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Average Rating by Users:

2 stars of 5 based on 230 reviews

Tracy 5/25/2013
I found the longdistance rates for prepaid phones are the worst. I was also shown and told one price and then when activating the price had gone up $10. That meant I didn't have enough money in my account to cover the plans I originally wanted to access and also is what made my decision final on choosing the LG Phone with Virgin Mobility. I feel that this was done on purpose to gain monies without actually providing the service in which was promised. I am so annoyed now that I am unable to utilize the function that prompted me to buy this particular phone

don 11/17/2012
Had hem for 5 years,$10 a month plan for old employer. New employer, didn't need as much, changed over to strictly pay as use. Toppd up for $50 never used it, at about 2 months needed to use and all the $50 gone with out one call. This with the new no time limit on cards by the Feds. Lousy service to now get info, switching companies

GarryP 11/14/2012
This company is absolutely horrible! I signed on in 06' when Branson still owned the company. Products and services were awesome and they were quick to resolve ANY billing issues but since he sold the company it has gone to hell in a hand cart and fast! They regularly double bill but the kick in the wallet is the fact they DO NOT honor long distance calling cards even though you are calling a local number to access a different company's service.
They drained my balance and smugly replied to my call with a snotty attitude with "we don't honor calling cards." everybody else does though. What makes Virgin so special? Their crappy services has led me to switch to WIND MOBILE who offer great rates, exceptional service, and an ever growing coverage area in Canada.
F#@% Virgin mobile and F%$# all the Philippino's who don't have a clue how to speak English at their call centre!

Anner 10/22/2012

keith? 9/19/2012
From reading the preceding reviews, it looks like Virgin has gone downhill since being bought out by Bell.
There is a lack of nice basic prepaid phones available from Virgin. Too bad, I already renewed for another year.

andy 8/31/2012
What a bunch of useless incompetent idiots. Had both post paid and prepaid accounts. Prepaid account had approx $70 and expiry day went over by one day because my call to the lame C/S dept advised me that my top up date does not change and just top up before the next set date. What they failed to say was if you top up early, then that date becomes your new "expiry date next month.I e-mailed four times, getting generic automated responses. My explanation was totally ignored. I called about at least a dozen times getting transferred back and forth to prepaid and postpaid, with no one helping and each saying it is not their department. I finally got a complaint case # only to find out this was a fake as there is no such thing for complaints in prepaid, then got re-directed again to e-mail. All in all I was back to square one and no one wanted to take responsibility, I could not even get someone to adequately address my concern. I suspect this is how they get people frustrated and steal their money, just give them the run around. I even contacted the "head office" which again redirected me to e-mailing.I cancelled both accounts and will be filing a complaint with CRTC and ask CTV news to investigate. Absolute worst company to deal with and hope they go out of business, I cannot understand how so much incompetent people could all work in the same place

avie 5/20/2012
virgin mobile canada is the worst service provider i had known with their poor customer service

David 4/15/2012
DON'T USE AUTO TOP UP on Virgin Mobile Prepaid:
I purchased from Virgin Mobile the $20 talk and unlimited text plan with auto topup (charge credit cared automatically to keep in the prepaid plan). Virgin mobile ca booted me from the $20 talk and unlimited text plan to the $0.25 per text plan unknowingly. I was alerted after I noticed a $400 charge on my Mastercard. Their explanation: on the monthly due date the funds were less then $20 (was $19.60) so the $20 per month plan was cancelled however they felt free to charge my credit card their default plan (ie $0.25 per text). How is that fair?. I set up autotop up so I would stay in the $20 plan (as their front line staff recommended) but this gave them the "right" to charge my card indiscriminately.I don't know if other mobile phone companies do the same thing. If so, shame on them.Virgin mobile - you should be ashamed of your business practice. Ashamed. Richard, you disappoint me. What happened to doing ethical business?

Robert 3/17/2012
I paid off my balance and in 3 weeks i was passed due ?Ok they where nice about it and gave me 50.00 off my bill , so I paid off the balance and just over 1 month by about 3 days I now owe them well over double the normal bill ? and they cut me off for not making a payment ? Im insulted the balance is just over a 100.00 now ? It seems things have changed at Virgin lately and They seem to be incosistant with there billing I do not trust them any more , something is wrong !

deanne cassidy 3/4/2012
was not happy about pay as you service had 40$ on account which was good untale march 4 at 3pm toped up 15 to add only to find out you eraised that balance at 2pm .to me should had till 12pm that same day.I am dispointed about the way this done leave me to move cell company.

anna LEE 2/21/2012
I just purchased a new Virgin phone at Pacific mall store. I thought the all store own by bell but I learn that is a dealer store. I file complaint to the head office about they charge extra $20 for unknow item. I just want the phone for my prepaid. The head office can not track what is this item is for because it on the my track record. Everything free of charge to switch a phone that was they said.
The phone is $99.99 +tax but I paid the phone cost plus $20 total comes to $135 for me phone. It cost me a headche talk to head company they can not help me and the bill of sell said no refund or no exchange watch out smf think twice when you go to this chinese own dealer at Pacific Mall it is all fraud.

Rambo 1/28/2012
Virgin is horrible. Stay away. I called to cancel then they tried to get me to stay with their "special offers". Haha lying thieves, looks like I wont though huh? That'll teach you to mess around with me.

monique Sylvain 12/21/2011
21 decembre 2011 ,je pensais que virgine mobile etais une compagnie a qui le service a la clientelle etais importent mais constate qu il n en n est rien .suite a un apel au service a la clentelle le 15 decembre j e m attendais a recevoir au moin une reponce de votre part ,1 semaine plus tard toujours rien je m attend a un remboursement de votre part et ce dans les plus bref delais ,le montent de 157.24 que j ai paye et que vous avez suprime .en esperent au moin une reponse de votre part voici mon couriel [email protected] et mon cellulaire 514 -217-4222

Monique Sylvain 12/15/2011
15 decembre 2011,ce matin en effectuent un refil j ai constate que mon credit de 157.24 etais perdu ,comme la date d expiration est le 15 decembre,tel qu indique sur mon cellullaire se que j ai toujours fait jusqu a se jour , j apprecirais un rembourssement de votre part.Un appel effectue se matin a votre service a la clientelle,le prepose que un message de ma part sur votre site me redonnerais mon credit de 157.24 J attend de vos nouvelle sous peu par e.mail,cell 514-217-4222 pour le rembourssement.Dans l attente d une reponse favorable

vivian 11/10/2011
not happy as they stole $80. from my phone plan befor the due date.

hamilton 10/13/2011
Use 7-Eleven Speakout if you are not a huge cell phone user. Good rates, long expiry dates, you can now purchase and add airtime on line.

joey 10/3/2011
They absolutely suck. Bin overcharging me for years, and now that I actually caught them charging me 35 cents for long distance when my plan with add-on clearly states it's 10 cents a minute, they are dragging their heels about changing the rate, say it will take 5 business days and everything will be arranged. Meanwhile, I carry on my business and spend a fortune on cell phone calls I need to make. In response, I have ordered a pay as you go land line with unlimited Canadian long distance for 70 bucks a month, and will probably switch my cell over to Fido. 70 bucks a month sounds like a lot but it will be far, far cheaper than virgin mobile prepaid. Wouldn't recommend them to anybody.

Vachon Jacqueline 9/20/2011
A qui de droit,
Ce matin vers 8.30 hres j,ai voulu faire recharger mon téléphone portable 418-934-5639 au nom de Vachon Jacqueline.
La date d'expiration est aujourd'hui le
20 septembre. Je n'ai pas réussi à faire le refil, même après 4 essais, avec ma carte de refil.A cette heure là mon crédit endiquait 90$
À 8.54hers a.m. quelle ne fut ma surprise de voir que mon crédit était à 0$.
J'ai téléphoné à votre service 1-888-999-2321 pour leur demander des explications.
Ils m'ont gentiment fait le refil pour moi, mais m'ont référé à votre site
[email protected] pour la demande de me remettre la somme de 90$ que j'avais dans mon compte jusqu'au 20
Dans l'attente d'un réponse favorable de votre part.
JE demeure
Jacqueline Vachon
tel: 418 652-9899
cel. 418 934-5639Vachon Jacqueline

johanne duval 9/9/2011
Le 09/09/2011
Madame, Monsieur.
Je suis très en colère envers votre société (Virgin Mobile).
J'ai voulu recharger ce matin mon téléphone portable (819 239 1004) au nom de DUVAL Johanne.
Celui-ci devait être rechargé pour le 09 septembre, mais j'ai eu la mauvaise surprise de voir que mon crédit initial avait été vidé complètement ce même jour.
Il me rester quand même (29.90$).
J'ai téléphoné à votre service Virgin mobile au (1 888 999 2321) pour leur demandé des explications sur mon compte Virgin Mobile. Il mon gentiment envoyer vers vos services.
J'aimerais que l'on me restitue la somme initiale de 29.90$ en plus des 15$ que je viens de recréditer ce jour.
Je pense qu'il y est une mauvaise compréhension entre nous ou que les termes employer ne sont pas exacts.
Quand vous écrivez expire le 9 septembre pour moi le 9 septembre ses toute la journée.
Ce n'était pas écrit expirer AVANT le 9 septembre.
Vous comprenez la nuance.
Dans l'attente d'une réponse favorable de votre part, pour dissoudre ce malentendu.
Veuillez agrée Madame, Monsieur, l'assurance de mes salutations distinguées.
J'attire votre attention sur le fait de ne pas répondre favorablement à ma requête m'amènera à me désengager de vos services et aller à la concurrence.
De même que je m'engage à respecter maintenant le rechargement, d'au moins une journée avant la fin de la date expiration.
Je me tien à votre disposition pour plus de renseignement sur cette affaire.
Tel maison 819 835 0629 ou cel 819 239 1004 DUVAL Johanne.

johanne duval 9/9/2011

Madame, Monsieur.
Je suis très en colère envers votre société (Virgin Mobile).
J'ai voulu recharger ce matin mon téléphone portable (819 239 1004) au nom de DUVAL Johanne.
Celui-ci devait être rechargé pour le 09 septembre, mais j'ai eu la mauvaise surprise de voir que mon crédit initial avait été vidé complètement ce même jour.
Il me rester quand même (29.90$).
J'ai téléphoné à votre service Virgin mobile au (1 888 999 2321) pour leur demandé des explications sur mon compte Virgin Mobile. Il mon gentiment envoyer vers vos services.
J'aimerais que l'on me restitue la somme initiale de 29.90$ en plus des 15$ que je viens de recréditer ce jour.
Je pense qu'il y est une mauvaise compréhension entre nous ou que les termes employer ne sont pas exacts.
Quand vous écrivez expire le 9 septembre pour moi je 9 septembre ses toute la journée.
Ce n'était pas écrit expirer AVANT le 9 septembre.
Vous comprenez la nuance.
Dans l'attente d'une réponse favorable de votre part, pour dissoudre ce malentendu.
Veuillez agrée Madame, Monsieur, l'assurance de mes salutations distinguées.
J'attire votre attention sur le fait de ne pas répondre favorablement à ma requête m'amènera à me désengager de vos services et aller à la concurrence.
De même que je m'engage à respecter maintenant le rechargement, d'au moins une journée avant la fin de la date expiration.
Je me tien à votre disposition pour plus de renseignement sur cette affaire.
Tel maison 819 835 0629 ou cel 819 239 1004 DUVAL Johanne

sblu 9/7/2011
To all Virgin Mobile Prepaid customers, happily surviving with a $10 prepaid account: Virgin Mobile has discontinued this prepaid plan, without notice, in August 2011. It was replaced by a so called $10 Prepaid Plan that does NOT include any minutes. Meaning that I had to buy minutes, for a minimum of $15. So now for me and my husband the price has jumped from $20(for both) per month to $50 per month. We wouldn't have noticed the change if we would have had Auto Top-up set up. But we didn't, so after I got the monthly message about the $10 being taken from my account, I had the unpleasant surprise of not being able to talk, unless I bought another $15 top-up.
Petro Canada Mobility here I come!

jackie 8/23/2011
Being with Virgin Mobile is the worst nighmare ive ever had... went to france for vacation but before that i asked the CS about their roaming rate...clearly i know the stupid CSR said that its $25 / GB not per MB...i used my roaming for 2 days only to find out that i have $780 bill for 2 days roaming .... i tried to fight for it because i know that they gave me a wrong info, and i know that i can prove it only if they let me listen to taht "recorded" conversation i had...
i'll just finish this bill and im going back with my old carrier...

Elle 8/22/2011
I just learned about Petro-Canada Mobility with bonus gas points!!!!!!!!! Way better than Virgin and I'm going to switch now!!!

andy 8/2/2011
virgin mobile is less than rating i wrote bought as phone from them first glitch vibration wont stop i called the said only a glitch second time all froze battery out phone ok phone virgin and they said same thing and if it happen again to call they will help .well help they did not it happend again before 30 days of ownership ,well thats when virgin starts no caring time for dealing with manufacturer they just dont care even if it was reported means nothing to them policy is king customer is s/o/l .i talk to many reps and resolution department and again polcy is king me s/o/l .so virgin mobile sucks they wont go the extra mile for no reason each dollar means more to them then a customer getting a proper for me virgin gets a -10 rating

I have been with pay as you go VM for years..7 I think. Never had any problems until recently. I replaced my phone a few years ago and everything I had downloaded (and paid for) was flipped to the new phone as it "belonged" to me. The phone numbers and names I had to re-enter manually. I now need to replace this phone and they are telling me that only the phone numbers can be transferred. I have paid for the ringtones (24 of them) and think that if they could do it before why not now? I know..24 ringtones??? When I am driving I can tell by the ring who is calling..that and I need reading glasses so most of the time I do not have them on and can't really read the screen all that well. I called and sent several e-mails and am very disappointed by the lack of explanations. If it was attached to my "account"e how come not now? AND, why did I have to manually re-enter all the numbers before and suddenly they have the technology to flip them to a new phone? I am looking into another pay as you go provider but am not having much luck finding one with the good pricing as VM. I am happy with the plan I have and besides this my only other complaint would be with the phone I selected...sometimes doesn't ring!!! This is why I need a new phone!

C O'Sullivan 7/11/2011
After nearly four years of service Virgin just ripped me off nearly $30 by zeroing my balance with nearly an hour and half left b4 expiry - No amount of arguing with them has resulted in them dealing or properly acknowledging the problem. Their solution: To get the refund TOP UP WITH AN AMOUNT EQUAL OR GREATER TO THAT LOST. Reply? Lost customer.

Robert 7/5/2011
I hope that the people trying to solve my cell phone problem are not involved with your space program.
2 weeks 6 hours and the new phone still don't work.

Kev 6/24/2011
I like how the Editor rating at the top of this page is 5 stars yet the User Rating is 1 1/2 stars, 'almost the lowest possible score'. I also like all the Virgin shill's who are posting 5 stars to try & bring their horrible rating up. I have been a Virgin customer since they started and I would not recommend them to my worst enemy, I stay with them only because I rarely use the phone.

Steve 6/21/2011
I had reported on June 16th that the phone I have is not working properly (touch screen does not work mot of the time, software does not respond the way it should), and was advised a loaner phone was being sent out in 1 to 2 business days and that it should be delivered to my address by the 17th or 20th of June. Today on June 21st I call to find out that the phone was requested as I was previously told, but no one in my previous calls when I question what is the process if the repaired phone has the same problems, that the phone is on back order. I was offered to go into a Virgin Mobile store (which the closest store is over an hour driving away) to get a cheap temp phone and they would credit me back that cost. I do not have a car nor do I feel I should have to drive an hour out of town to a corporate store to get a temp phone to hold me over. On the numerous calls I made to today I had requested multiple times per call to speak with a manager, and was refused, one agent even told me that there was no point because they can't help me and that I would have to speak with a different department, however they could not transfer me. When I mentioned that I wanted to cancel my service over the matter I was refused to speak with someone to do this. When I told them I was going to file this complaint as well as email national newspapers, I was told I had that as an option. All I want is a working phone, compensation for lack of service and my time I have had to invest into this matter.

mandy 6/17/2011
I have been with virgin mobile for 2 years. In the first year, they were great. Always helped me and I felt like a person when I talked to them. In November of last year, I upgraded my phone to a blackberry curve 9300. Ever since then, I have to call them monthly because I go over my spending limit. I no longer receive the stand up customer service that I got a year ago. I no longer feel like a person, and I am VERY upset by their phone etiquette. They are the only company I know of that will not take payment arrangements. They are the only company that will not take confirmation numbers once you have made a payment. I feel cheated by this company. I regret upgrading my phone. I regret renewing my contract with them. I would NEVER recommend virgin mobile to a friend of mine. They are horrible.

