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Telus Mobility Prepaid Cell Phone Plans


Telus Mobility is one of Canada's largest wireless providers, serving over 4.6 million subscribers. They feature two networks: PCS and Mike.

Pros: Telus offers many different add-ons which can help a user find a plan fit to his or her needs..

Cons: Their pay-as-you-go service plans can be confusing. Users must remember to refill before their balance reaches zero or their minutes expire in order to get the "best rate."

Plans: Starting on March 7, 2010, Telus prepaid will offer a rate of 30 cents per minute for all of its top-up cards. That rate decreases to 20 cents per minute if a customer purchases a 30-day feature. These include unlimited calling to one number for 7 dollars per month, unlimited weekend calling and messaging for 20 dollars per month, unlimited early nights and weekends starting at 6 p.m. for 25 dollars per month, and unlimited early nights and weekends starting at 6 p.m. plus unlimited messaging for 35 dollars. Customers can add 10 dollars to the last plan to add unlimited incoming local calls and unlimited messaging all month long. The early nights and weekends, early nights and weekends plus messaging, and the unlimited incoming plan can also be purchased on a per-day basis, for 1 dollar, $1.50, and 2 dollars per day, respectively. Customers will not receive the 20 cents per minute rate, however. All plans come with unlimited local calling on your birthday. Until March 7, the 10 dollar card provides a rate of 40 cents per minute, the 25 dollar card 33 cents, the 50 dollar card 25 cents, and the 100 dollar card 40 cents.  Read more about Telus plans

Customer Service: Telus Mobility customer service can be reached at a toll free number during normal business hours. There also a Global Roaming 24-7 support line. You can reach them by e-mail as well.  

Credit Check: None  

Contract: None  

Payment Options: Money can be added to your Telus Mobility account with an airtime card, at a CIBC bank machine, or by using your credit card.  

Text and Picture Messaging: Pay-per-use text messaging is 15 cents to send and receive. Picture messaging costs 25 cents per message, both ways, and video messages cost 50 cents each. In addition to the 30-day add-ons listed in the Rates section, Telus offers 250 sent text messages for 5 dollars per month, 2,500 sent messages for 10 dollars per month, and unlimited messages for 15 dollars per month. Incoming messages are free with the 250 and 2,500 packs. Unlimited email and unlimited Windows Live Messenger are available for 5 dollars each per month. Any of these deals qualifies as a 30-day plan and provides the customer with a 20 cents per minute calling rate.  

Data Plans: Telus Mobility offers mobile web for 10 dollars per month. Video streaming is available for 50 cents per video clip.  

Downloadables: Ringtones, videos, music, and images are available for varying prices.  

International Calling: International rates are available with Telus Mobility. Call customer service for rates to specific countries.  

Roaming Charges: There are no roaming charges because Telus Pay and Talk customers' phones will not work while roaming. Only subscribers to Telus' Mike plan have roaming capabilities.  

Calling Features: Conference calling, call waiting, and caller ID are included at no extra charge.  

Activation Fee: There is a 35 dollar fee to activate your Telus Pay & Talk account. That can be discounted to 10 dollars if you activate your phone on their website.  

Long Distance: Telus Mobility charges 30 cents plus airtime for long distance calls within Canada and to the U.S.  

411 Calls: Directory assistance is available. Call customer service for rates.  

Earliest Minute Expiration: Telus Mobility's 50 and 25 dollar airtime cards expires in 60 days. The 10 dollar card expires in 30 days. The 100 dollar card expires in 365 days.  

911 Calls: A 75 cent monthly 911 fee is charged to all accounts.  

Phones: Telus Mobility offers only four phones for its Pay and Talk customers. They all cost under $200, and three are under $100, so they aren't overly expensive like many prepaid carriers. All except the cheapest one have Bluetooth and full web capabilities.  

Some Available Cell Models: LG Masterpiece 7100 Samsung Intensity 450 Motorola Rival LG 5500 LG 8600 ChocolateFlip refurbished  

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Telus Reviews
Average Rating by Users:
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2 stars of 5 based on 212 reviews

Jan 3/24/2010
Been a prepaid customer for 8 years, No complaints until now. I have auto top up, $10pm, hardly use the phone (its an emergency phone for the car etc) With my ever increasing balance I used to call UK, prior to Mar 7/2010,was 0.85 per minute,
now its $1.20 ( 0.30+0.30 plus according to Telus rep, whatever the overseas want to add)
Its a shame after all these years, will now let it expire

Arky 1/16/2010
I have been with Telus mobility for about 3 years now and I have to say I am very satified with my service.I have pre-paid unlimited text messaging with weekend calling and unlimited one number calling. Everytime I've noticed unexplained account transactions,I've called costomer service. They have been really helpful and have always tried their best to help me in anyway they could.When unexplained fees were missing from my account,they reembursed my account for that money.When i changed my cell number and it removed all my balance,they also reembursed all the money lost.I have never had a problem with Telus.They have been very helpful and knowledgable.Even when I've had a rep who wasn't,she immediately transfered me to her superior to work out the problem.My suggestion is keep an eye on your account amount and always top up a few days ahead of time so you don't run out. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to remember to top up or to check your account online.Also,I haven't had a problem with the website.It works everytime i have gone to it.Also think about topping up your account right through your bank with interact through the website.I pay $27 dollars a month for my services and have been totally satified with Telus and their customer care service.

marg 12/16/2009
I have the pay and talk service, totally satisfied, wish I could use it in USA. also would like to be able to talk to an english speaking person (or any live person) when I need info. thanks Telus

J.Hutton 11/18/2009
I'm happy with it. Half the complaints about this service are clearly due to people not reading how this works. Follow the rules and it works just fine. Yes it would be nice if it were simpler, but that doesn't mean you can't just take responsibility and make sure you understand what you are dealing with. I'm not a huge cell phone person and don't want to deal with a contract. Nothing has gone wrong with this, and I love the phone. Despite the apparently tough learning curve for understanding that you have to put in 25 dollars each month to keep it going smoothly, it's simple and reliable. The tendency is to automatically bash Telus but there's nothing inherently bad about this service.

Guest 8/6/2009
i felt ripped off by telus,salesman said the lg5500 was great browser phone,turns out a bad browser,so now i,m stuck with a phone i cant enjoy,going to switch to bell are virgin mobile more honest

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