone,
I lost my number for my cell in Dec on the 22 '08 and my mums makin me save up for a new number and i need to know how much it is toget a new number with 25 minutes air time. because my mum wants me to get a new phone but i dont want to get rid of my ringtones. so she told me to save up and then shess let me get a new number. how much does it cost?

Jdanielle 5/27/2009
I just got my phone yesterday and I put Unlimited texting and free weekend calling, my texting doesnt work at all and im losing money.

Sam 5/20/2009
They suck.
Take my money $0.10 at a time.
For something I don't do, calling it "adjustments".
According to Telus, I use my Wireless web browser every ten minutes, for one second durations.It's blocked on their end, also.
So it's clearly their way of stealing people's money.

DAVE 5/14/2009
Sure would be nice to talk to someone about changing our acct.# with Mobility

Angel 4/23/2009
I HATE TELUS!! Been on Pay as You Go for a long time ONLY because they have the option to buy features for unlimited talk and text unlike the companies. I have NOTHING BUT TROUBLE with texting (and I text A LOT) half the time it doesn't work for days, I can't receive texts and I get frustrated calling a CSR who is NO HELP!!! I've called twice today the first time it worked for all of 10 minutes, the second about an hour. IT ISN'T WORKING AGAIN!!!

brayden harnish 4/16/2009
i just put 50$ on my pay and talk phone and now my account says 0$ and i just put it on last nite and i didn't call anyone.

Al 4/4/2009
We can never sign onto our account on the Telus web site. It always says it is "under construction", which has been for over six months now.

Paul 3/30/2009
Telus robs people. Regarless of whether it's on contract, or pay and go. No loyalty rewards at all. 7 years with them, and now we're with Rogers.

Linda 3/29/2009
My son has a Talk and Pay Telus phone and we just discovered he couldnt' send or receive text messages. After talking to two different CSR's, I was told Telus can't send text messages to Fido, Rogers or Bell and the rep had NO idea when that would change. Now I have to call and see if I can get a refund for the text message charges he incurred for messages that were never sent!

Betty Hubbard 3/23/2009
I don't like the service because I am a senior. I bought the phone for emercencies when I am out. I bought a 25.00 card the end of February. Five days later it was used up by text messaging that I had nothing to do with. I phoned the company once and they told me to go to one of the stores they would show me how to block them. Forget it, they didn't know how. To me this is a scam. I bought this phone in good faith. It is not money I can easily spend.

Kenneth 3/23/2009
Hi,I just wanted to relate a positive experience I just had with Telus Mobility. I had a substantial amount of minutes which expired because I forgot to top up last month. From what I could Google online it appeared the chances of getting the minutes back were slim, but I tried a polite email anyway. To my pleasant surprise the entire balance was re-credited as a "one time goodwill gesture". I agree with Debbie (above) that expiring minutes is a rip-off but if this happens to you at least there is a chance you can get the minutes back. Good luck all.

George 3/19/2009
When I bought my phone I was told that when you let your minutes expire all you have to do is top it up with a 25 dollar card and the rate would go down to 25 again (from 33) after I purchased the 25 dollar card the person at the counter told me that the rules had changed and I would still be charged 33...and they didn't even text me...funny they have no problem texting and using up my minutes when they try to sell me something..I'm going back to Bell...

Billy (Fredericton) 3/16/2009
Please think twice about going with Telus, they will keep any extra money that you pump into their Pay & Talk plan. Even if you have been with them for 3 years and have over $120.00 in your account, they will not give you your credit. I got this information when I was ready to move to Scotland and lost $127.00 that I had as credit.
Also on top of this they charged me a cancellation charge ($20) for canceling my account. Please check out the other places first, don't lose your money.

m16 3/16/2009
i bought 2 10 dollar cards on friday for my telus phone and i added my feathuers and it was working perfectly nice during the weekend as soon as it hit monday i try to make a call and it says you have nomore money like telus is a total rip off

Lana 3/10/2009
I got a telus prepaid in Dec 2008 with $50. prepaid and was told that was good for limit of 6 months as long as I added before 6 mo expired - I have phone only for emergency - no in cslld cuz no one has my number - used maybe at most 5 minutes - tried to make a call today and get a message that I have no $$$$ left - so 5 minutes cost $50.00 - WOW

mgr 3/7/2009

presario 3/5/2009
The problem with Telus is they treat their employees like crap, and the customer is never right unless the customer is going to write to the CRTC about Telus' business practices. The easiest way to get the best deal out of Telus is to drive a hard bargain, or write a letter to the CRTC.