Cathy 6/11/2011
I went to top up my phone on the last day I had so I could stretch it out as long as possible. I put on the 15.00 dollars and instead of having 79.00 dollars I only have $15.00. I somehow lost $64.00 between 4:00 and 9:30 p.m. I had used the phone for a short call to home in the afternoon so obviuosly I still had minutes left. I only use it to call local and home so I did not spend that $64.00 in a week which was the last time I checked my balance. I put a note in my calendar to make sure I didn't forget. I called Virgin this morning and I am sorry but I am not trying to be mean but I could only understand bits and pieces of what the representative was saying because of her strong accent. So that call was of no help to me. She talked about the top up only good for a month if I put $15.00 on it. Well I was topping it up so I would not lose my previous money. She made it sound like I had to use upo all my previous minutes during the bought time span ex: 6 months from the time I bought the $50.00 worth. The point of me topping up is so I will never run out of my balance. I have been doing this for years and am always carrying a balance if the balance is there when I top up in time I better not lose my previous minutes because that is not my understanding of top up. Now I was sent to this site to try and get my minutes back I am not sure if this is how I do it because she just gave me a web site and I am not sure of what she said for the rest of the phone call. I am very frustrated by this and hope it will me rectified to my satisfaction. I was told I only had 2 days so this better be the right site.

Ed 5/24/2011
Virgin sends a text informing you that your account balance will expire on a staid time and date. But SURPRISE they expire/remove/take the funds earlier. Good luck trying to resolve this issue with customer support as they are located in the Philippines and cannot forward your call to accounts/billing. They suggested emailing [email protected] but this has been worse than the customer support department. You would think you could contact a telecommunications company by phone, apparently not…

FRANCOIS 5/13/2011

allan smith 5/9/2011
Never deal with this company they lie about their guarantee,pretend to be upbeat and hip (puke) they robbed me of over $100.00 provided nothing but lip service;and string you along ,the whole time your time runs out . In the end you get nothing for your hard earned taxed money.Up yours you hpocrites

Their expiry date is a day earlier than the stated expiry date. Their legal notes on their website is not followed. I am is a dispute with them right now, unsatisfactory.

Sven 4/26/2011
I bought a new cell phone from Virgin on April 17th/2011 (from Centrepoint mall, Toronto) and Virgin has still, 8 days later, not been able to activate it. Every day they say to wait another 24 hours but offer no fix. Its probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Raymond 4/24/2011
Prepaid airtime rate is great.
3G GSM service available only to Monthly Plan.

Guest 4/22/2011
Be careful with them... ended up paying 450$ on the first month for an error they admitted and for which i was supposed to get my money back... next month 300$ again more than it should. After months of promises that i would get my money back and calling them none stop... never received the money they billed me by error.If you go with them, just pray they will not make any errors because you will never see that money... and pray that when they do, it won't be in +400$/month

Patrick Bird 4/11/2011
tried to put negative stars but it won't let me. I bought a pre-paid phone on a 50 month plan 3 weeks ago. the plan NEVER kicked in, get charge pay per use. i have paid about 195.00 since I got it just to keep it working. Phone is going in the garbage on thursday, this is rediculous.

Crystal 4/4/2011
I have been with Virgin Mobile for almost a year and it's been nothing but trouble the entire time. In the first six months, I had to call them almost every month because of some error they made on my account. They were always quick to adjust it when I called, but the errors still happened every month. I got fed up and wrote a lengthy email to customer service, only to have that time out both times I tried to send it. The last time (aside from the most recent call that prompted this review) I asked to speak with a manager and got the biggest run around ever. Their customer service from the call center in the Philipines is horrible. By the time they finally put a supervisor on the phone, she couldn't even be bothered to listen, in fact, I had to ask several times if she was still there. That prompted me to do some searching because I wanted to speak with someone outside of that call center. I did finally locate a number for the virgin mobile center in Canada and contacted them. Although it wasn't their area, they were incredibly helpful as I explained my situation with the other center. The manager I spoke with there was wonderful and I haven't had any issues since. Until today. I tried to call my phone today and Virgin Mobile had deactivated my account. I called to find out why, because I am prepaid, my billing cycle does not end for another 4 days and when I checked my usage there was plenty of minutes left on my phone. Turns out, it was yet another Virgin Mobile "system glitch". No surprise really since they seem to happen all the time. They were also kind enough to have the additional balance that was on my phone zeroed out too. They quickly fixed the problem (within 5 minutes) and then had the nerve to tell me that it was a good idea that I called them about it and remind me that my next top up is due on Friday. Conclusion -Virgin Mobile is terrible and this will certainly be my last month with them.

me 3/26/2011
There website does NOT work! I just bought a phone and tried to set up an account and it claims "I'm out of Canada" therefore I can't do it. when I called them to set it up my phone wasn't valid so I had to return it and get a new one, AND "it must be my computer that won't let me sign up online so you'll have to get the guys at the store to set it up for you" The guy at the store told me it would cost me $20 from virgin for him to set it up for me, and if I called them myself it would cost $10. online is supposedly free...but it won't work.

kp 3/14/2011
A little tip. If you are having a problem with your mobile phone such as Veronica's that won't stop ringing, remove the battery and reinstall it.
It may fix the fault, it is like rebooting a computer.

virgin hater 3/14/2011
Virgin sucks so bad in the following ways:
-they regularly double-bill me for all charges; calls, 911 fee whatever - everything is charged to me twice, and they refuse to do anything about it
-the phone was crap and they won't honour the warranty they claim to put on it
-no reception anywhere except in the middle of major cities

VERONICA 2/25/2011

revolted 2/25/2011
these people are criminals. the $30 plan is the lowest amount you can get they say. then you talk with the next clerk on the phone and they say oh you can get a $ 15 put they can not take increments less that $20. what are they talking about?. then i check my credit card and there are charges there from virgin that have nothing to do with what i have agreed to. try and get hold of anyone at virgin that understands anything. I think they should all be imprisoned as criminals. Stay away from them.!

Sandra Satisfied 2/17/2011
I have been with Virgin Canada for over two years now. I am not a big user so the $100.00 for a year prepaid card works well for me. This week I had an issue with prepaid cards. A store clerk told me they didn't have $100 prepaid cards for Virgin but 4 X $25.00 would work. Well it did not! I called Virgin customer service and within a day I received a call back and they adjusted the date to reflect that I would not need to top up for a year. It was quick and pleasant.

t mclaren 2/16/2011
This company is out to rip off the consumer. Went to put a 15.00 top up card on my phone the day of expiry only to find out that they took by balance of 70.50 off earlier in the day. Was told that when it states an expiry date, you have to top up at least the day before. BULL****. To me and to everyone else, expiry date means the end of that day not the day before. I am closing my 3 phone accounts with this company and I am passing along the word that they are out to rip you off. BE AWARE!!!!

t mclaren 2/16/2011
the last post had three stars...should have been -100 stars. Rip off company

B Huffman 2/10/2011
They cut off my phone service, because they said I was over on my minutes, but no one at Virgin could tell me why or how I went over on minutes. The billing date on my statements is the 5th of each month, I called on the 10th of the month, when I realized I had no phone service and no one in the billing department could explain why the overrun. I asked them to check my statement records and they told me they could not access my current month statement, even though it was 5 days after the statement had been released. I now have to wait another 3-5 days to resolve the issue and will have no phone service during this time. I am more than displeased with the customer service and would not recommend Virgin for this reason.

Robert 2/4/2011
I would not recommend their prepaid plan to anyone. I went with them because when you do the $100 top ups they offer the best (or near best) length of time before expiry, and we only rarely use our cell phone. In January they by mistake charged our plan $58. As a result they triggered auto-top up, and charged our credit card $100+. When I contacted them they admitted that the charge was in error (a 'technical glitch' they said) and said they would credit our account the $58, which they did. However, they refused to reverse the auto top up, and as a result we have added money which will expire much sooner than it needed to. The person I talked to by phone told me that they could not do it. I emailed and they said the email person could not help, to phone them. I asked for a mailing address (try to find one on their site - none!) to officially complain to a supervisor, and the email person when I asked for a mailing address for the company, refused to give me that. If you do go with them, don't ever sign up for auto top up. They will bill you in error, and there is no way that you can ever see what they are charging you for, really.... nothing, no list of calls available, no statement, nothing. So so frustrating... at least they answer their phone more often. A few months ago you literally had to wait hours to get anyone to answer even.

Al 2/2/2011
I updated my son's phone to an unlimited talk and text plan, trouble is the unlimited part did not kick in. I have made 6 phone calls to their customer disservice call centre in the Phillipines and had no action at all. Promised both accounting (they owe me $150 in credits) and technical support would contact me within 2 or 3 business days and NEVER have I had a call. I phoned today and finally was given a case #. The gent who took my call simply gave me a $10 credit and did nothing as confirmed by todays agent that said there were no notes in my file from that call, despite having spent 30 minutes on the phone with him.I will likely just eat the $150 they owe me and move to Rogers. Virgin Mobile used to be amazing...something has happened,I'd have to say it must be the Bell influence. I've been a customer for 5 years for my kid's phones, and the last 6 months has been awful. Stay Away.

Emily 2/1/2011
I have had nothing but issues with virgin pre paid. Very disappointed with company. Will tell others to stay away fom company.

Virginisbellnow 1/31/2011
0 stars if i could.Virgin was #1 before bell took over.
A few days after bell took over the website for members to top up and check accounts broke. It is still broke today.
Can't top up cause it times out instantly.
Messed up my credit card expiry like many others.
Call them! lol Get a nice long wait and talk to someone in India who you will never understand.
I did it 3 times and they never got my credit card sorted.
3 strikes your out!
I was on $20month text and talk + $10 Data plan so $30 a month.
Got a Rogers Prepaid and pay $20 for the same features! Unlimited text and data for $10 less. Also got $50 credit with phone.
Called rogers to set it up and port my phone # over to new phone and got a nice Canadian guy on the phone who did it all for me.

Unsatisfied Customer 1/25/2011
The service was mediocre at best when I owned it, texts would often not get sent. It was a prepaid. Having to spend $100 for the privilege of using for phone for 12 months is a joke; i.e. $50 EXPIRES in 60 days. I never knew the money I put for my use can be taken and called "expired funds." The phone itself was of very poor quality and needed warranty repair after 9 months. I changed to a prepaid service that was reasonable with its expiration times. I chose to sell the phone to FlipSwap when I was done with Virgin Mobile and had to deactivate it. Virgin Mobile would not let me deactivate it. I spent over 3 hours on the phone over more than 10 occasions being told "Yes, your phone is deactivated." Then to turn it on the next day to find out it is not actually deactivated. I call back and get told "There was a computer error, it cannot be deactivated" or "Our deactivation center is closed" etc. etc.What's funny is they didn't return my email about deactivating it either.Today I still receive emails urging me to reactivate because they're having a SALE! I cannot explain how ecstatic I was to mail that phone off forever to have it recycled regardless of its activation status, as FlipSwap actually understood my situation and gave me the benefit of the doubt.Virgin Mobile Canada is the worst phone company The JD Power and Associates awards for "customer service" is a joke. I don't know who they paid for those awards.

allan 1/22/2011
I know that customer service from telecommunications companies are always a problem. But Virgin takes the cake-- it is absolutely the worst possible. First they gave me erroneous information about the phone I was using, so that I was not able to use its data component.
Then I was late paying because their web site would not let me in long enough to get a look at my bill. When I finally tried to pay on line the web site said my payment didn't go through and to call customer support. Which i did, which only resulted in my credit card being charged twice. I asked that one be reversed and was told I have to call the credit card company, which is of course wrong. When I called back I was told that yes there were two charges within a couple of minutes and yes my account now had a credit but they would have to investigate and would reverse the charges if their investigation showed something I certainly can't figure out. The last time I had an issue with Virgin, it took almost three weeks just for them to acknowledge that they were going to look into the problem. So I decided the fastest way to get my money back was to cancel, so i did that within an hour by transferring my number to another provider. Now they say I owe them a cancellation fee. I don't agree. But whether i do or don't is not the problem. They insist on harassing me with two calls every day-- which I dutifully answer and always get a blank line. Checking this out on the net it seems I am not the only one. I had a conversation with them today and was told the only way to stop the harassment is to pay the bill. I am going to take these idiots to court.

angryfather 1/3/2011
Well, it's buyer beware and I should have done my homework first. I bought my daughter a phone so she could text her friends. I came home and activated it using my credit card for instant topups monthly. I picked the text plan and waited 5 hrs for it to activate so I could surprise her. It never activated. I called in and a helpful lady did it with me over the phone. at this time she changed the plan from text to 200 mins talk. my daughter texted her way through the 50 dollar credit they provided, as well as 110 dollars on my credit card. When I called them November 26 I was told that the accounting department would look into it and get back to be within 2 business days.I am looking at a new year without a phone call, even though I have called them over and over. The ricing on plans is great, the service is non-existent. Like I started this post, BUYER BEWARE.

Charles 12/30/2010
LG never was a mobile phone maker and they have all hardware and software engineering problems. They are loosing the market progressively, as they experiment customer's money for making a better mobile and not their own engineering...!!

I had two bad experiences and I couldn't do anything about it. I never heard that this could happen with Nokia or Samsung products... I'm frustrated and I truly think that they have to stop making mobile phone... They have to leave job to the companies who are able to handle it. Who leaves the job of a mason to a plumber? Of course LG... Don't buy their phones anymore...!!

Roert 12/25/2010
Overall the phone service is fine, no issues there. I find that for the services we need Virgin has the best pricing. It's the billing and support that's very frustrating. I thought I was unique but apparently this is just the way they operate. I agree with others that the help people are polite but seem to be unable to resolve any issues. It takes multiple calls explaining the exact same issues.My monthly prepaid plan for 20 dollars includes 200 minutes. It was okay for the first month and then my phone stopped. I called and they added .35 to my account. One phone call and dead again. Called again and they told me I had to top up again. I put in 15 and then noticed that the balance was going down even though I have 200 minutes from the monthly payment. Call them again and they top up to 15 again and again assure me it will be resolved. Balance goes to 0 and I call again. Help? guy said this was a justified charge and they would do nothing. WTF am I paying 20/month for then....He just doesn't get it. I call for supervisor and they won't put me through but another agent says she can help. Tops up to 10 (need supervisor to do anymore but will add that later) again assures me it will be fixed. It is now not using my balance for calls (yeah), but still missing the 5 bucks and I am just waiting for them to expire that balance in January, although they assure me it won't.
I currently have two phones and just bought another one for my daughter that I need to activate. One is on a Monthly plan and I have no issues with it, after several calls to get the advertised plan and then to actually get those services. I hope mine is okay and dread trying to setup the new one.I have pretty cheap phones on the prepaid plans so if these billing issues continue I am going to move to another carrier. It would be worth a few bucks more not to continually have to check that I'm not getting screwed.

Bruce 12/23/2010
If you think Bell or Rogers is bad then just wait until you need something from these dimwits! Nearly impossible to reach through the phone unless you call precisely at 9:00AM when they open. It took them 21 days to reply to an online service request. Can you believe that I was calling to upgrade my plan because I wanted to switch from pay-as-you-go to a monthly plan and it took 1 week to get it done? Of course you don't believe me because it doesn't make sense... but it's the truth.

Sheila 12/23/2010
This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever been through!! I cannot tell you in words how frustrating is to deal with this service. I tried several times and spent an unsurmountable amounnt of hours on the phone with both postpaid and prepaid. I spoke to at least 15 people with all the transfers and even spoke to a supervisor whom promised to resolve the issue...promised to call me back the next day and confirm the transaction went through...and of course DID NOT! I called again and got the several transfers and oh this is going to take 2/12 hrs. Three times they put me through this and it still did not go through. Oh yeah, and the supervisor told me I alway's have the option to take the phones back...2 days before xmas...thanks, I said. PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT!!

