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Rogers Wireless Prepaid Cell Phones


Rogers Communications is communications conglomerate that is Canada's largest wireless voice and data communications service provider.

Pros: Rogers offers a wide range of prepaid wireless deals and phones that will mesh with the needs of most consumers.

Cons: Rogers plans can be on the expensive side. All but the most expensive airtime cards expire within a month.

Plans: Rogers offers five different pay-as-you-go plans. The MY5 plan costs 25 dollars per month and includes unlimited talk and text to 5 friends on any network. All other calls cost 30 cents per minute. The Call, Text & Click plan also costs 25 dollars per month, and provides unlimited local calling from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day, unlimited Canadian text message, and unlimited on-device mobile browsing. All other calls are 30 cents per minute. The Unlimited Evenings & Weekends plan costs 1 dollar per day and includes unlimited minutes from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. on weekdays and all weekend long. All other calls are 30 cents per minute. The 1 Cent Evenings & Weekends plan includes a rate of 1 cent per minute from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. every day and all weekend long. All other calls are 39 cents per minute. The All Day plan offers a rate of 25 cents per minute for the first five minutes you talk each day and 15 cents per minute thereafter. The default pay-as-you-go rate is 40 cents per minute.  Read more about Rogers Wireless plans

Customer Service: Rogers customer service is available via a toll-free number during normal business hours Monday through Friday, or by e-mail.  

Credit Check: None  

Contract: None  

Payment Options: You can pay for your Rogers Wireless prepaid account with a credit card, with a prepaid airtime card, or online with Internet banking.  

Text and Picture Messaging: Incoming text messages cost 15 cents each without a text messaging package. Outgoing messages are charged at 15 cents each to Canada, 25 cents per message to the U.S.. There are three text messaging packages available, all of which include unlimited incoming messages: 30 for 3 dollars, 125 for 6 dollars, and 2,500 for 10 dollars. Picture messaging is available for 50 cents per message.  

Data Plans: Mobile web is available through Rogers prepaid for 7 dollars per month, but will increase to 10 dollars on March 6, 2010.  

Downloadables: Ringtones, games, video clips, graphics, and celebrity voicemail messages are available for varying rates. All downloadables are subject to 50 cents download fee.  

International Calling: Calls to the U.S. are 66 cents per minute plus normal airtime rates. Calls to Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Sweden, and the U.K. are 75 cents per minute plus normal airtime rates. Calls to Japan are 1 dollar per minute, and calls to mainland China are $1.50 per minute plus the normal airtime rate.  

Roaming Charges: Rogers offers roaming rates to many countries worldwide for varying rates. Roaming is available in the U.S. for 2 dollars per minute.  

Calling Features: Caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling, voicemail, and call waiting are available with all plans for no additional charge.  

Activation Fee: There is no fee to activate your Rogers Wireless phone.  

Long Distance: Long distance calls are 30 cents per minute within Canada. All other long distance is described under "International Calling".  

411 Calls: Directory assistance from Rogers Wireless is available for $1.75 per call plus the local airtime rate.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: Minutes expire depending on how much money you put on the account. For 10 through 30 dollars, minutes expire in 30 days. For 100 dollars, minutes don't expire for a year.  

911 Calls: 911 calls are free, but there is a 50 cent monthly 911 fee.  

Phones: Rogers prepaid has a wide selection of phones for its pay as you go customers. They have an array of features, from cameras to mp3 players to Bluetooth. Most of the selection are flip phones. The prices range from $79.99 to $139.99.  

Some Available Cell Models: Nokia 2680 Samsung J706 Sony Ericsson W200a Nokia 5130 Samsung Hype  

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Rogers Wireless Reviews
Average Rating by Users:
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2 stars of 5 based on 113 reviews

Jason 2/17/2010
I have had a prepaid phone with Rogers for seven years, and although I like the convieneince of a prepaid card I can definitely say that their service sucks and I am always getting messages from them telling me about cost increases or service reductions. I went in to buy a better phone because I can never get service out in the country and the lady at Rogers had to look up the information on the phone I wanted online because they don't know anything about the phones thay sell??? And this is not the funny part, it took her about five minutes to get online using the Rogers network....What a bunch of crap......Two tin cans and some string would be more effective ....