Patricia Smith 2/23/2009
I was speaking to a telus rep. on wed. of last week re a different phone, her name was Alicia. She did say I could get a new phone. On Friday 21st.I rec.a text message stating my experience did not meet their high standards, and I resent the wording, and I would appreciate a letter or phone call for this.

haylee 2/23/2009
cant use a phone card its not working its"unvalide".
i cant even get a pp plan

ms.burahell 2/23/2009
i cant do anything with and i have 50 bucks on it it always says not avable
it not fit that when u pay for somthing that you can use it aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it makes a person mad!!!

jean 2/19/2009
i am a senior and i forgot to put a ten dollars on my phone i talked to someone at telus and told the operator that you were to remind me she told me that you don't do that if thats the truth you should let a person know i lost over 75 dollars we never use our phone its in case we have a medical
problem i was only about 8 hours late
its sad that such a big company would
need money from seniors i was asked if i wanted a warnin call because it happened before but your operater didn't believe me and was very rude

Bill 2/18/2009
My wife lost nearly a $200 balance because she lost here credit card, and we did not think about updating her pay and go phone with the new credit card information. Still after reviewing all the other phone plans and going several months without a cell phone, she decided to top-up again with Telus. Obviously, she does not use here phone much, since she tops-up just $10 a month and had such a high balance.

sher 2/12/2009
I have been with Telus for 4 years and I finally got a new phone from them, in 6 months the phone died .. it was an LG. They said it had liquid damage and the only uption I had was to get a refurbished phone until I was able to upgrade in another 6 months. I asked to suspend my phone until I can get an upgrade. After 3 months they cancelled my phone and sent me a bill to pay cancellation fees and the price of the phone. They gave no notice to ask why I am not using the service. If they tried to call the number they would know it was dead and if they checked their records they would see I had no phone , since it had liquid damage.
After being with telus that long I would expect better service from them. Telus definitely do not care about their customers. I encourage people DO NOT USE TELUS !!!...they are definitley the worst phone company in Canada.

mac 2/9/2009
wow this sucks

Kateee 1/10/2009
Ok, sseriously!!!!!!.......i get the packege that has unlimited texting, and even before the month is up it runs out!, it makes me so mad, sometimes i believe that telus is stealing my money, cuz ill go to bed one night with like 4.00$ on my account, then wake up with nothing!....i need my phone and yes it does work wonders but loosing money is horrible, i got my phone in august and since then ive lost at least 10$ and its relle strting to bug me ! :@

Katee 1/10/2009
if i loose money one more time, im switching to rogers, TELUS FIX YOUR DAMN BUGS!!!!!!!!!!

angryteen. 12/30/2008
i went into the shop and was going to get unlimited texting, free after 6pm & unlimited weekends... i didn't have enough, so they said i could get unlimited texting for $15 i thought great. so i had $20 to start the phone off with... and took $15 away from it for the unlimited texting. Then when i called some of my family memembers i ran out of minutes within the 5 days. And 2 days later I ran out of texting.. when it said i'd get unlimited texting for 30 days..
Telus is a scam and a rip-off. I'm going to go in today, and if they don't fix it, or I buy free after 6pm and unlimited weekends and it messes up again... I'm switching to Rogers..Fix up on your scams >:-|

angryteen. 12/30/2008
Ran out of minutes within the 5 minutes*

bj 12/5/2008
having nothing but trouble to have a issue resolved...i keep getting text messaging from a unknown source and it uses up all my minutes this becomes a problem when i travel the highways everyday..NO MINUTES!!thereis nothing on your site to resolve the problem and block these text messages from using up my minutes

debbie 11/22/2008
It is a rip off to expire our minutes when they are not used. It is stealing your money.

Al 11/17/2008
With Telus' pay and talk plan, if you let your minutes expire (which happens after only 30 days) you are double-penalized. First they take away your minutes, for which you have paid good money, then you have to buy at least $50 worth of airtime in order to get the 25-cent per-minute rate. Otherwise you'll pay a whopping 40 cents per minute. They also charge 30 cents per minute for long distance on top of the local rate. So, if you're local rate is 40 cents, long distance calls can come in at 70 cents per minute! They also charge 30 cents per minute on top of the local rate when you're roaming. They also charge your account for unexplained "adjustments" every now and then, just because they can get away with it. I would give Telus zero stars if I could, but that wasn't an option here.