Denys 12/22/2010
The worst service possible. I should give them minus infinity stars. The customer servive is absolutely unhelpful. I have been trying to solve my problem(warranty issue) for almost 2 months now, but to no avail.The promised package never arrived, nobody ever called me back.I tried calling them NUMEROUS times, writing e-mails. Nothing works. Now my warranty is about to expire, my balance expired because I could not use the phone(LG rumour 2).I wish I had read the website before and had known about their customer service and non-existing warranty department before.

gina christensen 12/14/2010
I made 3 calls to your company with poor results:
#1 everytime I put in my 10 diget phone # it was not accepted yet it showed on my phone the 10 #'s
#2 I could hardly hear the person I was talking to,and when I asked her to speak up I still had difficulty hearing her.As I had no trouble with other operators.
#3 I was phoning to ask if I could have my minutes reinstated,as they were supposed to be added dec 13 and I made a mistake thinking today was the 13th.I lost over $115 min.I have never been so frustrated with making a simple call.
#4 would appreciate it if I could have the minutes back as I do relize it was my mistake.If not I will go back to Rogers like some of my friends,As Rogers also would give extra minutes at times.
My #250-532-6222
Thank you for your prompt attention.

Gord 12/14/2010
The pre-paid phones when you top up is it carried over if you don't use all the mins.

gina christensen 12/14/2010
Your customer service is unacceptable and now I know why you reserve the right to remove any comments that are inappropriate or offensive.I had an unexpected death in the family yesterday and missed the top up.I lost around 115 minutes when I went to top up with $15 today.I'm in alberta from BC for the funeral and after 5 phone calls and a e-mail I was told I have to wait 3 days for a responds to get my 115 minutes back.I am extremely frustrated with having to spend this amount of time getting any results from virgin staff because their hands are tied because of virgins policies.
5 phone calls and an e-mail with no results is unacceptable.
I missed 2 times when I was with Rogers and one phone call and minutes were added.

Deth Walker 11/27/2010
had wallet stolen > Got new Credit Card > can't use card or Prepaid phone now + Nigh impossible to contact them = Looking at going back to the big boys of telus and *shudder* Rogers

Mark Venditello 11/26/2010
I would have to give Virgin Mobile 5 stars because of the following reasons:
- Amazing prices for pre-paid phones
- Amazing reception in the GTA
- Fast Top Up options (online)
- They give you extra minutes every now and then even if you do not have any funds left in your account
- Great plans for pre-paid customers
- You feel like you are a monthly plan member when you are on pre-paid
- A proven network (No dropped calls)
- Email, data, text, phone youtube on a brand new phone for 50 dollars at Best buy. (WOW finally no more cross boarder shopping for cell phone) This is a HUGE relief. come on lets support Virgin Mobile. I dont even work there and feel patriotic about my services.

Patti 11/25/2010
wow, am I glad I read these reviews, I was one step away from going from telus which has crap service and high charges to what sounds like hell with virgin, guess I'll stay with crap telus and least the devil I know....

Donald C 11/25/2010
I used to be a happy Virgin customer (for 2 years). I had the $10/m plan for an emergency phone in the car. It cost me $50.00 top-up when I purchased the phone and $10.00 plus taxes per month. This lasted two years.Since Bell purchased the Virgin customers in Canada, they seem to have changed the $10 plan to something more like $30/month. They took my monthly payment of $11.30 automatically from my credit card. Then with about $30 still in my "bank" they charged me twice the same month -- about $20 to "top up" and the normal $11.30 ...It looks like they now take your unused balance and "expire" it at the end of the month. :-(The name they give this plan has not changed ($10/m plan) but the costs are more like $30.00 per month.Let's all write to the CRTC about Bell's unfair marketing practice of (1) pretending not to be Bell by selling under Virgin's name etc, and using misleading advertising.

marti 11/24/2010
I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone!
My husband got a pay as you go for the road for emergencies and have given it to our son to use temporarily....we have put 250.00 on this phone in the past 12 days. Fricken ridiculous!All his calls are long distance and so is paying some exorbitant amount per call!
When his rogers bill is paid this phone will hit the trash and never be used again!

teamgrace 11/23/2010
JD Powers should call more customers...I bought a prepaid phone off the website but found out it was "preloved" and without the normal 1 year warranty. I called customer service and was told someone would call me back in 3-5 business days. After 5 more calls and promises that they would call back, still no call after more than 5 weeks! You can never get to speak to anyone who has any authority...only a hollow promise to call you back. I returned (to sender) my preloved phone in the original packaging via fedex but I still have the charge against my credit card. Lesson learned....never buy a phone over the website and don't do business with a company who won't return your phone calls.

christine 11/18/2010
Had a conversation with a rep today customer service was absolutely deplorable. In fact it was so bad the questions they asked me and phone no's of my family and still I got nowhere with them, I was disgusted and all for the sum of 23.00 they took off my phone balance.

AndrewM 11/17/2010
Concerning Virgin Mobile service. The call handler is sugar and spice nice when you call in with a problem (usually-why have you cut-off my service?) The problem is, they usually have no idea what they're talking about it--all the blood in their brain is going to the part that's charming--non to the part that provides useful information and a capacity to solve a simple problem.My service was cut off three times in a two week period. I needed my cell phone working all the time. The explanations I was getting made no sense and they usually contradicted themselves. It seemed like there was something wrong with my cognitive ability and the only way I could solve the problem was to keep throwing fistfuls of dollars at it. That always got the cell phone working. About a month after the fiasco I get an auto generated email (I think) apologizing for the screw-up and giving me 100 minutes of anytime local calls (yahoo--I could call anyone in Port hope or Cobourg for 100 minutes--provided I did within 25 days).
I still have no idea how they bill and what their procedures are. As I write, my service has been cut off again.
When I call, the bloody cockney sweet language "deet" crapola better stop. IT's PATRONIZING- you cant solve all problems by buttering people up. Hire, Train and Retain good competent employees if you want a loyal client base. Apple electronics can do it. As far as I'm concerned, the Virgin trademark and logo is a complete dud and loser. I'm so disappointed. I don't have the rigidity of mental stability remaining to even discuss the difficulty of trying to get at your account online on Virgins website--heaven preserve me and curses to Virgin Mobile for their PATRONIZING attitude and their profound ignorance of the money making machine they have.
Will the Competition Bureau boys in Ottawa stop messing around with tiny businesses accused of unfair business practice and go after the big fish operating the cellphone racket in Canada and create conditions to promote real competition and improved service with an industry that gravely affects the lives of every Canadian every day? May god have mercy on my soul... I think I'm gonna blow a gasket in my brain........ but I'll give them one star, what choice do I have?--it doesn't dip into the negative column.
Sir Richard--you're not as 'cool' as you think you are if you can sanction something this bad and connect your name to it.

John Willoughby 11/12/2010
My wife has a Virgin Pay as you go Phone puts the new card on her phone the day it's expiring. Least week her phone was due on Sunday and she called to confirm with Customer Service when she needed to top and was told by the end of the day, Around 8:00PM when she tried topping up all her carryover minutes were gone! Called customer service and explained she was told earlier anytime but this person said
they uses a specipic time after a brief discusion she was given a ciode and email address for Virgin and was lead to believe they would top up all the minutes removed. Yesterday she talked with someone at Virgin and underrstand her new minutes have been applied to her phone, but that they would only do this one time only and when a card was expiring in 30 days or 60 to put the minutes on at 28-29 or 58-59 to ensure you would not loose any carry over minutes. Virgin has now sent a communication different to the conversation stating they want $100.00 new minutes put on the card before any credits. My wife has seince sent an email stating she will not use this phone or there servcie again. I would recomend another Carrier to anyone reading Customer Service DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THERE STATMENTS OR CUSTOMERS.

cathy 11/12/2010

Carrie 11/11/2010
Should be zero stars. I left Bell because they were crap. Virgin was ace til Bell bought it, and at the time I was a bit nervous about what would be coming down the pipeline if ever I needed to change services/phones. Well I did. I had to get a new phone, and it took over a month for them to mail the phone to me, and then a few weeks to get my plan and info and everything sorted. I am still sorting out the details of charges. For some reason they deleted all my info, and they kept demanding payment for service I'd assumed was just being direct debited.So , we had to set up my CC info again, and the online login info. The rep actually insisted during one call that maybe I never had an account set up. Even though I had to have one in order to login in months back to order my phone. I spoke to maybe 2 people out of the dozens of customer service reps who were helpful/sympathetic in any way. One woman actually had the gall to ream me out for demanding Virgin fix the mistake, she insisted that I maybe I hadn't actually placed an order for a phone and just made a mistake, despite having a receipt emailed to me from the company shortly after placing the order. I had to firmly and calmly tell her I had been a loyal customer til now, and would be leaving them if they did not fix my issue, which was entirely on their end. I'm usually very pleasant and can understand human error. It happens. But when a company doesn't work to make it right and apologize for my inconvenience, I get a bit upset.I snarked a bit at her for getting irritated at me for calling Virgin in the first place, because God forbid, the purpose of a customer service may actually be to help your customers. One day I was (no joke) on hold for the better part of a few hours - they'd hang up on me just as I was patched through.Anyway long and short, I won't stay with Virgin after this supertab thing is paid, or if I magically come into the money to cancel, I will be leaving them. My friends use Koodo, Fido etc and NEVER have these problems with the customer service runaround. If you're shopping for a phone, please run as fast and far away from Virgin as you can. It is NOT the same company it used to be. It's Bell with a faux hipster image now. And anyone who's used Bell and had problems knows what I'm talking about.

Duncan 11/11/2010
The customer service agent who signed me up for the Virgin mobile service seems too young to handle the job - what is the use of a pretty face if you questions are not anawered in a professional manner...
I signed up for a $35 monthly package : and after 2 weeks received a text form Virgin tat my account was approaachgin $175 and was about to e suspended...!! WHen I asked the above referred agent - all she could tell me is go sign up on the website for electoronic billing and the call the customer care center....yeah right, why did she not tell me about the electronic billing before....??? An example of how key elements of her presentation were missing: I can't blame her as she has not been trained well.....

Ron 11/8/2010
The worst customer service imagineable.

Jim 11/4/2010
The worst customer service imagineable. I have tried and thought I succeeded to cancel my service to only be awoken at 6:45 AM 2 months after I had cancelled my service to tell me I owed them 47.00. I paid in full upon cancellation [even had to give them 30 days notice] and I thought it was done. The phone was thrown in the garbage [6 months too late] and they still don't get it. If you have any questions regarding their service google the complaint line and they have twice as many complaints as the next service. Be afraid, be very afraid

Unsatisfied 11/1/2010
Horrendous service!
I will NEVER buy anymore time from this company. LIES, LIES and mor LIES!
Only to be topped up by extremely RUDE customer service staff.
24 to 48 hour callback consists of 28 full days!!! and then only to be met with another RUDE staff member that has no idea of how the system even works! I will no longer waste my time or money on such a disrespectful company!

KGB 10/24/2010
Credit Card charges. If you,ve been charged a fee on your credit that you believe is incorrect try the following. Most credit card companies will reverse a charge if you are certain an error was made. One of biggest scams available to cell companies is the out of area long distance charges. We can all tell stories of friends we know who,ve been hurt by the long distance,roaming fees whether incoming or dialed calls. Read the fine/scam print before you sign up and avoid a credit card if possible. Parents should always be wary when signing plans for the kids. Not that they are going to abuse it but once the charges come in in its usually too late once a bill/invoice arrives. PAY AS YOU GO is prolly the safest when getting the kids a cell phone/plan.

Howard 10/10/2010
Picked up two LG Bliss phones and there is a hardcoded contact, speed dial position #2, for #TAXI ... unable to delete it. My wife called VM and asked how to remove it. They said that it could not be removed. My wife persisted and they said, fine someone from tech support would call back ... guess what ... it has been a week and no call back. After reading the above, I am real leary about getting the first bill. Anyone have any ideas about how to delete the hard coded #TAXI entry?

andrew 9/25/2010

KJ 9/25/2010

Jac 9/23/2010
Never Never Try Virgin Mobile,This Virgin Mobile company does shouldnt be existing, they must be sued for millions, such loucy f***g commpany, if you pay for them motherf***s have no value for your money, you better buy a snake or a dog with rabbis will be even better

jennifer 9/23/2010
they are honestly horrible i had a blackberry for 2 months nothing worked. i had dropped calls, i wouldn't receive txts, my bbm didnt work neither did msn or fb. they never fixed the problem they over charged me on my bills.

Nathalie 9/23/2010
Terrible service. I had technical difficulty and my phone wasn't working after the conversion to Bell and I didn't get a call from a tech for 4 weeks! Got a replacement phone and returned it only to be charged for the replacement phone - apparently they couldn't find the package. I had to go to Canada Post and get confirmation of my sending and they still gave me a hard time. They charged me $100 for an old replacment phone and it retails for $50! I am now being charged for things that I never was charged for before (roaming charges!) and customer service can't do anything for you and only refer your complaint to another department after you spend 20 minutes waiting on hold!

Paul 9/17/2010
Exact same issue as Peter's above. Pre-paid acct for my 80 yr old mother - no real problems until phone stolen and replaced with another $15 craigslist ;). 4 days trying to get rep, got one on 2nd day, programed phone as per instructions - still suspended service. Went into store, not much help, ticket opened, 3-5 days possible wait time pardon?? I thought they made a mistake and meant 3-5 hours !!!
Gave up, got unlocked phone, Petro-Can sim, activated on web in 5 mins - perfect. Heard the same upgrade crapola. There is no reason to go with Virgin for cell service - this makes Rogers cable service look stellar. "We're super busy right now.." , and I've got nothing better to do...turn and run away!!

scott 9/16/2010
horrible customer service!!!! a few times now i lose my complete balance like 20bucks after using like 2min????when i call them u wait atleast 1hr on the phone,they cant speak english,tell u someone will contact you in 2days???this is horrible service@!! stay away from virgin

Peter 9/16/2010
Virgin was excellent for the last 2 1/2 years, and used to be quick to respond when called, however after they suspended my account temporarily on my request after phone misplaced then found, it's now been four days, 4 phone calls totaling almost 3 hours on the phone, still no service. The first three reps kept assuring me the phone would be on in just 30 minutes time, then the fourth rep readily admitted that it takes up to four business days to un-suspend a number. If it's not on by tomorrow morning I'll buy the best phone available through 7-11 and switch over. At least Virgin was quick to offer to refund the entire balance of my $100 prepaid, so they've been decent in that respect. Two agents say they've had an 'upgrade' to deal with system-wide that's shut down many accounts, and have about 100 people in their phone bank, but it still doesn't explain why the first three agents promise 30 minutes to resume service, & reprogram my phone repeatedly, & make empty promise a tech will call.

darlene 9/13/2010
well ive had my phone with virgin mobility for some time now and i am very sorry to say i am not impressed with the service at all in the last month or more when you call for a problem with the phone you are on hold for at least a hour now i know they are not that busy but thats neither here nor there its just trying to get a answer as to why when your phone is up to date you cant use it this has been for a while now at first the service was great but not so now

Peter 9/7/2010
My wife and three sons have all been VM users for a couple of years and have enjoyed great service. Since the Bell takeover - the service is now a disaster. We are now six weeks into an effort to get a phone repaired that is under contract and to no avail. They will be losing four accounts as these contacts end.

I hate them. they make it look as if they're all cool and whatnot, WELL GEUSS WHAT VIRGIN? YOU'RE NOT! 35 CENTS A MINUTE? WTF? also they steal other peoples ideas, like koodo's tab. Every time I see a commercial I just look away. No young people use their phones. RIP-OFF.

John R 9/3/2010
As we can see,since Bell Mobility took over Virgin,everything about this top notch cell provider was great.Time to switch before Bell kills it entirely.

Anon 9/1/2010
If there was a way to rate 0 stars trust me I would. AVOID VIRGIN MOBILE AT ALL COST!!! You're better off paying for a set of tin cans joined by a string for phone service. Horrible customer service since Bell Canada Enterprises took hold of 100% of the company shares! If you want to be treated like complete garbage do give them a try though.

Mark 8/27/2010
One horrible company to deal with.Charged my credit card for over $11,000.00. Took a month of phone calls to get a credit. When you call customer service you wait on hold, then get transferred again and again. Usually takes about an hour before you get to talk to someone to deal with your problem. Continual billing problems. Stay away from them!!!!