Wayne 6/20/2009
I have been happy with my Rogers plan, 39 cents peak, 1 cent evenings and weekends. For two years I have topped up using their $100 pay-as-you-go credit which lasts up to a whole year--c'mon reviewers, you should mention ALL the plans offered by Rogers--and the previous balance carries over if topped up on time (I do this the day before it expires). Divide by 12, you get about $8 per month. Every month I budget $8 of phone time and I stick to that, more or less. How? Don't answer in the day. Use it as a pager and call the person back. I use it a lot on weekends when I am most free anyways. My last phone was a Motorola V190. I hated its user interface and it just died. I found out I can take any Rogers phone and put my SIM card in. So my father in law gave me a better phone, a Nokia 6101 I think (which works great and is easier to use than Motorola), and I am up and running again with no effort! Has anyone found any other phone plan for $8 a month TOTAL in Canada? Put your experience down because I'm beginning to doubt that you can.

Andy 6/10/2008
I've been with Rogers for about 5 years now and I think it blows any other wireless company away! I really enjoy being a customer of theirs because their customer service is top notch, their website is easy to use and great for paying bills, and a while back I lost my cellphone, and Rogers hooked me up with the best cellphone deal I could possibly imagine, giving me a Sony Ericsson w810i for only $79.99! The plan I have is amazing as well I've got the $35 My 5 plan with the 250 bonus minutes, Canada wide long distance for free, unlimited local calling till July 6th and free evening and weekend minutes starting at 9pm, $11 value pack which includes voicemail, call display, and extra 125 text messages, all for only $60.40/month after fees and taxes! Everytime I talk to my friends, family and acquaintances I always have good things to say about Rogers. It all depends on how you use your phone, if you know you go over your minutes and text messages often, bump up your plan for those extra minutes and text messages and it might be a little more expensive, but hey guess what, you won't be paying high overage prices! Also for coverage, I've never used my phone outside of Canada, but so far everywhere I traveled that's considered long distance, I haven't had any reason to complain about coverage or signal.

Rick 5/7/2008
Rogers is flying high these days on the backs of their customers. Just call customer support on a phone problem and they will tell you without hesitation. I needed a new SIM card for my son and was told by them Tough you need to pay us $45. I walked down the mall and got a free Rogers SIM card from a competitor! Being a customer with them since 91 with 4 phones doesn't count apparently.How about when your phone dies and it takes 4 weeks for a repair. Don't stop your payments for Rogers needs the money to fund their arena, sports team and other new endeavors. When I asked customer support if they are milking their customers the person unhesitant said YES! If I had a problem I could call Ted Rogers myself! But she wouldn't give me his number.Ted Rogers and his Management team have a new philosophy of promoting arrogance straight down to their employees.

Wishing Rogers Cared 12/6/2007
it says above that there is no activation fee, but they charged me $25 for my sim card. Their customer service sucks too. I warn everyone who wants to call in that they better set aside an hour of their day and be prepared to explain themselves multiple times to the less than efficient "out of town" call staff.My phone works so thats one star.
It is very easy to add minutes to my phone. Thats a second star.I am stopping there.

RoverB 12/6/2007
I am not quite sure what the above rating is based on. I have been a Rogers customer for years. This company is huge and can therefore be excused for not having a call center right next door to your house. I have had many pleasant interactions with call center reps from Newfoundland to Calgary and yes even the ones in India. Always willing to help and even issuing me credits on occasion.I agree with the last two points stated in the above review. My prepaid phone works great, reception everywhere, and it is very easy to load with new minutes when I am empty.

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