Ben 11/13/2008
For me it seems that some days I will not be able to receive texts at all , even with messaging ultimated. It's happened before one day and then hours later I got about 6 from the previous hours. Currently I've asked friends across me to text me and nothing has popped up. Still waiting for all those texts..

lina 10/27/2008
i looked at rogers and they seem to have a bettter rate and system i think i am going with rogers
telus is way to expensive in all senses homephone telus tv no wonder people are all switching to shaw i know 5 of my friends that just switched in the last couple of months

spencer 10/15/2008
they dodn't tell you were you can get time on them, Rogers is much better for that. But tules overall is better.

jadenspaushmorin 10/2/2008
ilike the telus because its good to keep up the communication in our lives everyday /;:it does so many different things for us as human beings to survive on the earth 2 day.&even actually saving lives for people thankx-alot telus do-not change your superheroic ways of business.!!!p.s.jadenspaush&mom-ms j-love morin.!!!

Caron Branch 9/13/2008
What happened to "unlimited texting" for $10.00? It is the only affordable way for the kids to keep in touch. A shame that you won't continue that service for the pay and talk customers. If I'm misunderstanding this please correct me! It isn't worth the cost to go with your pay and talk as it is now. I'll look elsewhere.

John 9/10/2008
Why does it say that they offer some of the lowest per minute prices in Canada, when anybody who has read this website knows that they have one of the most expensive prices per minute on the market??!!

Rob 8/25/2008
Good plans and packages but poor customer service for the most part. Keep an eye on what your charged for, I was charged for usage that could not have possibly happened. You will definately have a fight on your hands with Telus to get any of your money back. (The customer is not ever correct in the eyes of Telus). Ive also had lots of texts that never got to their destination or were received several hours after they were sent.(even to other Telus subscribers) I am currently looking for a new provider. I do like being able to see what Im paying for rather than just being able to get my balance like with Virgin.

nancy 8/7/2008
Totally impossible to update credit care information, toll free # does not
accept the request, web sit far too complicated
unable to use phone in U.S.

Maurice 7/28/2008
I like the prepaid Telus and service
But to bad they do not offer us to use it from the USA,this would be helpfull
if I need to call a garage from the road if I am in need.

STARLIGHT 7/18/2008
I enjoy it that telus offers these prepaid phones & rates, I'm a mom 4 children, 3 teens and I have purchased prepaid cell phones for them, I think it teaches the child some responsibility and they don't need to feel left out. being a single parent with teens isn't easy.

karyne 7/17/2008
new number actvation 6135526181 thanks not working please get to work thanks

cici 5/19/2008
texts sometimes take a really long time to reach the person im tring to text and it gets annoying that when you ask someone did you understand my text and they hve no idea what you are talking about.

terry 5/10/2008
The only problem is you can not use the phone in the USA this is a problem for alot of people. Rogers and Fido does but you pay 2.00 which is worth it if you need it.

crystal 5/9/2008
can someone show me and example whats the number for the phone card number on the back on the airtime card

segun adekale 3/5/2008
I have just subscribed to tell us prepaid.Its very wonderful. I recommend it.The service is great too.Ant its the only plan that puts alot of money in subscribers pocket.
The whole of my family will acquire tellus subscription very soon.

Guest 2/27/2008
i find it difficult ex:they want your city but mine is not on the pull down what do i do?

Dan 2/6/2008
I have to say the plan is very good but only phone prepaid phones is not really good enough,i just wish the network will increase it.

Lou-Ann 1/17/2008
Up until I was 26 years old, I have never owned a cell phone in my life. I always heard horror stories about them. Every time I would see someone on there moble phone they would loose the call, or have unnessisary interferances. Whether it be static or cutting in or out it appeared no one ever had any luck with them. They would then give up with the moble phone and use my home phone. I had my telus moble phone given to me for my birthday one year, and had no choice but to try it out. I have to say it as worth it. I now do not own a home phone, and comletely rely on my moble phone. None of the horror stories that happened around me ever happened to me with tellus mobility. I would like to say a big thank you to telus for making my sosial life a little better.

TelusMore 12/6/2007
I would have to rate Telus at 3 stars. I would give them a 3.5 if it was an option.I get good coverage in my area so few dropped calls, but I do have problems with texting. Sometimes my text messages are not delivered to my friends and sometimes theirs do not get to me. It sucks having to call someone to see if they have received my text message.Their customer service people are nice enough, but are not very knowledgeable about hard to answer questions.It sounds like I have a lot of complaints, but I really do like their service better than Fido who I was with before.