Paula 8/23/2010
I have never had a problem until now, and if I could give Virgin Mobile -100 stars, I WOULD.
On Saturday I had my phone number changed, we reprogrammed the phone, and I waited the half hour for my account to "reset" itself... three and a half hours later I called them back to let them know my phone still wasnt working. So the lady on the other end helped me to reprogram the phone again, then she asked me to try phoning someone. I dialed my sisters cell number and got nothing. Dead Silence, then I heard "Thank you for calling...TELUS, to continue in English press 1..." So I told the lady what the phone said and she told me to try someone else. Same thing happened. Then she was like..."oh well, I guess tech has to deal with that...they will be in touch within 24-48 hours." HAH! You think I have heard back from them? I called in again, got the number switched again, thinking maybe it wasnt their fault after all, but no, SAME THING HAPPENED. And all the Customer Service people could say was "ummm....uummmmmmmmmmm...I dont know."
If I ever do hear back from them whoever is one the other end is going to get an earful from me and be crying by the time Im done!

Jason 8/22/2010
Very expensive compared to other companies and even the same company in other countries. The prepaid credit has a very short term before it runs out, completely robbing you of any credit left.
They also employ people to covertly promote the company on sites just like this. Overall: poor

JeanTremblay 8/17/2010
To Whoever reads this stuff...
We think Members should always have the best Member care. So we went out and won a few J.D. Power and Associates Service awards to prove it: “Highest in Customer Satisfaction With Postpaid Wireless Service”, and “Highest in Customer Satisfaction With Prepaid Wireless Service, Five Years in a Row.” Just sayin’"Hey when was this because it can't in anyway be current. I have been taken in circles by your 'Customer Care team now for over a week since they can't seem to do a simple transfer of my number from one phone to another...YES over a week and all I get is the run around not only from the store I purchased it from but from a LONG list of supposed customer care associates. Minimum time PER call has been 20 minutes...yes 20...and a LOT of it during a short ...your words not mine waiting period...all to be told they could not find the problem, there was no problem, they were working on the problem or the system had a problem??AT evry interval I made it very clear I wanted to speak with a manager or a REAL customer care associate on my landline and the number was given. I am still waiting for all those calls to come flooding thru...and you boast you got awards for customer service? Truly?? Seriously...only one brave soul actually called ..he doesn't have a last name unfortunately and is not very prompt at calling when he says he will or actually making that call at all. His name is "Moe" and he is recently divorced and used to like Baskin Robbins ice-cream...just a little details that might make it easier for you to find him in your vast offices where since this morning not one person has ever heard of a man named "Moe" working for Virgin or even at retail services for Virgin...weird huh? Is this telling me something? Yah it is... The very last call to Customer service was this afternoon at 4PM local time( the 5th call to the Virgin Help number since 9;30 this morning) where I was told it was not " procedure" to have an actual person call ME at my home landline phone? So, why do you people have that number on my file since she confirmed the number for me from her own screen and her view of my account...which by the way I still can't access on-line...nor thru my old cell number...the one that has a broken speaker that started this whole nightmare in the first place. The associate at the Virgin Store at Devonshire mall has tried as well but to absolutley no avail. I will and have cc'd this to J.D Powers and associates just like a promised to do this morning and a Facebook page will be up by Noon tomorrow . I've tried with sugar and it doesn't work. Not a threat...just a follow up to what I said I would do unlike what Virgin reps have told me they WOULD do, but have not. Jean Tremblay5199885092...ooops sorry, that's my VIRGIN number...and it doesn't work...maybe try my LANDLINE with Bell at 519 798 3614

Jean 8/17/2010

Jim 8/6/2010
RUN AWAY. Richard Branson and his Virgin label should be ashamed! This is the most inept, useless company I have ever dealt with in my 60 years on earth. If you sign with them it will be hell on earth. I had to make 5 pohone calls to cancel my service and estimate I spent over 90 minutes to get the desired result[I hope]. Do not email them as they say they will get back to you in 2 days and that only allows them to keep you signed up for more time and rip you off for a few more bucks. I cannot stress how poor the customer service is with this company!You will be sorry if you ignore this advice.

mystro 8/4/2010
The Broadband2go Canada is a SCAM...Virgin mobile will take money off your credit card with out you knowing every month...i suggest you go with a prepaind credit card to avoid this at all costs...why do you think your not allowed to get the broadband2go activated without a credit card?...well now you know why...They seem all friendly and cherry when you talk to them but its all a show... when you do have billing problems...then they become like money hungry wolves out to eat your credit and your children if they could...

arrow 7/30/2010
it is good, we can read forums and get real feed back from customers. # years of similar problems in accounting, deceiving plans, like the $10 plan. Reduction of prepaid times, where will it all end? Now being part of Bell, an other scam artist company. Why would any one want this kind of service? Folks, we are being ripped off in Canada, but we take it into stride. CRTC has no bones in their back either to get a fair deal. Solution, cancel your subscription, it will work. Most will agree, but it is too inconvenient, even for a short time. That is my real beef.

kevin 7/30/2010
1 star because i cant give zero. i signed up on july 16 2010, by july 28 2010 they send my spending cap of $200 was already full and my line was suspended. apparently i went over my 1G of data by another gig. and they told me it was impossible to go over a gig. god damn crooks is what they are and their customer service reps. are morons.

zee 7/25/2010
Dear virgin mobile be honest to all your clients dont say in ten Dollers plan you get ten cents prepaid plan just say ten Dollers is just a monthly fee in which you get nothing no minutes then add extra ten dollers to get ten cents per minutes so in twenty Dollers you are getting ten cents plan keep it up virgin .

Eric 7/19/2010
I signed up with Virgin mobile last month because they had good priced plans, and a good reputation. They're very long wait times for phone support worried me, but I gave them a try anyways. Looks like it was underserved because they screwed up every single step of the way.First, I wanted to transfer my pager number. I checked with them twice to confirm that I could. When I received my phone, I specified that it was a pager number that I was trying to transfer, and after 20 minutes on the phone and a 30 minute wait the gentleman on the phone told me that of course he couldn't transfer pager numbers.Second, I decided to keep the phone on top of my pager, except first time that I tried to charge it, I found that the refurb charger didn't charge. Who sends out a refurb item without testing it? I called customer service again (30 minutes on hold), and they told me to go to a kiosk to find out if it was the battery or the charger that was the problem.Kiosk #1 told me that the manager was out for dinner. Come back in an hour. I asked him what else I could do, he said nothing. He never mentioned that kiosk #2 was 100 meters away. I get to kiosk #2, and they tell me that the charger is a problem. They'll sell me a new one for more than the cell cost me.I call customer service back for the plug, and they inform me that repairs will contact me, and I will get a new charger in 2-4 weeks. The phone itself took 4 days to get to me, I was not willing to wait a month for just the charger! I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was promptly hung up on.I decided this time to e-mail support, and ask them for a full refund, and was told that I would be getting a call from a manager.Today, a week later I called Virgin back since I had not heard from them. I was told that they had tried to call me three times. On the cell phone that doesn't work! I explained that the cell does not work, and the customer service person tried to explain to me how to get my voicemail via a landline.And to top it all off, I just checked my credit card, they still haven't stopped charging me.Honestly, every step of the way has been a painful, painful failiure. I can't imagine a way that they could be any worse, and that's saying a lot. I will forever avoid Virgin products, and wish a whole lot of luck to anyone who does go with them.Eric

william brown 7/19/2010
hey l m williams mom he is a very upset 9yearold that cannot use his phone l was told that you would sent message out to us buy phone and text which we did not get any of then stating his phone was going to run out of time so lwould like for it for you guys to re add his 37.20 to his phone and to then contact us like you say you guys will so we know when to add card thanks so much and has l said he is only nine and is realy upset you can call me at 613 9674526

MIchele 7/17/2010
Thieves! I will never use Virgin mobile again. I bought two phones at Christmas, one for my son and one for me to text and chat (Mine was the LG Rumor 2) We put the initial 40.00 on the pay as you go plan. I did not renew my plan on the expiry date as my son had moved and there became no need for the cell phone as we communicated with a land line. Anyway a few days after the expiry date I added the 40.00 onto my phone and tried to change to the 10.00 pay as you go plan. I tried to make a call the next day and was told I had no time I was also unable to text. I called customer service, this turned out to be a huge mistake. The agent was rude stating it was my fault for not changing my plan before adding the time to my phone? What difference would it make when I add time to my phone? If I add time should I not have what I paid for? The customer service agent also said it would take three days for them to decide if I could have my money back? Was I hearing this right? I had no choice so I waited with no reply or call so I called again and spoke to another agent a guy this time who was ruder than the first agent. He also stated it was my fault for not changing plans prior to adding my time. I informed him I had plans with Telus and if I put time on my phone I expect to get what I paid for or I would go back to using another cell phone company. I was only trying to get what I had paid for. He then actually cut off my phone. I could not believe this! I then called and asked to speak to a supervisor who stated she knew this agent and did not believe me. I could not believe what I was hearing or the poor customer service, my money being stolen and then to top it off being called a liar. I went home and sent an email to the company I will never use their product again and will inform everyone I can about this service. My son ran into a similar experience with them stealing his money too. Please be careful don't use Virgin they are thieves with a bad attitude.

john 7/15/2010
I keep receiving bills with items on there I do not recognize, have to say, when I called them they canceled these fees..However makes you wonder..I would never choose this company again. I'm stuck with this 2 year contract however for 3 times now I had to call them because of items that should not be on my bill..

Furious 7/14/2010
Where are the negative stars? I've been using VM since September '08 and I've always been on prepaid. SO thankful I never went on a plan! Anyways, I've occasionally had problems with them but I didn't use my phone from Jan-May as I was out of the country and since getting back and using my phone I've had a constant headache from them. May was ok, just a mix up on my side with my texting plan. June was ridiculous! I have the $20/200 minutes and my plan started on the 7th of June and by the 14th I was getting a computerized message saying my account balance was too low to make the call. I went to a kiosk in the mall and their computer was down so they had to call CS for me and whoever they got said that I had used all my minutes. I called 2 more times before they gave me back my minutes. Everything was fine for the rest of the month. This month I put $30 on my phone as I was also getting 2500 texts for $10. On the 7th I got a text saying my $20 had been taken out and I was good to go with my 200 minutes. 30 minutes later I got another text saying it hadn't worked. I called them on Friday and they said to give them 24 hours. I never got called to say my plan was working but I had to use it Sunday and Monday and it was fine. I used it yesterday and it seems I'm now on 35 cents a minute. So I spent over an hour trying to talk to someone about it. Never even had my call answered. I would get a loud buzz and I'd have to call back. I tried calling on my cell, my houseline and my friend's houseline and got the same buzzing noise on all three. So I finally got through today and was told that I had used all 200 minutes. Get this, 60 were spent checking my voice mail. I checked once for maybe 3 minutes. I apparently also spent an hour talking to a friend. I don't use my phone for long social calls. So anyways, since they messed up and I used money every time I used my phone I didn't have enough for my texting plan to start today lie it should have. They refunded me $2 and said tech support would call and my texting will start tomorrow. I'm out $20 and can't use my phone. And tech support NEVER calls. I'm furious. But just so y'all know, you can file complaints here:

Madd 7/13/2010
Their pre-paid doesn't work in US if you buy in Canada. I was told I could travel with my phone - they left that part out. They would not issue a refund after I topped up saying they couldn't reward me for not asking the right questions when I signed up. Very unapologetic - to the point that the call service rep was putting me down and talking over me. Very unhappy

sath 7/10/2010
I purchased a cell phone and signed up for a prepaid plan with Virgin online. The money was taken from my bank account but the cell phone was never delivered to me. I called Virgin several times and never managed to get my phone. I am still waiting to be refunded. Conclusion: avoid Virgin at all costs!

Surfer 7/1/2010
I topped up with 20$. They charged my CC for 22.60 (taxes included). Credit never showed up in my on-line account. I could not make any phone calls. So I call the help desk. First call - so much noise in the background (people screaming, music playing etc) I had to hang up and called them again. After a long wait finally got to speak with a rep. I tell her my story - you guys charged my CC for my top up but I can't make calls etc. She says "your credit never shows up in your online account. As soon as you top up you money disappears and is converted into 200 minutes". So I tell her "hey I don't care what my account online shows as long as I can use the 200 minutes I have just purchased". She says "uhmmm, uhmmm, I don't know what to tell you, I don't know why you cant make calls, I dont know where your 200 minutes went". Bottom line is this - they charge your credit card but not deliver services. Avoid them at all cost. Expiry terms are now a joke. 7/11 offers 365 days for 20$ top up, VM only 30 days at which point if you dont top up your money left in your account (assuming they even credited your account when they charged your card) completely disappears.After 4 calls to their help desk I canceled the service.

Brenda Mignardi 6/23/2010
When I switched from Rogers to Virgin, it was because Virgin offered a 60 day expiry period. As well, $15 cards where easy to find at most department stores.
Now the period of expiry has been shortened to 30 days and $15 cards are almost impossible to find.As a senior, who only needs my cell phone for emergencies, I find my virgin cell phone to be very expensive. I don't text etc. I usually use it most as an alarm clock.There should be a special plan for seniors who don't need to add a humongous number of minutes to their phones since they seldon use it. They do need to use it occasionally while call CAA perhaps.I don't remember getting a notice that the expiry period was being shortened and that $15 cards were being phased out. I'm really not pleased with how Virgin changed from what attracted me to Virgin. Am considering changing carriers.

Francis Charron 6/15/2010
Veuillez porter à votre attention que j'ai fait mon refil quelques heures plus tard et que j'ai eu comme conséquences de perdre toutes mes minutes. J'aimerais les récupérer compte tenu que le refil a été la bonne journée.

Sylvie 6/12/2010
Customer service does not have consistant answers! Billing errors and hidden costs! Texting from the U.S. is 60 cents per text even if you purchased a roaming package! Never deal with them again!!!

SnowFalcon 5/21/2010
Wow, and here I thought about switching ti Virgin but crap I think I'll stick with Telus. Thanks for the helpful reviews. Maybe one day Virgin will get their act together and realize that this will only hurt their image with extremely bad reviews like this.

R.B.Sharpe 5/20/2010
I have been trying to get my balance of $79.90 from my account. I have just topped upmy acc. I just do not understand how this phone operates, I did not receive any instructions when the phone was purchesed. I am very disatisfied with this plan.Can you at least let m know if there is anything you can do for me??

JM 5/20/2010
10 phone calls, a few disconnects and a day later and still no phone service. This after I ported my number to Virgin Mobile and activated a prepaid account on one of their promotions. Worst of all is that the port or number transfer is from one of Bell's other brands. The call ctr. in the Phillipines is about as useless as t... on a bull. Used Virgin years ago, but since Bell purchased the remainder of the company from Sir Richard the place has gone to Bell Hell. Stay away!!! The same goes for Bell Mobility prepaid and Telus prepaid. They all can be summed up in one word... PATHETIC

nancy grenier 5/19/2010
le 13 avril j'ai téléphoné chez virgine pour annuler le 20 dollars par mois de ma visa..le solde de mon compte à se moment était de 169.85$. et en date du 13 mai c'est fait avec un message texte me le confirmant...aujourd'hui le 19 mai je n'ai plus de solde à mon compte et je n'ai pas eu de message, ceci est la première fois.
je trouve que j'ai été mal informé par le préposé qui m'a annulé mon 20$ par mois sur ma aurait dû m'offrir au dire d'une autre préposée que le 20$ soit prélevé sur mon compte au lieu d'annuler celui ci sur ma carte..
si je perds mon solde je ne renouvellerai pas avec virgine mobile.
j'ai été mal informé au départ et j'y est laissé beaucoups d'argents.

Mike 5/15/2010
Very poor customer service. That's because since January: VIRGINMOBILE.CA = BELL! (Yes, they were bought!)
If you have an IPhone (or other MAC stuff), get it elsewhere. Plan is good, but you can NEVER get your bill for the month ONLINE: NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE SYSTEM THEY HAVE, I was told by head manager, with sweet voice and sugary courtesy.
BELL is HELL: Virgin is their slut!

Mark 5/12/2010
I bought my son a phone for Christmas got him the pay as you go $20 unlimited text. The following month when I topped it up Virgin made a mistake and schanged his plan to 15 cents a text and yada yada yada, when he told me that he's was about to run out of time on his phone I called Virgin and she resolved the problem. OR SO I THOUGHT. She told me that she changed his plan and he would ONLY be on the Texting one and said that if I wanted could add automatic top up and every monthe the bill($20)would be taken from my card. Two weeks ago I looked at my credit card bill and noticed that the billed me $120 over the last month. When you have a problem like this with Virgin you can't just call the billing department. You have to go through cust srv and then they send an email to billing and they call you after a few days and then they send it to Finance dept and they make a decision and then they email billing and billing is supposed to call you back. I have been trying to get this resolved for two weeks now.Billing is suposed to get beck to me and nobody in cust serv an help.

Courtnie 5/8/2010
im haveing troubles with mu VM because i got the $10 nlimited browsing and now i dont want it but i cant take of that rate! i mean i can change it to a different one but get get rid of it unless i call but they rnt open at 10pm so i have to wait but then i have to go through a process which sucks but other wise its pretty good.

Rodney 5/7/2010
I had a credit check done 6 months ago was approved but had to pay 200 deposit I never did went back 6 months later they said i was denied and I was like what the hell? I had old account number for temp bann it was good for a while anyhow got credit check done again now approved for 200 again deposit should i pay it or stay pay go? they offered me a blackberry flip phone and some other ones but my bill would be around 85.00 a month for unlimited nights and weekends and incoming calls and unlimited text,unlimited canada LD (long dis calls) but they can not block my internet use. if I get net use I want to have it unlimited so I can send and rec emails,facebook. I am now with solo they chge me 1.00 a day for nights and weekends i love it but hate when they chrge u for live agent

Ken 5/4/2010
I had been Virgin Mobile's customer for a year before I switched to 7-eleven:
- Reception was good.
- Higher fee (30 cents) compare to 7-Eleven or Petro Canada Mobility (25 cents)
- Low expiry days. I saw my pre-paid balance grow over time and was forced to top up due to expired date.
- Not recommended for those who use no more than 5 minutes of phone call per week. (ie: for emergency only)

dennis 5/3/2010
Have been with VM on a pre-pay plan for 3 years.I had $70.00 remaining on my balance and forgot to 'top up' last Thursday. They used to text message a few times in advance to remind me. I only use it for a few text messages and calls when driving through the mountains. Not a serious cell phone user. I called and they said I could offer them "a one time goodwill giving them another $50.00". I thought I was hearing things. Isn't it VM that should be offering me a goodwill gesture by allowing me to use my pre-paid time? After several phone calls the person who I spoke to today gave me a lecture. She then hung up on me!VM stole the $70.00 and in reality there is no way to get it back. Forget filing a complaint through the "ombudsman for telecommunications". They will refer your complaint back to the VM. I am on a disability and offered to pay $15.00 to keep the phone working. NO was the response to my offer. I now have a dead phone with the accessories that is worthless. Virgin Mobile owned by Bell Canada has stolen my $70.00. Makes me wonder how many Canadians have had the giant VM/Bell Canada lift money from our pockets this way. And they say crime does not pay.

joe 4/27/2010
where is the head office and phone number?

nicolas lelievre 4/9/2010
insatisfait de vos service vous m avez fait perdre un montant de 100.00 sur ma carte parce que il a eu un probleme d activaction de carte de credit j espere que vous serez indulgent a ma demande apres notre conversation telephonique le retard d une journee ne devra pas exclure le montant totale de mon compte vous devrez dans ses cas ci nous aviser avnt de tout prendre j ai toujours ete un tres bon client vous me decevez beaucoup j espere que vous serez tres comprehensif sinon j irai vers une autre compagnie nicolas lelievre

Paul 4/8/2010
Good service within Toronto area. In my opinion, VM tries to focus on the market for young customers. When you call customer service you'll hear the pre-recorded voice of a stupid teen asking you what "kinda" of music you would like to hear to chill out. But most of the time the young representatives don't know what to respond to unusual questions about contracts, credits to your account, plans outside Canada etc. In conclusion, VM Canada has very poor customer service.

Mike 4/3/2010
I bought a pay as you go phone in Florida so I would have a phone while there for the Winter. It worked very well but now that we are back in Canada it will not work ( I expected that). They say they will not refund the balance in my account and that the phone can not be activated in Canada either. That sucks.

Virgin are Thieves 3/25/2010
Do not take Virgin's preauthorized payment and automated top up option. Virgin allows and supports business from scam operations such as third party premium text messaging companies which steal people's cell phone identities and then send them crap text messages which get billed at $1.25 each. By the time people notice, they may have been billed for hundreds of dollars for useless services, and Virgin knows all about this and won't do anything about it. Maybe Virgin is cheap, but can't trust them. They steal your money in other ways.

Virgin are Thieves 2 3/25/2010
The scam third party company is Game On 33233 and maybe they and Virgin will soon have to answer to the RCMP about how they obtained my subscription to their crap text messaging service. People out there, vote with your wallets and avoid Virgin. They don't give a crap about you, so why should you care about them. These guys need to go back to business school and take Ethics 100 again. Probably cheated the first time.

Cathy 3/12/2010
I had great service for 1 1/2 yrs then everything went for a shit. Was on $20 auto top up + a $5 credit,then for some reason only $15 was taken and $2 credit. Then no credit and after many calls to customer service they can accept the fact that anything is wrong even tell ME that I never had a $20 auto top up in the past - I have the credit card bill to prove it. Also cannot check a detailed account of calls made or received anymore from the website. I've just had it with them. Plus, I know I'm not being charged .10 minute-it's much more and not way to prove it. It's robbery - not worthy of even 1 star. I'm so done with them. Don't bother with Vigin - it's not worth the agony.

disappointed!! 3/6/2010
I am so disappointed with Virgin Mobile! I have been a staunch advocate for about 5 years but the last 2 months have been absolutely ridiculous! Started out when one of our cell phones were stolen. Since they are both in my name it was no problem to cancel and have the balance moved over to the other phone until I purchased a new phone. I was told that when I called to activate the new phone they would put the money back on it from the previous balance. This being done, I was called the same evening and told that since my balance was so high to not bother paying and they would take the money off the balance until it got low enough then re-start charging it back to my credit card. Well...I've been going back and forth with Customer Service for about 2 months to get and keep the balance on my accounts! They keep saying it has run out...although they have my credit card number to charge should this be an issue. The problems are far too many and confusing to type up but suffice it to say that if I do not receive satisfaction I will cancel immediately and do without this hassle!! I only expect what is rightfully mine..I do not expect that they give me anything I have not bought and paid for. I am very, very disappointed!

Shannon 3/4/2010
The phone service is okay for the moat part but I don't reccomend the broadband2go. Like others have said, their tech support is useless. they don't respond in 24 to 48 hrs. They keep putting me off. Anyhow, it took a week and I was finally threatening them with the consumer protection agency. I finally got some emails but no calls. Then finally, I hit the right supervisor exactly one week after I had started calling in. He said that this was a regular problem. He put me on hold a few times to do some searching on his system and then he found a new code to enter in. Walla, it worked. But there is no reason I should or anyone else should have to go through that hassle. I give their tech support a bad mark. They knew I was mad and apparently they kept putting other clients ahead of me to avoid me......this was confirmed by another customer service rep. He agreed that this was unacceptable and bumped me up to priority.....still no response. Anyhow, Be firm with them. My problem was a simple mistake on their end. They started an account but didn't finish it on their end and the number they gave me did not resolve around in their system. Meanwhile, my stick was activated on that number and wouldn't let go of it. And there was no pull down to re-configure it. You need the code to reconfigure have to get that from virgin.

CH 3/3/2010
I really like Virgin mobile for a pay as you go option. I always have good reception and the price isn't bad. I had Bell as a pay as you go plan before and it seemed like I was always topping up my account. I haven't had to call their customer service though.

Brendan 2/26/2010
Virgin mobile is a "Rip Off", it charges for incoming calls!!
I phoned my partner the other day in an emergency but got cut off because her credit ran out...
Virgins customer service is one of the worst I have ever come accross. Richard Branson, get this sorted.

Guest 2/18/2010
!!!Virgin is a worst cheater from my experience. who posted the above info. about Virgin "Earliest Minute Expiration: Virgin Mobile Canada minutes expire according to the denomination in which they were bought. A 15 dollar top up expires in 45 days. A 25 dollar top up expires in 90 .."
they are wrong. Where can you find a $25 expires in 90 days??

Rachel 2/12/2010
i love virgin !
it's not so good if ur planning on calling/texting the states. but its fantastic for me... if you cant put money on it.. no problem.. whenever u get a card and all hooked up again just as you had.
And if you add up before it expires your set! I think it works well!!

Sarah 2/10/2010
Their plans are cheap in comparison to other companies in Canada but their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced.I tried to change from pay as you go to pay by the month and waited on hold for an hour, gave up, called back the next day to wait on hold for an hour and a half until the phone started ringing again to someone new (they dropped my call obv). Then, they finally change it but I find out three days later they have me running on two accounts at the same time.I call AGAIN and am told everything is fixed and it will work in half an hour-phone stops working completely. Now it's been two days, I keep phoning and am told I will be contacted but never am. Now, I'm on hold AGAIN and have wasted over 8 hours on the phone with these people. Further-they won't reimburse anything until I get the bill and then they'll "look into it".Terrible customer service! But the worst part is most companies in Canada are worse than them and double the pri9ce-like Telus.What ever happened to customer service in Canada? Seriously!

Todd 2/7/2010
Hello ppl! Well they did it again screwed another fairly long term user! So...... takes two months to get a lg bliss phone in for me!When they do of course the rebates "dissapear" and even worse the cost of the phone actually goes up!So now instead of the 149.00 cad. That i signed up for and took two months to get the darn thing, turns into o well that was then not now! (uh nope not taking that for an answer) So not letting that go i keep calling diligently to get this remedied, seems easy right, i mean i ordered it when it was happening right, so why should i be punished cause they are incompetant?Well after the two months of waiting for the phone to come in and a week of waiting for customer service to "OK" what was supposed to be mine anyway (the 50.00 online activation credit)I do actually get the credit, or rather we will see, they have "promised" to anyway, course they are not exactly trustworthy, as you know by now im sure!So ok fine i go to the kiosk in the mall to purchase the phone that took two months to get!WELL WELL now the phone has gone up in price instead of the 149.00 cad. i contracted to purchase it, "now" has no online activation credit ok i dealt with that, but now the phone has gained in price as well now going for 179.00So again back to customer service and another almost week to get back to me!!!FINALLY they get back to me "woooo" i feel so lucky (NOT)!They leave a message that they will credit the 50 as per previously mentioned and they will honor the 30 over charge and let me have it for the 149.00 i signed up for 2 months ago!I am thinking wow ok this almost has a end yay! LOL LOL LOL Ya right again NOT!So i go to get the phone which is a few citys over, yep a total pain been commuting back and forth and back and.........! So i get there again and find out oh no you dont get it for the price you contracted to buy it for, even though you fought customer service and won, you buy it for 179.00 and we will credit that 30 back to you! Ohhh i see you want a interest free loan on demand in other words! (hmmm does this seem fair where i do i demand one of these, would they do it for me LMAO) CLOWNS!!! So called customer service again and they will likely call sometime this week i assume who knows, in the meantime this is costing a wad driving around, i broke down and just bought it and i will bite the 30 i guess just want it to be over right!So ok i am now "ok'd" to recieve the $80 back when i activate it online! (so customer service says!)So i buy it anyway and activate it, and call 611 when i do get it and activated online as per the instructions given! WELL WELL SCREWED OVER AGAIN!!!! Oh they cant just do it, that will be another week for them to get back to me, to give me my credit of $80 now!!!The girl has the nerve to tell me oh not to worry just buy a card and that will make it happen faster!!! So now the $80 you screwed me for isnt enough you want more huh???WELL tell you what, i am writing on the net, and calling BBB whoever will listen, and "WARNING ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS OF VIRGIN MOBILE CANADA" BE AWARE! They WILL and in my case have....... lied, been ignorant,attempted to outright steal from there customers!!! They do not care at all, hands down the absolute positively worst cell company i have EVER dealt with! SHAME ON YOU VIRGIN MOBILE CANADA!!!There biggest mistake was messing with me i will not let this go! I have all the proof of there incompetance to date and am looking to take some of there money now!!! IE: POTENTIAL VICTIMS/CUSTOMERS!!If anyone has any ideas of how to get a band of us together and fight this crooked company(in my opinion) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME!!!Thanks for your time to read this! I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP or suggestions regarding this matter! Sincerly Todd N [email protected]

neutral 2/4/2010
Been with virgin for 2 years. Virgin has gradually gotten worse - Welcome to Bell. The lower expiry dates and increasing rates are wrecking what used to be a great pre-paid company.

Bobbie 2/1/2010
Absolutely horrible customer help. Website has tons of "broken links" and changing credit card information is next to impossible. The only thing worse than dealing with their "friendly" website is talking to their helpline people. Actually spoke to a supervisor who when asked about something in their "legal" section of the website said, "don't make me read it"; then finally said "if I have to read it you'll be on hold 30 minutes" - refused to give their name; not only put me on hold 30 minutes, but then disconnected the phone line. (And no, this wasn't from a foreign location - it was from their Canadian help location!) ... I pursued and filed a formal complaint (not an issue thing to find and do), and never heard back from them. Absolutely would not do business with them again - stay away!

bos$$ 1/18/2010
virgin sucks! explain how money expires?they have new names for theft now...
I don't f with virgin cuz it sucks!
(the f above means fool of course)

WaNdA 1/13/2010
I had a problem with some charges a couple months back. The person I spoke to told me biling would contact me, after waiting a week I got a call from a young kid named Gordon or something He was like a stick in the mud, he wouldn't listen to anything I said. I ended up cancelling my phone because of this guy who wouldn't give me a measly $9. I used to believe in their customer service but I was really let down by this situation. After spending over $50 a month I expected more.

Mabel 1/8/2010
LG rumor phones totally unreliable, they freeze up during incoming texting and the company sends you broken loaners that take a week to arrive then you have to wait another week to get another loaner and hope it works, bad service from this company!

Lee MacLeod 1/2/2010
Aug. 15 I bought a phone and 100 minutes. Oct.15 my service was cut off. Phoned the call centre 3 times in the Phillipines and got no help, no supervisor and told to go to the store where I bought the phone. I went to the store and they said they did not keep copies of the bill. The sales rep gave me the Toronto head office number and I faxed the record of my debit account transaction to Accounts. One month later I have no phone and no satisfaction. VM still has my money.

T S 1/1/2010
Virgin Mobile Canada SUCKS!!!They are owned by Bell Canada, which explains their service.I recently returned two phones and cancelled my plan with them, because of their lies and misleading advertising.Stay away from this company...they are not worth your time, they are LIARS and do not honour their stated commitment.

GM 12/31/2009
Zero stars.VM reps will outright lie to you to achieve their ends (which is to get you off the phone without doing anything for you while all being nice and courteous to not trigger any alarms). You can read my full experience here: them if you can (but of course our choices are limited in Canada).

Tanya Hvilivitzky 12/22/2009
If I could rate Virgin's service with a -5 stars I would. I was sold a $150 Bliss phone after being told it would support the email application. I find out days later that this was not true and after calling Virgin customer service 10 times, I had to ask for an apology from the supervisor for the huge inconvenience in my time. I will be taking my phone back for a refund and will go with another carrier.....

lana 12/16/2009
I just bought a virgin mobile phone yesterday and i put myself on a monthly plan for unlimited texting. I don't use my phone for calling mainly just texting. the sad part is I can't recieve texts from anyone else other than my 2 friends that are also on virgin mobile. I can't text Sasktel phone and mostly everyone I know is with Sasktel. I've called Virgin Mobile repeatly only to be told that there must be something wrong with Sasktels company. This is stupid. I want my money back. Oh And My Friends with the other Virgin phones can text anyone on any network. Whats up with mine ? SOMEONE HELP. please:)

Robert 12/1/2009
Pro: Good cheap unlimited web, lets you know when long distance when calling out. Cons: Sent out an email saying I could get a new phone upgrade for no charge, no one knows anything about it. Staff lying when they say they can't call admin about it, have to wait for emails to be replied to...give me a break. I don't think there unlimited plans are the best anymore, so this guy is looking.

Kevin 11/26/2009
I have been with virgin mobile as a prepaid customer for over a year. For the past several they have been incorrectly charging me for calls made to or from my girlfriend who is a Rogers customer. First time this happened they told me it was because she was out of my local calling area. I pointed out she had a local number and did not have to put a 1 before the number so how could it be a long distance call. They told me she needed to call Rogers as the problem was on her phone. They suggested she change her number to a local number - I again explained it was a local number and there was a problem on Virgin's part not Rogers. They credited me back the money and said they put a note on the account. Last night (with $22 in my account) I spoke with my girlfriend for 45 minutes and lo and behold the message comes on i was out of minutes. And of course because it was after 9pm there was no one to call to remedy this.This morning I spoke to someone and now they are admitting its a technical issue and they will remedy it and they also credited my account back. The problem is I rely on my phone and cannot afford to have it run out of minutes and not allow me to text etc because of a glitch on their part. I have become very dissatisfied with Virgin. My ex and my children have Virgin mobile phones and they are having the same problem - Virgin has lost me as a customer as I have went to Rogers and their MY5 plan.Sorry Virgin - you lost this once loyal customer to the competition :(

amil 11/25/2009
This is my experience for 6 months with VM.I had a contract for 3 years and I had no choice than to cancel it. It can't get worse than this :
- misinformation,
- constant errors in invoices,
- no follow-ups,
- denial of facts,
- complicated system,
- over-charging without consent from the client,
- very, very bad client service. Even though the clerks/agents were trying their best, they were not trained properly to do the job. Some specific issues are as follows:- Charged my visa twice.
- In my last bill, they charged me late fees when they are getting paid automatically via my visa.
- under Service adjustment, they charged me a new option (Paper Bill) which I have never asked for.
- Despite the payment of the total amount from last bill, they showed it as outstanding and added it to the total balance.
- Many other charges were not acceptable such as the Premium Text, long distance charges, etc.
- We were told that after 7PM and during the week-end, we can call any time for free. We were supposed to get a bill of $35/month. We ended up by having bills of 300$, 400$ and even 800$. When we tried to get clarification, we were told that when we exceed the "quota", we get charged at any time during the week...Since the inception of the account with VM, I had been noticing major errors in the administration of my bills. More than once, I have been billed twice. I brought the issue to their attention and requested correction. They didn't make the correction. The issue remained outstanding. I warned them that if this type of errors would continue, I would have to cancel the contract with no penalties. They ignored me... i find their practices not honouring the terms of the contract. They failed to perform the obligations as agreed to within the contract.These multiple breaches are unacceptable and I requested by mail the contract to be rendered null and void with no additional charges to me.They kept ignoring me.Whatever the case was, I lost trust in them and I wanted to cancel immediately the contract.They kept sending me bills even though my son was not using the phone.I called them many times. One of the conversation was with Mr. Masih Abed, a collection agent within the company. It was an attempt from me in resolving the issue.The conversation with Mr. Abed was not professional at all. He was not listening to me and kept saying that I threatened them to have my lawyer deal with the issue. What's wrong with saying having my lawyer deal with the issue when I couldn't get an acceptable explanation. I was explaining to him the issue based on e-mails i sent to them and was asking for an explanation about the double billing and the confusion created around my bill. He lost his temper and kept repeating over and over that since i was threatening to have my lawyer talk to them, i should not talk to him and to let my lawyer deal with the issue. He was so impolite and unprofessional. I tried to get an explanation so that i can resolve the issue right away. I asked him to focus on the solution. He kept just focussing on minor issues that made the conversation impractical. The conversations i had over the phone with any agents were mostly always evasive and unproductive.I just kept getting bills with interest charges and charges for options I haven't picked myself. And then, I get told that these options are by default in the contract. I didn't ask for paperbill for example.Anyway, to make the story short, I paid all the charges and closed my account. In addition to that, I was supposed to receive a final bill by mail for the contract cancellation charges. I have never seen the bill/invoice. They kept calling me by phone threatening me to transfer any outstanding balance to a collection agency. Not even once, have I received a letter from them explaining what happened. They kept just sending ebills even after my account was closed. I tried to access the system but access was denied because my account was blocked or closed. Since I had no time or money to get my lawyer involved, i had to pay the final bill without knowing the cost breakdown of what I was paying for. All of that to avoid the collection agency. I was acting with all honesty. They were taking advantage of people like me.

Cody 11/4/2009
I have the Samsung m510 for virgin mobile Canada and i like it. i like how the $7 unlimited web is truely UNLIMITED for everything... even apps like opera mini where i can download 8MB mp3's at no extra cost. i think its just them being stupid enough to not put limits like On-device browsing like all the other companys do:P, i wouldn't be surprised if you could get it to tether it to your computer under that unlimited browsing. cellphone signal is low(1-2bars) in alot of windsor ontario but i think thats just bell since they use bell towers.

Jenny 11/3/2009
i would give it 0 stars Hi i have been with virgin for 2 years now have had non stop problem with the phoneS and the servis and not one probley i have had has been fix. when i asked to speack to a surperviser or a manager he told me i have to call repeatedly till she was not on the phone he could not tranfer me or put me on hold anyone thinking of getting virgin please dont im the only person i know with virgin and not saprize the only one with problem im getting a new phone this weekend with a different companie sry for spelling misstakes and grammer

rykk 10/20/2009
On October 19, 2009 in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada - I went to a Virgin Mobile store to accomplish a simple transaction. Buy a pay as you go phone for my brother in the hospital.
Note I have never had a pay as you go phone.
I asked at the store for advice, they suggested a phone and then when thru the various pre-payment options. Finding out small amounts disappeared if not used during the month.It turned out if I chose the $100.00 amount it would last until used or a full year. Anyway – NOT TO WORRY I HAD 6 MONTHS TO RETURN IT IF I WAS NOT SATSIFIED. I said I would buy the phone they suggested with the $100.00 amount. I asked if they would set everything up as I had no clue now to and did not have the time to do it as I was going to the hospital to give it to my brother. They said yup, no problem. I paid them $167.99 and they set up the phone.
I asked them to demonstrate making a call. They said wait from 15min to ½ an hour and I would receive a text message – then the phone would work.
Two hours later in the hospital I tried the phone before giving it away (note I had not received a text message I was aware of – being unfamiliar with the phone I assumed I missed it). On dialling any number it told me to contact Bell Canada at a specific number. I called Bell Canada and they could find no record of the phone and when they found I had purchased it from Virgin gave me the Virgin number to call. I called Virgin and they said it could take up to two hours to activate and to wait. Another two hours later I called Virgin again as the phone still did not work. Got someone else who said they would look into it and it would work soon. Two hours later I called Virgin again – This time when they looked they could find no record of my or the phone but said lets go thru the whole activation sequence again. They did it, assigned another number to the phone and assured me they had moved it to priority status and just to wait a short while and all would be well.
Note I purchased the phone at 10:00 in the morning, I had spend at least an hour and a half waiting or talking to customer support – it was now 4:00 in the afternoon and nothing worked.
Finally at 6:00 I returned to the Virgin store to return the phone. At this point it became interesting. The store would only accept the phone purchase price $62.99 – not the $105.00 phone usage (yes it includes tax). I argued for about an hour with the store and Virgin customer support – both refused to do anything about it even though I had no Virgin phone.
The only suggestion I got (from Virgin Customer Support) was – walk around the mall and find someone to buy the $100.00 time.
As the rating level will not allow me to give them -105 - I will go with the lowest possible 1.

Ramona 10/17/2009
Nope never again. Virgin is a bad phone company to hook with. It would be ok if you had real Virgin Customer Service, But they probably hire contract company's who have "this is how to answer this question and that, Because as the same as some these people. They promised to replace my phone, they would send an envelope in the de dah. Never came EVER...So no Virgin for this gal

kehr wren 10/14/2009
I signed on with Virgin prepaid the summer of 2008 and was enthused then, but things have deteriorated beyond tolerance. The LG Rumor screen tanked ... went to the kiosk three times to request service ... no courier envelope ever arrived and records of request lost (though the kiosk person remembered putting in the requests). Finally, warranty expired. Then the LG Rumor's battery tanked ... went from fully charged to empty after less than 30 seconds of use. THE LAST STRAW: I took advantage of special offer to credit $5 if I bought $20 ... bought two of these offers, but Virgin didn't credit and their "investigation" refused to acknowledge. Virgin refused to accept my bank statements as proof, so Virgin robbed me of $28. ALSO: several losses of use due to tech problems ... Virgin said was my fault because I should have only changed one plan option at a time on the web site, made sure that option worked, then select another plan option. It took over two weeks for them to straighten things out, while I was without the services for which I paid. No credit for the lost service though. CONCLUSION: has really tanked since the full Bell takeover, stay far away ... also, Fido plans now more competitive and has much better phones. STAY AWAY FROM VIRGIN. Don't be seduced by the JD Powers ratings ... those are ancient history.

Bryan 10/13/2009
Virgin mobile i'd have to say is the best company i've been with, i have free texting in and outside of canada, no roaming fees at all, i was with rogers before and got a wonderful bill of $1400 for their own doings, i would highly suggest virgin mobile, service is great, customer service is good, no disapointments at all

Jenn 10/9/2009
I got my first phone with virgin shortly after they started providing cellular service in canada. I loved them at the time, because they had great rates, their customer service was fast and extremely helpful. But gradually their service has gone south and they have continually increased their prices. I found out a few months ago that Bell had purchased a large share of the Virgin Mobile in Canada, and recently they purchased the rest of it, so now it is owned by Bell. For everyone in Saskatchewan who has a prepaid phone or is looking at one, please read the following as it is very important. To many people unfortunately don't know this information or even bother to look it up.
Q. Do these rules apply to pre-paid telephone cards?A. Yes. It is the position of the Consumer Protection Branch that the legislation is of general application and applies to pre-paid telephone cards. Q. What if a consumer buys a card that has an expiry date?A. Many retailers currently have a stock of cards that show an expiry date. They can sell the cards they already have, even if they show an expiry date. But the expiry date cannot be enforced on cards bought on or after November 10, 2008. We suggest that consumers keep their receipts as these show the purchase date. We encourage businesses selling a pre-paid purchase card after November 10, 2008, to advise customers that any expiry date on the card does not apply. I have had to report Virgin Mobile for breaking the law and corporations that do not obey the law, can be fined. Just as an FYI. I don't have an issue with my balance expiring, but my husband has easily lost over $100 in credits. I decided to look into the gift card/prepaid card law and found the above information. Since then I have had to call Virgin monthly to advise them to extend his expiry date as per the law, and every month is a fight. At first they said terms and conditions terms and conditions, now they say that they do not have to obey our law if they have terms and conditions that contradict the law...hmmm seems totally wrong to me. The issue has been escalated to billing several times and still they don;t bother to verify the Saskatchewan law, and they are just a pain in the ass. I have complained to a manager 2 days ago and still no response from "billing", and I have also emailed them the above links to the government site and to a pdf copy of the above mentioned ACT, and still no response. Honestly for value virgin has been the best, but for all the hassle and their extensive deterioration in customer service almost makes it not even worth dealing with them. Not to mention the tripling of their rates for virgin to virgin prepaid customers. Before it was 5 cents a text and as of November it will be 15 cents. YUM ya that is three times as much. Bell has definitely ruined this company and the reputation that they built before Bell even had their fingers in the Virgin Mobile Corporation. I just received a call from the "billing" department to say they are not breaking the law, since they are not enforcing the expiry till after the consumer redeems the cards by applying it to the card, again it is not correct since we have prepaid for a service they are taking the money away after x amount of days even though they are not allowed to. I could keep going, but I will stop, so if you are from Saskatchewan and are having issues with Virgin please report them, and avoid them as much as you can.

Danny Roy 9/24/2009
My daughters brand new Rumor2(2 months old)suddenly died with no known issues.I googled the problem and found nothing.I called Customer service and demanded a new phone before I left the Kiosk.Well,no phone."We will send you a return package....blah,blah!"Needless to say I wasn't happy.Ironically enough I was going to get an additional 3yr Blackberry plan that same night.I was quick to tell them that it wasn't going to happen...which it didn't.And we will not be renewing our phone plan either.Terrible customer satisfaction(oxymoron in Virgin's case)A two month old phone should be replaced immediately,no questions asked,if you ask me.

Alex 9/17/2009
Disclaimer: the review is limited to client service mostly. When I received mail-ordered handset and activated it, I called Telus to say Goodbye - and they offered to match the Virgin's rate plan. Monthly cost was the only reason to switch, so I didn't use the Virgin phone and called Virgin to return the handset. Then the "fun" began.Website says "... for returns, just fill the forms included in your start-up kit". There was none included. 1st call - service rep promised to pass my request "upstairs", who would call me back in a few hours - but she didn't pass it upstairs.
2.1 call - service rep passed the request "upstairs".
2.2 - call (incoming) from Sales - "sure, well send you the kit".
10 days go by - no kit.
3rd call to service rep - promised to pass my call "upstairs".
10 days go by - no kit and no call from "upstairs".
4th call to service rep - promised to pass my call "upstairs", who wold call me back in a few hours.
3 days go by - no call from "upstairs".
5th call to service rep - another promise, and 3 days later the kit arrives by Purolator. Bad idea, 'cause I'm not always home to receive it. Kit included prepaid (!!) Purolator envelope - bad idea, 'cause I had to drive out to the closest Purolator counter (Canada Post Offices don't accept it).Throughout all the phone calls, every time same questions and answers - as if service reps dis't have any records of my previous calls.Automated service call network is lame - "enter your phone number and PIN"... (voice menu is trying to go on again if you don't dial the number VERY fast); after a few steps through the menu again "... now enter your phone number and PIN", then eventually the agent picks up and asks my phone number and PIN.Billing complaints - none (I didn't actually use the service), and I didn't expect billing problems. My plan was simple - 200 free minutes a month, no text, roaming or browsing (don't need this crap). $20 automatically debited from chequing bank account once a month - no hypothetical problems like when credit card is not recognized.Perks - they can take perks away any time. There was $150 service credit promised on the website when I ordered the handset, plus $25 when I activate the phone. When the phone arrived, $150 promise was gone from the website. My activation page displayed the message "you have $90 credit", but only $50 credit was deposited (I didn't use it, but 50 isn't 90, right)? I'm giving 4 stars as a courtesy - assuming that coverage is good (I didn't try it), and that my simple plan wouldn't cause any confusion or overbilling.

Alex 9/17/2009
PS: I had a Prepaid rate plan, but it works like a post-paid (only no System Access Fee). Same fixed amount debited from account every month, same 200 free minutes a month (I never exceeded 120-140 minutes in the last few years). So, any billing irregularities would be easy to notice. On the 2nd thought, - I'd give 3 stars (not 4), 'cause moronic phone calls with service agents took me a month, were annoying, and it is possible that this would happen once in a while if I were to go with this provider.

Ash 9/16/2009
I have no idea what to go for all providers are the same sh** different smell

brenda andrews 9/14/2009
this sucks i put $ 25.00 on my phone and never used it for 3 days tried to make a phone call and i did'nt have enough to make the call and this is the only way i could reach u. so i would appreciate a e-mail in resonse to this . i am not happy, and i am looking into other phones

?? 9/13/2009
is jessica a virgin mobile company head trying to make virgin mobile look good????

Jessica 9/12/2009
I happen to have talked to some awesome reps that know EXACTLY what they are talking about. I LOVE Virgin Mobile.

AG 9/6/2009
i have been with the virgin mobile company since 2006 always on the prepaid service(actually its just recently that virgin mobile canada changed from having no contracts and promoting that to having contract plans as well as prepaid service) i always thought thier customer service was the best the people were always understanding and extremily nice they were all in our country what i mean is they didnt have accents so u could understand them now theyre customer service call centers are in philipines as well as toronto so half the time they dont understand you i have always been charged right with them until this year when i noticed i would go on the 200 minute for 20.00 plan and not even get 100 minutes and get charged the pay per minute rate of .30 per minute so i phoned and what they did was tell me i would have to add up all the times i was missed charged and phone them back so they could credit my account so i waited to get the usage report so i could tally things which took forever to get and a lot of calling but i did after a fight get my money back so all went well for months and then i went on the text plan 100 texts for 5.00 to be exact and the same sort of thing hapend i would send only a few texts before i was charged the .15 charge for each text even though i had bought a texting plan so i phoned and i had to ask for a ussage report i didnt get it so i phoned again they made another request into the billing department which i to couldnt speak to directly anyway i got the usage adventually added things up phoned in and asked for my $ back they had to make a request into u guessed it the billing department now i didnt get a call from the billing deparentment so i phoned back and by the way the whole texting issue customer reps were in phillipines they just told me to wait patiently every time i called then one day i just said enough is enough i want to speak with a supervisor i didnt get to speak with one directly but i was told i would get phoned back by one i never did so i phoned again and said look i was suppose to get a call from a supervisor then they told me i would get a call from billing with in the next 2 dys and i did they told me i was only missed charged 4.00 even though one of thier reps added everything up after arguing with me and found that i was charged over 20.00 i phoned back and told the rep this he said no sir billing never makes a mistake they make the final decision so basically its like going to court theyre the judge i said look your own rep added everything up and found i was charged over 20.00 he just told me again they never make mistakes i couldnt believe it i said we al make mistakes no sir billing never makes mistakes so i hung up after asking for his name i have been charged since june wrongly and it hasnt been fixed yet also back in may when i got charged for the 200 minutes every time i would make a call they emailed my usage report to the wrong person this person emailed them back telling them they did i mean that was my personal information so with all that has gone wrong in the past year more like 6 months i would like to file a complaint with someone other than virign mobile who can look into this someone who can hold them accountable if you look at this companies complaints its 90% all from incorrect charges i believe they do this because the average person might not assume they were charged wrong and simply thinks they used all theyre minutes or texts or dollars and its time to top up and i think thats how they get away with it
so i close with this
Sadly, Virgin mobiles customer service has degraded over time and now has the worst customer service reps that I have ever dealt with. They are uninformed, disinterested and generally worthless.ALSO WHY DO THEY HAVE CALL CENTERS IN MELANIE PHILLIPINES BECUASE THE MINIUM WAGE THEYRE IS PATHETIC THEY ARE LITERALLY TREATING THEYRE EMPLOYES LIKE CRAP THERE WHY? BECAUSE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH ITVIRGIN MOBILE IS MISLEADING,MISTREATING,PATHETIC AND CARELESSTHANK YOU

Gordon in Nelson 8/26/2009
READ THE FINE PRINT, now your are in business! My Prepaid has served me well for 4 yrs, while working, then in retirement. Remember these phones are not toys, so use common sense. I carry a VOX LD card which offers $.04/min for babbling on. Oh, and I don't use my VM to notify people I am buying groceries or in a coffee shop line. I do carry a list when shopping and use a land line to check for messages. And did I mention READ THE FINE PRINT!!

Mike 8/23/2009
Broke down on the 401 yesterday. I was outside my calling area. No problem I picked up my Virgin phone. I have the $20 a month plan that is taken off my credit card each month. Tried to dial and I am told I do not have enough funds left to make the call. I have to buy some time and top up my phone. They ask for my pass word. I am stuck in the middle of a 4 lane highway. A man comes up to me and I use his cell phone to call for help. When I get home I phone Virgin. A nice lady who tells me I can't make long distance calls on a $20 a month plan unless I buy a top up. This was news to me. Last year I was in another calling area, had a death in the family and phoned the UK on my $20 plan.I asked, since they had my credit card already when they bill me, why could they just not deduct the long distance cost from my card. I was told "can't do that" you have to buy a top up for long distance outside my calling area. Again I am in a dangerous situation, in heavy traffic. I don't have time to be loading up minutes. I was told to just buy a $100 top up and I have a year to use it up.Thats almost $9.00 a month on top of the $20 a month I pay. (just in case I need to make a long distance call.I cancelled at once...Any suggestions who I should go now? I refuse to pay SAF's.Maybe I should wait for "Wind" to start up.I guess I just just to blond.

R Brentnall 8/14/2009
The worst phone as well as company that you can be a cutomer too.I had a $20 a month plan for 200 anytime minutes.I made 4 phone calls totaling no more than 40 minutes and my balance was down to.20 cents.No deal.This company is the worst

Kool 8/12/2009
I loaded my $100 pay as you go (valid for 365days) end of Feb/09. Only to find out I only have $0.20 left as of Aug.1/09. The phone is only used occasionally for emergencies so I expected it to last over 1 year no problem.Never knew I would have to pay $2.00 to view my transaction history for the last 60 days only, then I would have to pay $2.00/report for each subsequent week report. This would mean I have to pay over $25.00 to try & find out where they siphoned off all my money. Is this legal???

Diane Skeol 8/5/2009
After more than 3 years with virgin my phone broke down and basically, they told me to get new one.... Koodo offers me a new phone with a similar plan and theyre plans are generally cheaper.

Don of Kelowna 7/31/2009
I've been with VM for more than 3 yrs with little or no problems that have not been successfully dealt with. My "plan" is 60$/mo that includes unlimited texting and unlimited incoming daytime calls. A bit steep, yes, but still the most cost effective pay-as-you-go in Canada in my opinion!

Theo 7/29/2009
I've been a Virgin customer since fall 2007. It was good at first. The rates were good and the plans reasonable. Recently they've been going down hill. Two examples:First off, they supposedly support roaming within major cities in Canada. This was fine in Toronto last year. But when I recently went to Winnipeg (no jokes please, it's on Virgin's coverage map), I got no service at all. Nor did my partner. All we got were recordings from MTS saying that our provider was not recognized by their network. Virgin customer service was not able to help. Nor was MTS's.At some point while I was in Winnipeg Virgin snatched my balance. Of course this was my fault and it was only a few bucks, but I will point out that had my phone been working, I'd have gotten their reminder message.Secondly, since getting back, I've been trying to top-up my phone. I've tried every day for a week, but with no success. I tried to top-up in three ways: Via the handset, by logging onto their website, and by calling customer support. All customer support systems seem to go down at once.All in all, I've had no service for a month.I finally managed to talk to someone only by pretending (to the phone system) that I was a new customer and then waiting a long time listening to highly distorted muzac. One shouldn't have to jump through such hoops, just to pay one's bill.

Stephen 7/27/2009
All cell phone companies will give you trouble, or all cell phone companies will give you happiness. I've used them all often holding 2 companies at the same time, all reimbursed for business purposes. As of July 2009 Virgin has the least expennsive plans when compared to Bell, Rogers, Petro-Canada and Sears Canada. I signed up for the 10$ per month plan, I get back 5$ per month for 30 months on account, and while I have no free minutes, paying 10cents per minute is not unreasonable. It's not a service for a blabbermouth teenager, but it serves the purpose well for others. I use the telephone at work for outgoing calls from 9-5, I use the telephone at home for outgoing calls, and I have a Bell Long-Distance card which I use from payphones for 5cents per minute calls anywhere in North America. Do your homework, set yourself up properly and you will survive.

Maureen Vivona 7/16/2009
I am extremely disappointed with Virgin Mobile's customer service. I purchased a pay-as-you-go phone at Costco in Kitchener, Canada. I told the young man I had a heart condition and only wanted it for emergencies and to call my husband. At 63, I'm not interested in texting and don't even know how to do it. I noticed that my phone seemed to be buzzing a lot and was surprised to see a sign that said textmessage coming up. I did not pay attention to it because I wouldn't even know how to receive it! When I went to buy $100 worth of minutes to last me a year I was told I had only $10 worth of minutes left even though I had only used the phone six or seven times. The young lady at customer service was insistent that I had to pay for these unsolicited texts from a company called Text and Win??? Some were $5.00. This is ridiciulous. I never gave my approval to such texts and never opened them. Do you pay for a long distance call if nobody answers? I got nowhere with her and was told my complaint would go to another department but that they would give me the same answer. I have disconnected my phone but I want my money back. This is fraud. Perhaps the people working these kiosks get a commission for giving out numbers just registered to new cell phone users. None of my family members have ever experienced this with Koodo or Speak Out and they text all the time. Solution?

Henry 7/16/2009
On Virgin Mobile's instructions, I sent my LG160 phone in for warranty service to Cellulab in Montreal on June 2, more than six weeks ago. Virgin said warranty repairs take 2-3 weeks. I called Cellulab for status, they did not call back and since late June there is no answer at Cellulab's service desk. I don't know if they received it or are working on it. Over the past two weeks Virgin Mobile's customer service has been telling me that their back office will look into it (No response, cannot talk to them); that I would get a call from a supervisor (No one called back); just sit tight and wait (Until when?). Avoid this company.

tnrd 7/13/2009
i got virgin prepaid when it first came to canada - very cheap and reliable. but they slowly raised prices and shortened the length of how long a card would last. just struck me as a typical corporate money grab. i'm looking elsewhere now. but maybe they are all the same?

Mud Man Mike 7/8/2009
I got the Samsung m300 with the $15 pay-as-you go dealio. I had no problems getting the $25 start-up bonus either. I use my credit card to top off every month, and it is working with no problems, that is, as long as I stay in Canada. Drive 5 minutes past the US border, all signals are gone except for a chick's voice saying that you can use your credit card to pay for long distance calls. Take that same phone for a ride across the Atlantic, and now it becomes a glorified alarm clock as it will not even try to find a provider.The phone itself is nothing to write home about, but it works well enough for a cheap phone. I had switched to this method after leaving a Bell plan that was costing me $200 a month, so i really can't complain about the service I am not receiving through the pay-as-you-go. I would give my experience 3.5 stars (if .5's were an option here)

Solid Snake 6/30/2009
When you are arogant and greedy as Virgin Mobile is, one day you end up losing everything. I can't stress this part enough: "these people are a scam and will legally rip you off." Still, should you choose to take up the challenge, chances are soon you will feel frustrated, then helpless, and ultimately ignored.Stay away at all cost.

mel 6/2/2009
I would give Virgin negative stars if I could. I started a pre-paid account with them just over a month ago in Manitoba. From day one, I have not been able to receive a text that was not from Virgin. I have called customer service at least 10 times about this, and was finally given tech support which don't return my calls. As soon as my minutes are up, I am going to switch to a different provider. Do NOT get Virgin if you live in Manitoba.

Amy 5/31/2009
I really like Virgin's customer service. Never had a problem calling in. Lack of phones is my only problem with them. Come on Virgin, release a new phone!

Ann 5/15/2009
As a pay as you go customer, it is the most expensive and frustrating plan. We only use it sparingly, because you put $15 on the card and it declines by 40 cents every day and when you go to use your phone OOPS you have no money left. The phone was expensive and we love it, but I had a hard time trying to contact them as we did not have the password, I found nothing on their site that tells you the balance declines daily. I have pay as you go on Telus I put $10 on my phone and it lasts for a month and I pay only for usage. Much better price. Virgin should also WARN you about this practice when you buy a phone card.

AMY 5/14/2009
I havent had many problems with Virgin Mobile recently, but before was another story. Their anytime rate is really expensive and their plans now are more expensive than they were b4. Also, the csr dont know much about the plans, phones and company and are only interested in selling you a phone and lockin you into a contract. The best advice I can give you for buying a phone from any company is to buy it from a store if you can. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can go 2 the store and complain directly to them. If they refuse to serve you, then you can make a scene, which will definetely get you your money back. I was using MSN Messenger with my prepaid RZR when they messed up nicely on my billing and the whole $25 that I jsut put on my phone was gone within an hour. I called customer service to get this fixed but this didnt change anything as they kept me on the phone for hours. I had to call repeatedly and the cs reps just acted as if they couldnt do anyting. So I went to the store and got the dumbass at the booth to fix everything for me. He made the call to the customer service and I got my money back within 30 mins. THe best companies in Canada are Telus for CDMA and Fido for GSMAnother piece of advice is to go on prepaid for a couple of months before goin on a plan. Buy you phone outright instead of goin on a 3 year contract so you can get the phone for free or for cheap. That way if anything goes bad, you can always chuck the phone or sell it without having to pay 300 to get off your contract. IF you go on a contract, then you'll be paying way more than the phone is acutally worth. Another thing is buy your phone online. THe LG rumour is sellign for about 150 on some sites while Virgin is charging 299 for it, and it is old technology. Most of the phones available on North American markets, esp here in Canada, are of VERY old technology and inferior quality to ones found in Europe and Asia. IF you buy a phone online, you'll be getting a better deal on a better phone. Hope this helps

Max 5/8/2009
Sadly, Virgin customer service has degraded over time and now has the worst customer service reps that I have ever dealt with. They are uninformed, disinterested and generally worthless.

max 5/8/2009
Sorry, that was supposed to be a one star rating (no stars is not an option).Sadly, Virgin customer service has degraded over time and now has the worst customer service reps that I have ever dealt with. They are uninformed, disinterested and generally worthless.

maloga 5/7/2009
i need a phone 4 20 dollars

Daniel 4/19/2009
Virgin Mobile's prepaid plans are terrible for those of us who don't talk much due to the short expiry days. If you want 1 year expiry you have to buy the $100 topup. For comparison, 7-11 offers 1 year expiry on $20. Petro Canada Mobility offers 120 day expiry on their $20 topup which is not as good as 7-11 but still much better than Virgin Mobile.I am switching from VM to 7-11 or Petro Canada for this reason.

Cheryl Thertell 4/13/2009
I would like everyone that reads these message that Virgin Mobile is on of the worse cell phone company.
I have Only been a member since Sept 2009 and I have already hade enough!
I paid close to $200 dollars to this company due to I miss two months.
I make a payment online through my bank and I call to have my phone turned back on with a ref number and they won't.
I can't understand at all..
My husband has an account through Telus and they are amazin they took his ref number and turned his phone back on!
Thats a great cell phone company!
wait a go Telus kepp up the good work!

ten count 3/26/2009
Signed up in 2006 during the "honeymoon period" mostly to get the no-frills Nokia phone and the long-lasting air time. I was happy for about 8 months and then they started chipping away at the air time expiry until it basically became just another pre-paid service with a DEFACTO $15/month requirement unless you buy the $100 (while also raising the per-minute rate).Basically I feel like I was bait-n-switched only to end up with a service pretty much just like Bell, Fido, Telus among others. Ever since Virgin branched into fixed rate plans, they have been systematically degrading the deal for pre-paid customers in an apparent effort to "graduate" them onto daily or monthly rate plans. When the phone or battery dies, I will ditch Virgin and get either Speak Out or Petro Canada. The best part has been the NOKIA 6015i - this thing is indestructable!! My friends with fancy phones have to keep replacing them 2-3 times a year on average. This thing has been dropped many times, has twice fallen into a snowbank, I have sat on and even slept on it (with over 250lbs) a few times - I only wish I could use it for another provider. I must also admit that above ground reception has been awesome and delivery of calls, voice and text messages has been more reliable than what my friends on the Rogers network get.However, what I care about most is airtime expiry - being able to "nurde a $2 balance for weeks if I'm too broke to buy a $15 card and still have voicemail & caller ID. So this is my last Virgin.

Walter B. 3/24/2009
Everything was fine until one day I got a text from them saying that there was a "problem" with my credit card. [march 2009] I called my card company and they said there was no problem at all. So Virgin has a problem. I call them at their 611 service and get this really annoying "fake" friendly recording that sounds a bit like a teenage horror movie and after 45 minutes on the phone with one brain dead helper after another I am finally told that I can no longer use the Visa card that I use for everything. I can assure you that my credit is excellent and there is no problem whatsoever with my card. They then suggest that I go find a prepaid card somewhere (in other words, buzz off).... great! So now I am dropped off their little plan. This happened spontaneously for no reason whatsoever, there is nothing wrong with my card and there have been no chanmges. Then one of my friends told me.... Virgin is dropping hundreds of people off prepaid Visa card based plans so that they can get them back onto paying 30 cents a minute!!!!! Wow! There are now thousands of people with the same story. Even worse, they will waste hours of your time and never tell you that it is their policy to screw you this way. This is totally dishonest and makes Virgin no different than any of the other cell companies out there. I no longer have any loyalty to Virgin and will be switching out to another company right away. Watch out for Virgin; dishonesty and lack of service with a creepy smile.

John5 3/13/2009
im wandering if anyone can answer my question. i like in winnipeg, manitoba canada and im currently with MTS phone company. they told me i can hook up a virgin mobile phone through them(MTS). does anyone know how good virgin phones work on with mts? can anyone answer my question please

Pets41 3/10/2009
Virgin Mobile charged my credit card over $900. in extra fees in one month, and refused to even discuss the problem with me. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office. Do not do business with these people.


Donald M. 3/5/2009
Turned in my LG150 for the 160. Went online & followed the prompts to activate it. Entered the correct ESN # but received their classic "Oops" message. Checked My Account in the 160 which read "Connection Failed". Dialed ALL of their trouble numbers to find out why, received the idiot prerecorded replies. Finally after 30 minute wait made contact with foreign sounding woman amidst background noise so bad I couldn't communicate with her. Out of frustration I tossed the LG160 in a bottom drawer and went back to President's Choice Mobile.

JS 3/1/2009
horrible experience.
ordered a prepaid phone online - supposedly have $25 activation credit on it.
Nooo - they said you have to top up to get the $25 activation credit. WTF!top up $15. still no *bonus* $25.The waiting on customer service is long.they are polite, but can not (or will not) help you.I will not recommend it.

S.E. 2/23/2009
Watch out with Virgin Mobile. They suck you in. Then when you win the dispute, and think it's over, you get harrassed because NOONE KNOWS WHAT THEIR DOING. Was lied to from the beginning, so I fought it and won. NOW I'M BEING HARRASSED FOR UNPAID BILLS BUT IT WAS CANCELLED AND NOONE KNOWS WHAT THEIR DOING. AND THE GUY LIED FROM THE BEGINNING. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

praiseitem 2/22/2009
To try and answer some of you wondering about TEXTING using Pre-Paid to the USA.I'm a long distance trucker from Canada. I have a sprint phone and my wife uses Virgin Pre-paid. It doesn't matter where I am in Canada or USA as long as I have a digital signal I can send text, BUT she doesn't always get the msg. My phone will say Msg sent.I cannot count on that as a fact. We don't know which company to blame, Sprint or Virgin, because I don't always get msg's she sends. Lets say to be fair, its a 70/30 split. 70 to the GOOD. A trucking buddy has a phone with Verizon. It appears to me that he is getting 90% of my text message.Hope this helps.

Zax 2/14/2009
I heard some good things about virgin..and i was thinking about switching from telus to virgin.. but it looks like every company sucks..

not happy1 2/1/2009
I agree with many of the other posters. Zero should be a rating option. I have been using VM prepaid plan with a Razr. The battery has always sucked. Thats not news. The real problem is the rip-off charges for plans. Yesterday I topped up the phone with 25 dollars. My girlfriend phones long distance. 200km away. The call lasts about 1 hr 20 minutes before time runs out. Ok, Fair enough. Today, in anticipation of the call, i decide 50 dollars would be better, should get twice the time on the call. Happily talking away, boom, time runs out at 1 hr 16 minutes. I call the customer service for an explanation. The less than helpful rep informs me it was an outgoing call. So, I say, ok, explain why on one day its is 25 dollars and the next its 50 dollars for the same incoming call from the same number. Naturally they can't explain, so I request all my time and payment lists for the last year. Of coarse they agree, confirm my email and say they will send it out promptly. Nothing in the mail of coarse. I am fed up with no answers. $ 75 dollars for less than 3 hours of phone call Is criminal. I had Rogers and Telus previously and never had this kind of poor service, and they were pretty bad. I won't even get into the hassles with the online top-up crap. Running out of choices for Cell service.

ruffy 1/25/2009
I got a Blackberry with plan thru Virgin. when discussing plans with the sales rep, I told her that I understood that email and browsing were separate features and that you could have either. She said no, NO, thay are the same thing, so, of course, in the end, since they are NOT, and either she lied to me or she doesnt know what she's selling, I get useless e-mail only and no browser. THEN, of course, I get insufficient network coverage when I try to log-on. Then, when I try to 611 to see WTF, I get my calls dropped between Llod and edmonton 3 times of 4. I finally get a rep on the phone, then tells me I gotta be on 1X EVO. Well, kind Mr. Phone Rep, how do I do that... WHere are the settings locd where i can change that. He says he dont know and someone will call back. 3 days later today Im still waiting. VIRGIN - YOU GUYS ARE WASTING MY MONEY, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY - MY TIME. I will never give Virgin once my contract is up, and if I have just a few more issues, im gonna give them their $1000 to settle up the contracts on my, and my wifes phone and just consider it a "peace of mind fee", and if ayone asks me what I think of Virgin - they are the worst..

former virgin customer 1/18/2009
Having just cancelled my pay as you go account with virgin, I feel the need to express my horror story with their customer service.
I received a virgin phone in september as a birthday present. I attempted to activate my phone online, and when that did not work, I made my first call to customer service. little did I know, this would be one of many.
After SEVERAL phone calls to customer service, (we estimated over 20 for this issue), my phone finally got activated in november. Two months after my original attempt at activation. During these phone calls, the representatives spoke very kindly and polite. The only problem is, they didnt listen to a word I was saying. So at the end of the two months, I finally got the chance to speak to a representative with some brains, and they realized that they had the wrong serial number. It was off by ONE NUMBER. All of the times I recited those numbers to them, not one of the representatives realized the mistake that had been made. So finally, my phone was activated.
Everything went great for the month of november. since I bought an LG rumour, I was supposed to have three months of free unlimited texting. When december hit, they told me that was the end of my three months, although my phone didnt even work for the first two months. I called customer service again, and demanded that they give me two more months of unlimited texting, and they told me the issue would be fixed, and they would add some money to my account so that I could text. Well the issue never got fixed. So I kept calling. Every time, they would add 35 cents to my account, telling me that I would be able to text unlimitedly, and then I would send two text messages and discover that my account balance was zero. Obviously this issue was not being fixed!
So i put 15 dollars in my account. Begged them to fix the problem. I would text for a couple of days, use up the fifteen dollars, and then have to call virgin to get them to refund my fifteen dollars. This cycle continued until last week when I decided to cancel my service with them and go to a different company, having wasted 130$ on a phone that worked for only a month when I had it.
Now, the final straw was when I spoke to a customer representative that ACTUALLY told me that I should be grateful that they kept refunding my money. He said, in these exact words which I will never forget, "I don't know what your problem is. Even if the issue isnt being dealt with, we keep refunding your money." Well, obviously, Matt from customer service, im SICK AND TIRED OF CALLING YOU GUYS TO FIX A PROBLEM THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED FOUR MONTHS AGO. And this is when I broke. I started crying and screaming every time I called. Nothing worked. No one fixed this issue. I tried speaking calmly, speaking sarcastically, yelling, screaming, crying. Looking back on the last few months, I can't believe that a phone company stressed me out THIS much. Having called customer service roughly 50 times, I wasted a LOT of my time on something that never even got fixed.
So, since I'm so "ungrateful" that I had to deal with morons every other day, I cancelled my service and sold my phone.
PLEASE, for the love of god, DONT GO WITH VIRGIN MOBILE. Their customer service representatives are payed to be nice, but end up being complete incompetent douchebags.

Janet Campbell 1/7/2009
AVOID VIRGIN MOBILEI have been in a billing nightmare with this company over the past 4 months. They accidently charged my credit card over $80.00 and are reluctant to give the money back. I have called the company many times to complain and can not get past the customer service people who sweetly say that there is nothing they can do, that the issue is with billing and "NO" I may not speak with the billing department directly.

Gordo 1/6/2009
Just got hooked up Xmas 08 with the LG Rumor on Virgin Canada. Great phone, great reception, super customer service. Their prepaid plans are the best in Canada, only Fido comes close. Cons - their association with Bell Mobility, meaning the hardware is CDMA and not GSM. Whatever...I'm still happy. Not sure why some people, after all these years of mediocre prepaid plans, still seem hellbent on believing there's some Utopian Shangri-La of prepaid plans out there. Virgin Mobile has done a great job of setting themselves apart from the other "providers."

JM 12/27/2008
Too bad "zero stars" isn't an option. Do not use a credit card to top up or pay your account. Once they have your card number you will be charged for items not ordered, calls not made and texts not sent. They will tell you you will be reimbursed but it will take dozens of e-mails and phone calls. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, you will told none are available but one will call you back - they don't. My credit card charges were refunded but only after in excess of $500 was applied to my account in two months and it took 3 months for the refund to be issued. Truly the worst customer service I have ever seen.

J.t 12/16/2008
well a few things.1. the camera phone i just got, it also has blue tooth. You would think that you could use the camera to take a picture and download to a computer for free.... not they have blocked that one. .50 cents to download a picture you took with your camera to your computer no way around it.2. i cna't get gmail or yahoo mail to work in the crap browser. 3. my 1st virgin phone was about 3 years ago, rates were about half then, and expirey dates for top up cards where very much longer. they steadly screw their customers as you get used to them.4. my old phone number, well if I was visiting victoria bc, and someone from victoria bc called my phone and didn't push the 1 before the area code (as my phone number was from the same area code) the phone would just say out of service. My hundreds of ad money down the drain, my customers were going else wear, i had to have a customer on the street tell me ( i talked to them a million times, tec support, they are all full of it, haven't a clue they said get a new number ??I hate talking to someone that can't speak english for help, that sucks. they are a english company in a english nation.

Mina 12/14/2008
Not worth it. I've tried Virgin Mobile and they're not worth the purity of the "virgin" name. Its far too costly, their cards expire too soon, they got rid of their $10 cards and $10 prepaid plan, and they give you your balance in dollars, not minutes. I kept feeling like they were milking me for money. None of their plans are adequate for regular usage without paying a fortune.I would recommend Petro-Canada and 7-Eleven's SpeakOut. I wish TracPhone was available in Canada.

Gale 12/14/2008
Phone was cheap. For 30 bucks you can buy refurbished phone with 20 bucks time included.
Only problem is that phone is crap and customer service is crap too and too bad I didnt save my receipt. Never again to buy this BS service and phone.

Paul 12/9/2008
Customer service is the worst in Canada, even worst then Bell, and thats really bad.

Karli 11/28/2008
This Virgin shit is Gay.. i cant get a plan too young yuu need youth plans. like jeezus.

Cory Cote 11/25/2008
If there was ZERO star choice that is what I would have selected. I feel completely ripped off by this company and when I got frustrated I called them only to wait about 20mins for them to hang up in my face because they couldn't properly answer my question. These phones are a 100% RIP OFF. I have heard TONS of complaints on this and never took anyone’s advice but I sure wish I had. I do a lot a traveling in NS from Cape Breton, to Halifax. Every time I get an incoming call on my phone they redirected the calls from Halifax (where is had the phone registered) to wherever I traveled. Only to find out when I am $200 down on pre paid cards, not to mention the cost of the phone they don't have roaming and I was being charged every place I went to for long distance WHEN I HAD INCOMING CALLS. I called them up and asked where this warning was when I was signing up for a package. I was told its pre pay and there is neither agreement nor contract. I came to a conclusion that they pretty much have a license to SCAM the money out of your wallet. VERY VERY HORRIBLE phone and I feel super violated for purchasing one. Please take my advice and DO NOT BUY VIRGIN MOBILE.

Linda Thompson 11/19/2008
Run- don't walk to another provider. You do not get a bill. Our phone worked well for months and then the bills suddenly went through the roof- $200 in a few days. Usually they had been $15 a month. No idea what happened. Spoke to supervisors and kept calling. Finally chucked the phone. Their customer service is poor. Their plans can suddenly change without explanation.
And the phone kept giving out halfway through the calls.

THEY SUCK 11/10/2008
They are totally incompetent. The website would not accept a valid credit card # and nor will their reps. I've been calling for 4 days everyday to have this fixed and now even the toll free says: OOOPPSS we have a technical problem, it would be awesome if you can call us back. I called back 2-3 hours later only to have the SAME message play back. It's a shame! Plus your minutes dissapear when you make too-free calls! I was told that if the 800 # is in Toronto, then it was probably consider a long distance call! But this is just stupid. They are incompetent!!! Stay away if you can.

Mike Nadjiwon 11/9/2008
I give virgin mobile a solid four stars beacause I have had my phone for two years!! and it is still working great, the top up cards can make me want to get a plan but been there done that with bell and they screwed me over real good. The phone I have is awesome for what I do which is basicly texting and phone calls and sometimes i download the odd ringtone or game but it is great. Absolutely phenomenal coverage in southern ontario respectively, Would defenitely recommend virign pre paid over any carriers with plans

Glen 10/31/2008
Virgin Mobile continues to decrease the amount of time before a prepaid balance expires. For $50 the time limit used to be 120 days then 90 days and now 60 days. This used to happen to gift cards as well - now it is illegal for gift cards to have an expiry date. If everyone complained about this it might stop cell phone companies from practicing legalized theft. 7-Eleven has expiry dates of 365 days and Petro Canada has 180 days - why can't the big cell phone companies do the same? Because their main interest is profit not providing good service at a reasonable cost.

karen 10/29/2008
I lost over $87 in my prepaid account due to being unable to access Virgin Canada's website to top up. I cannot even send an email to them to complain! Spoke to a customer rep yesterday(the day my balance expired) and was told the balance would NOT expire. Now they say they "will look into it". In the meantime I am without cell phone service. Very poor customer service.

Leo 10/28/2008
Virgin Mobility Canada should lose their licence to operate in Canada,that is how bad they are.My phone hasn't work for 5 days and i have been calling the support center every day but all i get is the run around nobody at the support center know what they are doing or care enough to try to fix the problem.So now they said that they send a reguest to the technician for tech support and that it would take 24 to 48 hours for a technician to contact me,well quess what it has been over 48 hours and still no call from tech support.Anybody looking for cellular provider pay the extra couple of dollar a month more and stay away from Virgin.

Paul 10/15/2008
After two years and a few errors, I try to update my Credit card. They say the cc is canceled, so I call the cc company. Not canceled, everything is correct, they have records of virgin charging me. Virgin will do nothing. Get a new cc or a new phone company... I'm leaning towards the latter.

julia 10/14/2008
i'm having the SAME problem with the texting from canada to the states on pre-paid. I'm wondering if you have to be on a plan or something, i'm from the states and everytime i text someone from the states they recieve it but they can't text back because it says "the phone number is a landline" it's so frusterating! Customer Service so far has not been the greatest for me, as they still haven't figured out the problem- although, i'd really like to stay with them because they do have pretty sweet rates vs. anyone else out there in canada.

Ashleigh 10/10/2008
i can't find this answer anywhere.. this isn't even a review... buttt... i was wondering if you can text if you're from canada but going to the states??? on a pay as you go phone.. ? please someone answer me :)

A Badawi 10/8/2008
Virgin Mobile Canada is a Scam!DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM BECAUSE THEY"D NEVER HONOR THEIR WARRANTY!I bought a flashy Nokia that comes with 2MP camera, it just works for a few months then DIED! After much complaining, they agreed to take it back, and you know what, they kept telling me they'd send me an envelope so that I can send it back to Nokia for repair or replacement.The envelope never come and after making 24 calls including demanded to speak to their supervisor, they just make empty promises and 6 weeks later, the envelope still never appear at my door step. And they will never let you speak to anyone in the warranty department, which prompted to think there is no such thing! I therefore concluded Virgin Mobile Canada is a scam!Never ever buy anything from them because there is no warranty whatsoever., this I can testify!thexstories [a] gmail [.] com

Steve 9/3/2008
Virgin is horrible for pay-as-you go plans. Their 200 minute $20 plan does NOT include any long distance calls - in fact, you have to have a seperate "Top - up" account where YOU put money in so that it can be deducted with your minutes any time you make a long distance call - otherwise you can't make the call. Try it if you don't believe me. This is the reason they give you "credit" when you sign up so that you don't notice this until your 10-day refund period is over. By that time you will be stuck with a phone and a provided you want to cancel with. At this time the "best" customer service will drive you nuts for days and 2 weeks later you may be able to have a useless phone that you can't get rid of because everyone else is well aware of their crap and their "billing problems". If you need more proof why you should stay away from Vrigin Mobile google "virgin mobile complaints" and the first link should be more than enough proof.

Denis 7/24/2008
Last week I tried to top up my "pay as you go" Virgin phone through their website but somehow my credit card was expired and needed to be updated. Try to update the expiry date through their website however I could only get the "Oops..." error message. So I figured I'll wait a couple of days as I only use this phone for emergencies. Tonight I try, but again, only get the "Oops..." error message. So I called Virgin helpdesk so that my card can be updated so that I can finally top up my phone. After telling the representative my credit card number and its new expiry date and after waiting a couple of minutes I am told that there is something wrong with my card and that I needed to call my credit card company. I indicate to her that I am sure there is nothing wrong with that card as I have used it several times prior to calling them. Anyway I called the credit card company and to my surprise???... not only that my card was OK but as well just in the last couple of minutes prior my call, two consecutive amounts of $28.00 were charged from Virgin to my credit card???? I called Virgin back indicating to them the above mention and talked to the supervisor. This is an OBVIOUS mistake of their own. I only asked to delete that extra $28.00 as this was an obvious mistake. But no...first it has to show on my invoice and then they'll have to investigate. If you go to most store and get mistakenly charged twice for something like groceries or a shirt you get re-imbursed on the spot. Why does it have to be so different when the customer is not dealing with the sale rep in person. Maybe because a mad customer cannot be seen by others as inside a store and therefore is not as damaging. However, I hope my written words carry some weight to warn others about Virgin Mobile.

Anthony 1/28/2008
Love Virgin. Great work - hooked up 5 friends with their pay as you go plan.